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(2024 New Comparison) WooLentor Vs ShopEngine – Which is Better?

WooLentor and ShopEngine are both leading Elementor WooCommerce addons. Our editorial team reviewed both WooLentor and ShopEngine. Now, we are here to help you more with a WooLentor vs ShopEngine head-to-head comparison. We believe the ultimate comparison between ShopEngine and WooLentor will give you better information.

Just a quick recall! Our target is to let you know which plugin provides better opportunities and which one is better suited for you. Both of the plugins come with the same motto: providing you with a better eCommerce website-building experience. They are Elementor and WooCommerce-based, and they have many more similarities. If you are still looking for a brief description of individual plugins, check out WooLentor reviews and ShopEngine reviews.

Editorial Notes 🔔🔔
Keep in mind that while we developed Woolentor vs ShopEngine, their age was not equal. In a few cases, you can see a big gap between these two plugins. Also, we manually update the statistics so some data may be different in actual cases. The comparison will give you a brief idea of the plugins.

Data Source – WordPress.org, ShopEngine landing page, wpmet website, HasThemes site, WooLentor landing page, WPhive, activeinstallation.com, youtube and other public directories.

  • WooLentor is now ShopLentor. We are aware of the renaming of the plugin. We will update the name in this blog sooner in the future.

WooLentor Statistics vs ShopEngine Statistics

While we plan for the WooLentor vs ShopEngine comparison, the first thing that comes to our mind is statistical analysis. The ultimate response from the community and users. We do not have the pro user’s data so we added the free statistics. Both of the plugins may get sold from different sources like Appsumo, websites etc. But the table reflects and verified data from the org directory only.

Active Installation100,000+30,000+
Total Download3,076k+565K+
Plugin Age5+ Years3+ Years
The last update date is 1st January 2024

Table Analysis – ShopEngine is a comparatively new plugin, only three years of age, while WooLentor came on the market five years ago. The WooLentor active user ratio is only 3.2 (100K*100/3076k), while the ShopEngine user ratio is 17.6 (30K*100/565K). ShopEngine user base is better than WooLentor even though the plugin is very young ages.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopEngine

Hello from Wptowp

Asadullah Galib, the guy behind Wptowp. I with my editorial team are trying to provide data-based resources about WordPress plugins, themes, products and business. Our target is to provide you with unbiased data that help you make your final decisions. So that you can step up your plan.

In case, if you see any mistakes, please let us know. We will update/take down our content based on your feedback and truth analysis.

WooLentor Features vs ShopEngine Features

How do you select the plugin? Start with the features, right? Ah-ha, we know it, and here is the head-to-head data for the feature number of WooLentor vs ShopEngine. The table presented only the numbers. But you can always read the individual reviews for more in-depth information. The ShopEngine landing page and WooLentor landing page can help you get all the details at a glance.

The last update date is 2nd January 2024 | (–) indicate that we did not find the data

Table Analysis – During the year (2022), when we published this blog, WooLentor did much better than ShopEngine. WooLentor provides more widgets, features, and modules than ShopEngine. WooLentor has 60+ more pre-built templates. Moving forward, WooLentor provides extensions to enable more unique features. However, ShopEngine expanded its module this year (2023), and it now has more than the WooLentor module. In the year 2024, WooLentor added 50+ more templates! So, for the pre-made templates, WooLentor is now far ahead of ShopEngine.

Both of the plugins have Gutenberg support, and we do not have any information about addons. While everything seems normal to the editorial team, for the pre-built WooCommerce template and extension, WooLentor is better. Despite the fact that ShopEngine has fewer templates, the quality is excellent.

Winner 🧐🧐 WooLentor

WooLentor Ratings vs ShopEngine Ratings

WooLentor vs ShopEngine, wptowp

Users’ ratings are something you can trust. The ratings come from the user experience, and the WordPress directory (Trustpilot) maintains the quality very rarely. So we assume that the ratings are an important reflection of the products.

WordPress OrgWooLentorShopEngine
Total Ratings184+146+
Five Star146+ (~79%)127+ (~87%)
Average Rating4.3/5.04.7/5.0
Trustpilot Ratings24+ (42% Excellent)
The last update date is 2nd January 2024

Table Analysis – As expected, WooLentor has more ratings than ShopEngine. But ShopEngine has a better 5-star rating ratio, which is more than 87%. However, ShopEngine does not have any ratings or reviews on Trustpilot, whereas WooLentor has 24 ratings with 42% excellent votes. Last year, both plugins had average ratings on WPHIve. But this year the ratings are not visible publicly. In 2024, ShopEngine keeps better ratings while WooLentor reduces ratings on Trustpilot.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopEngine

WooLentor Developer vs ShopEngine Developer

Your business’s online identity is your website. Moreover, online business totally depends on the website. So, when you install something on your website, you need to know the background company. Are they stable? What are their self conditions and what are their reputations?

