While we accept advertisements on the Wptowp blog and YouTube channel, we are not greedy. Our main motto is to help both the company and end-users. We accept limited paid advertisements and all the advertisements are made as ads/sponsored for better transparency.

Please read the advertisement policy and pricing plan before reaching us.

Listing Blog Enlisting – FREE

In most cases, you will see your plugin auto-added in our listing blog. In case, if we miss, reach us. It’s free.

If you have any great products that match with any of the listing blogs we publish, then you can enlist your product in our list for free. Enlisting is fully free and you can get the position that your product deserves. We follow a ranking system for almost all the listing blogs. So rank manipulating is not possible. However, you can add a sponsor listing too.

We update the content twice a year and your product will be enlisted in the next roundup. You will have to provide the content and images that match the blog. You need to provide a link back to us or to our partner’s site.

Please contact us for enlisting your products. We will send you the requirements. Once you submit the full details, the editorial team will add them to the blog.

Note: In case, you want us to include the products urgently, you can check Top Listing and Bottom Listing premium options.

Top Listing- 300 USD/2 Years

We can add your product at the top of the listing blog. It will be highlighted as sponsored and relevant links will be added as needed. It will cost you 300 USD for each product.

We will keep the sponsor plugin for 24 months each time you pay us. The top position is subject to availability, We allocated the top position as a first come first take system.

Contact us for Top Listing Sponsorship!

Bottom Listing- 150 USD/2 Years

Like the top listing, We can add your product at the bottom too. It will be highlighted as sponsored and relevant links will be added as needed. It will cost you 150 USD for each product.

We will keep the sponsor plugin for 24 months each time you pay us. The bottom position is subject to availability, We allocated the top position as a first come first take system.

Contact us for Top Listing Sponsorship!

Complete Review – 300 USD/3k+ Words

The way Wptowp editorial works for self-posted in-depth reviews, we can do the same for your products. From exploring to testing and writing for the audience. It will be a great advertisement for your products.

Once you decide to publish complete reviews, contact us. We will check the product quality and guide you on the details of our advertisement requirements. It’s a long time process and the price may increase depending on the content lengths.

Contact us for Top Listing Sponsorship!

Guest Blog Advertisement – FREE

If you have great writing, we will be happy to publish it at Wptowp for free. Before diving, please be aware that we accept only great writing. You will have to assign your best writer to write the content. We will not publish the content until it is approved by the majority of our editorial team.

  • It must need to be of our quality.
  • Not just random writings or biased content.
  • The content should reflect the experience and expertise.

Reach us by filling up the contact form. While you will submit topics and content, we will provide a maximum 2 feedback.

Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR)

  • Full unbiased content
  • Top-class quality
  • Informative
  • Include design

According to our experience, accepted content was written by a 3+ year experience writer in most cases. If you fear rejecting or getting multiple rejections, you can purchase the “Complete Review – 300 USD/3k+ Words” package.

Contact us today to get the best advertisements to offer from Wptowp.

Back Link – 50 USD/Each

If you want us to give you a relevant backlink, we have multiple options. First of all, you can spend 50 USD. We will check your link, find the relevant content, and provide DO-Follow links.

Other than this, you can also find relevancy in content, product listing, and guest blog. Those are free and you can get backlinks through them.

How To Blog – FREE

We publish tutorial blogs for fully free. The blog/series should be complete and have quality content. You will also need to provide relevant graphics and videos. Contact us for free collaboration.

Newsletter Promotion – FREE

We have a monthly roundup newsletter that we send to our verified email subscribers. We can advertise you in the newsletter for free. If you have exclusive offers then contact us for the promotions.

Discount Coupon Blog – FREE

We can publish advertisements for discounts and deals on your products on our websites. It’s free at the moment. Contact us with your offers and advertisements.

Comparison Blog – 100 USD/2k Words

If you have a great product and want us to compare it with another one, we can do it for you. Normally our comparison blog length becomes 2500+ words. We focus on data and statistics while comparing the products.

Please be aware that comparison blogs are fully unbiased and data-based (like other blogs at Wptowp). We can not and will not manipulate anything. We will share what the data will say to us.

Still interested in publishing a comparison blog? Contact us today for the advertisement.

Social Media Shout Out- FREE

Have you any great products? Just release new products? Share with us the social copy and relevant graphics. We will share from our social channels for free.

Video Review – From 1000 USD/Video

We make different videos. However complete tutorial videos are the only collaboration that you can do with us. We will make a complete niche-related tutorial video by using your products/plugins. The length will be long but we will keep it user attentive.

The video pricing is now 1k USD for each video. The price will grow soon so contact us before we raise the price.

We have multiple banner ad positions. The header of the site, global sidebar, inner pages, and blog. Banner ads pricing starts from 250 USD for 6 months. Depending on the banner position, charges will be increased.

If you are interested in giving banner ads, contact us today.

Combo Promotion – 20% OFF for Additional Package

If you are happy and want to take additional paid packs, you will get 20% OFF for each package. So total pricing will be calculated as Final Price = package one price + n Package – n pakage*20%.

  • All Pricing FIXED
  • VAT/TAX excluded
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Free Promotions T&C

Unlike other traditional websites, we offer a lot of free advertisement options for the community. But we expect to get back the support. We are offering free promotion but not offering charity for the company. So, return support is required for it.

  • We can keep these terms hidden and talk during collaboration with you. But we are not like others. We are transparent bro.

Why Should You Advertise at Wptowp?


Quality is the key for us. In order to keep the quality, multiple experience and expert people contribute to each content we published. Our editorial team is always committed to giving the audience the best piece of information.


We write the content that ranks in different search engines. You can use any analytical tools to see how many keywords we ranked in the google search engine. Also, the bounce rate is lower than you expect while users’ session is high.


We have a specific audience in the WordPress and SAAS niche. You can check different analytical tools to see how we are doing in search engines and who are our audience.