Hello, Thank you for your interest in publishing content at Wptowp. We highly appreciate and we would like to publish your content too. Before moving into the next steps, we need to know the Wptowp guest blog policy. It would help us to save both of our time.

To maintain the top quality, we maintain the policy strictly. And if you do not follow it, there is a high chance that our editorial won’t approve your content. We appreciate it if you read the details fearfully before you give it a try!

Important Note

Once we publish any guest post, it will consider our own property and we will hold the full rights to edit, update, delete, re-use, product, and delete the content.

We publish guest posts with the goal of supporting WordPress people. And also making money 😎😎. We believe you have a similar motto to ours. And we bring the opportunity for you. If you can provide us with quality content, we will happily publish it for free.

Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR)

  • The guest blog is fully free until further notice
  • Possible to get multiple relevant backlinks

👉 If 100 links help our users, we are happy to add 100 links to your guest blog.

What are the topics you can write about?

We accept quality content that helps users. To help the community, you need to come up with genuine content ideas. It can be a brand new title or from an existing sea. But we disapproved content that comes from the top 10 analysis and margin together!

  1. Generic posts: Like the best practices for customizing themes and plugins, new features in WordPress and PHP, or any other general topic that can be helpful for WordPress fans and relates to our products.
  2. Related to our products: Tutorials for customizing our product, integrating our product with other plugins or themes, and plugin suggestions to use with our products.
  3. Solution: You can write blog posts about the issues people are having in our support forums or some 3rd party plugin that is used by our customers, like- common issues with WooCommerce, Yoast, W3 Total Cache, Jetpack, etc.

What we do not offer:

We do not pay for writing blogs on our site. If you send us content, our team will check and make necessary updates. They would also reject the content. However, we don’t have any premium content contribution at this time.

What are the benefits of contributing here?

When we are accepting your content, we are getting multiple benefits. And you will also get some benefits from us.

  • Multiple Backlinks: We allow relevant link insertion in your content. And we are the few blogs that allow multiple links. You hardly get this scope. Without spamming, you can add multiple links inside each content.
  • Social promotes: We regularly promote our content on different social channels. And when we share, you will get social exposure.
  • Email promotion: Our content got email promotion too.
  • Offer discount coupons to you and your friends etc.
  • Service promotion: This is one of the unique opportunities for Wptowp collaboration. If you provide any kind of WordPress support or service, you might get your future customers from our site.
  • Partners promotion: When we do a guest blog collaboration, we keep them on our partner list. And in-case, if we see any opportunity to promote them on our partner’s site, we promote them there too.
  • Listed on the partnership page (soon): We are planning to develop a dedicated partners page to support more to our partners.

These are the things you must keep in mind before writing in our blog. If you agree to all these terms you are cordially welcome. You just have to send your post to partners[at]wptowp.com with the subject line “Guest Blog Post”. We will review your post and create an account for you if your writing is satisfactory and meets the above rules. You will get follow-ups in replies to your mail. In some cases, our editorial will upload your content to our site.

Guideline for Guest Blogging

  • We don’t publish any direct promotional content on our site. However, you can write product reviews and tutorials related to your product that will promote your product directly. Make sure, it meets our standards and quality.
  • The content needs to be high quality, generic, useful to our readers, and never published before. 1800+ words and completely original and plagiarism-free
  • The title should be interesting and the use of headings (H2, H3, H4) is a must. [We may change it too.]
  • We maintain a text-to-image ratio so you have to add 3+ copyright-free images. Images need to be custom-designed and of high quality.
  • Please avoid the listicle blog. It’s really hard to meet our quality for listing blogs.
  • If we need to do too much editing then we will not publish the blog.
  • Add the primary focus keyword at the end of the content along with some of the secondary keywords. And share meta description also.
  • Please add your author bio at the end of the content. Share your Twitter handle your site or your currently working organizational website.

What is the ultimate process?

Ok! Happy to see, you still have the patience to collaborate with us. We have a pretty simple process to move on to the next step.

  1. Reach Us: Submit a contact form or send us an email at partners@wptowp.com. If you have any questions or confusion, ask us. If you have confidence, then send us multiple topics and we will send you back one single interesting topic.
  2. Confirmation: We will review your ideas. Please make the title interesting. Once we confirm the title, you will need to send us the blog outline with the necessary details. And expect that, we will give you an updated outline. Wptowp’s pattern is different and you will need to follow this style.
  3. Send the Content and Asset: Once you are happy, revise the content and send us. Don’t forget to send us relevant images.
  4. Update if Needed: We may edit the blog or be asked to edit you with clear instructions. Once the final edit is done, we are ready to publish it.
  5. Complete the Condition: Mention our blog as a do-follow link. We will share more details. If there’s any other condition, complete it.
  6. Confirm Publish: Now, we will publish the content and take care the future updates. It would be appreciated if you mentioned/shared the blog on social media.

What to Expect in the Future

  • Update Content
  • Delete Content

Wptowp editorial keep the rights to disapprove content, edit, delete without informing the main authors.

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