Developer CompanyHasThemesWPMet
Total Plugins42+07+
Popular PluginHT Mega (100k+)ElementsKit (1M+)
The last update date is 2nd January 2024

Table Analysis – Here’s something you need to know that does not appear in the table. HasThemes has developed a lot of plugins, which are mostly small plugins. The number of HasTheme’s plugins is far greater than that of WPMet. But WPMet’s plugins are mostly big plugins.

For example, WooLentor and HT Mega by Hasthemes have 100k+ active installations. The ElementsKit single plugin has 1M+ users. Moreover, all other plugins have a better insulation number than HasThemes. Yes, for the small plugins, HasThemes won, but for flagship products, WPMet did better.

Both HasThemes and WPMet are leading Bangladeshi WordPress companies. You can see their ranking and more details in our WordPress Bangladeshi company listing blog.

WooLentor Speciality vs ShopEngine Speciality

When you think about the WooLentor vs ShopEngine comparison, you need to know how they became the better WooCommerce builder. What is the specialty of the plugins? We added their uniqueness and specialties to the table below.

Ready LayoutsFull Customization
WooLentor ExtentionElegant Designs
Premium ThemesEffortless Shopping
Dedicated ResourceContinuous Update
Better SupportLightweight & Fast
Friendly Support
The last update date is 2nd January 2024

Editorial Note – The list presented in the table is based on Editorial research. It’s not an official list. Also, we added the list as a random list.

WooLentor Themes vs ShopEngine Themes

WooLentor and ShopEngine provide you with full flexibility to design your eCommerce website. There is little to no necessity for themes. You can develop a fully flagged eCommerce website with a basic free theme. You can use Hello Elementor themes. However, in the WooLentor vs ShopEngine blog, we did not want to hide any single piece of information that you might need.

Dedicated ThemeYesYes
Free Theme05
The last update date is 2nd January 2024

Table Analysis – Both plugins offer dedicated themes. They are designed specifically for WordPress eCommerce and WooCommerce stores. The editorial team believes themes are appropriate for the plugins because both the company and its developers have a strong reputation for theme development. But as additional offers, WooLentor offers five extra eCommerce themes, which are around $200 in total.

Winner 🧐🧐 WooLentor

WooLentor Support vs ShopEngine Support

Before and after-sales support is always important for the customers. We may need to fix, may have bugs, conflict with other plugins, or maybe the user can get unexpected issues. Under all circumstances, support plays a vital role. Here is the WooLentor vs ShopEngine support comparison.

Ticket Base Support✅✅✅✅
Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅
Live Chat✅✅✅✅
Over Call✅✅❌❌
The last update date is 2nd January 2024

Table Analysis – WPMet and HasThemes are both companies that provide quality support for customers. And they do not charge extra for support. However, HasThemes provides WooLentor setup support which ShopEngine does not.

Winner 🧐🧐 WooLentor

WooLentor Resource vs ShopEngine Resource

Apart from the support, how about another resource? Specially for the developers and row users! As the plugins come to provide codeless development and target both the non-technical person and technical developer so resource part is important. The editorial team manually fact-checks the following resource for you!

Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅
Online Course✅✅❌❌
Video Review✅✅✅✅
Submit Ideas✅✅✅✅
Change Log✅✅✅✅
The last update date is 2nd January 2024

Table Analysis – Editorial team did not find any public roadmap for the WooLentor plugin. Whereas ShopEngine has an organized and detailed roadmap. From the table data, it has been clear that both of the plugins have great community responses. Websites and YouTubers made videos, tutorials and so on. Moving forward, WooLentor has a podcast and dedicated course.

Winner 🧐🧐 WooLentor

WooLentor vs ShopEngine Technical Comparison

Let’s become technical. But don’t be afraid. We will present the data in such a way that both technical and non-technical users can understand. Here we are presenting the memory uses. And page speed comparison for WooLentor vs ShopEngine head-to-head comparison.

ShopEngine vs WooLentor Memory Use, Wptowp

Memory uses indicate the resource taken during the plugin’s use. The less memory taken by a plugin, the better it would be. If a plugin uses less memory, it will load faster. From the image, you can see ShopEngine is better and taking 36 times less than WooLentor.

WooLentor vs ShopEngine Page Speed, Wptowp

Page speed is the time it takes to load each page. Each individual page can take different times, but we focused on average speed. From the image, you can see that ShopEngine takes -0.02 seconds, which is great and 99% better than other plugins. You will not have to wait any longer for a page to load when using ShopEngine.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopEngine

WooLentor Awards vs ShopEngine Awards

Awards are awesome for the products and for the person. But here we are talking about WooLentor vs ShopEngine awards. Even though there are few awards systems in the community but still our editorial team tried to collect awards information.

Monster’s Award 20215th2nd
Monster’s Award 2022
Monster’s Award 20223rd
WP Weekly Awards 2021❌❌✅✅
WP Weekly Awards 2022❌❌Bronze
WP Weekly Awards 2023❌❌Bronze
The last update date is 2nd January 2024

Event through ShopEngine is a new plugin still it has a better reputation while talking about WooLentor vs ShopEngine awards. It reflects the better marketing of the ShopEngine team.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopEngine

WooLentor Pricing vs ShopEngine Pricing

Now the most vital comparison for WooLentor vs ShopEngine blog. Let’s talk about the pricing of the plugins. ShopEngine comes with 3 pricing plans which you can pay yearly or one time. WooLentor has 4 plans and similar to the ShopEngine, you can pay yearly or as a single lifetime deal.

1 site/yearly59$59$
5 Sites/yearly159$149$
1 site/Lifetime149$149$
5 Sites/Lifetime159$249$
Theme DeveloperSpecial
Refund Policy14 days
The last update date is 2nd January 2024

Both the ShopLentor and ShopEngine have exact same pricing. Not a single buck less or more to each other. ShopEngine has a 14-day “No Question Asked” refund policy, but we did not see similar information for WooLentor. As the pricing plan same you can now check another facility to determine the purchase decision.

Editorial Comparison of ShopEngine vs WooLentor

Where we were collecting data for individual reviews and comparison of WooLentor vs ShopEngine, we have gone through several sources. First of all, we check the official landing page and website. We must admit, that the ShopEngine landing page and other pages are better organized and user-friendly than WooLentor.

You can get better help while checking the features, functions, comparisons, etc from the ShopEngine landing page. Other pages are also given good information. For WooLentor and HasThemes sites, we felt a bit messy and it was hard to find information.

Now, our editorial team has no one who can say which plugin is best! We bring the WooLentor vs ShopEngine comparison in front of you and now you can make the decisions. We tried to give you at a glance the information and analysis of the table. Even though ShopEngine is younger than WooLentor still in a head-to-head comparison, ShopEngine wins multiple times.

WooLentor vs ShopEngine FAQ

We did cover a number of FAQs for both plugins. But here in this section, we are adding a few special FAQs for WooLentor vs ShopEngine. Before diving into the WooLentor vs ShopEngine FAQ, I just have a quick question. How was the WooLentor vs ShopEngine comparison? Are you happy? Please drop your opinion in the comment box for WooLentor vs ShopEngine blog.

Can I use both Plugins with Free Elementor?

Yes! You can use WooLentor vs ShopEngine with the free version of Elementor page builder. However, you must install Elementor in order to process the activity with the mentioned plugins.

Do they have an LTD plan?

Yes. Both the WooLentor vs ShopEngine have an LTD plan where you can pay once and use the lifetime of these plugins.

The good news is, that you can get LTD for a single site, five sites and unlimited sites in ShopEngine. And WooLentor offers 100 sites with special LTD licensing.

Why were cons missing in the WooLentor vs ShopEngine blog?

Wptowp aims to share positivity among the WordPress community. So, we always avoid the cons part of each plugin.

During our analysis and cross-checking, if we find any critical cons and security issues, we send them to the development company directly. Also, we will happily share our feedback if any company asks us after we publish the review.

Not only WooLentor vs ShopEngine blog, any other reviews blog you see at Wptowp, but no cons will also be found hope so.

Any discounts and offers for ShopEnginve vs WooLentor?

Both ShopEngine and WooLentor offer discounts and offers occasionally. You can check the offers on the landing page of WooLentor vs ShopEngine.

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Acknowledgment 💯💯

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