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[New] ZoloBlocks – Gutenberg Block Builder Plugin 2024

ZoloBlocks, the new Gutenberg block builder plugin just released this year (2024)! We are here with the details of the plugin. What makes us interested, how it can help you in your business, what are the USPs, and whatnot? So, ready to read Wptowp’s style ZoloBlocks review? Buckle up the seat belt, because we will move in fast speed!

ZoloBlocks is a product of BDThemes. They have multiple other plugins too. What makes us interested is their introductory video. That was sarcastic yet attention-grabbing. So, our team started digging deeper into this new plugin. We noticed that this is one of the potential Gutenberg block builder plugins.

Lots of companies have invested in Gutenberg. As a result, many new Gutenberg block plugins are coming into the industry. ZoloBlocks is one of them. However, after reading this block, you can gain a few insights about the plugin. And we believe you are going to enjoy this blog. Let’s get started.

ZoloBlocks Review – Introduction

ZoloBlocks, Gutenberg Block Builder Plugin, Wptowp

ZoloBlocks is a powerful and easy-to-use block editor plugin for Gutenberg in WordPress. Created by BdThemes, ZoloBlocks offers over 30 unique and customizable blocks. It helps you create visually stunning and interactive content. This plugin competes with popular page builders with its advanced features, sleek design, and simple interface. It is perfect for both solo entrepreneurs and agencies.

ZoloBlocks includes blocks like advanced buttons, image galleries, dynamic post carousels, and charts. It gives you the tools to build professional websites easily. More we will dig out over the blog.

Best Features of ZoloBlocks Plugin

One of the main reasons, we have been interested in reviewing ZoloBlocks is the live features. The plugin was released with a handsome number of key features. To develop a semi-professional site, ZoloBlocks is good to give it a try. At the same time, the ZoloBlocks block builder team impressed us with a clean and trendy landing page. Anyways, let’s have a look at the features of this new block builder plugin. The best part of this new Gutenberg block builder is, that each block widget comes with multiple styles.

10+ Patterns
Advanced Button
8+ Style
Profile Card
1 Style
Advanced Heading
3 Style
Advanced Icon Box
3 Style
Advanced Image
25 Style
Post list
3 Style
Advanced Search
2 Style
2 Style
Business Hours
2 Style
Post Grid
4 Style
Call To Action
2 Style
5 Style
4 Style
Progress Bar
4 Style
2 Style
Fancy List
4 Style
Flip Box
15 Style
2 Style
2 Style
Google Map
1 Style
Image Compare
2 Style
Review Carousel
3 Style
Image Gallery
2 Style
4 Style
Post Carousel
3 Style
Review Grid
3 Style
Pricing Table
10+ Patterns
5 Effects
Social Links
3 Style
Social Share
3 Style
Star Rating
3 Style

ZoloBlocks Pro Pricing

ZoloBlocks comes with generic pricing patterns like most WordPress plugins. It has 3 tire pricing with yearly and lifetime subscriptions. However, ZoloBlocks has no unlimited licensing packages. And the price is 14 days refundable. As the plugin is its initial stage, you can see regular discounts. So, before you make your purchase decisions, check the latest price from the ZoloBlocks landing page.

1 site10 sites1,000 sites
The last update date is 22nd May 2024

The zoloBlocks team has full rights to update the above price at any time without any notice. We have collected the above information from their landing page.

ZoloBlocks Review Spotlight (USPs)

There’s a big crowd on the Gutenberg page builders list. A lot of established and semi-established block builder plugins. And new plugins are also coming regularly. Here are a few unique selling points of the ZoloBlocks plugin.

  • Simplified UI – It comes with a smart and clean user control interface and easy feature options.
  • High Compatibility – ZoloBlocks works with any WordPress theme and supportive block.
  • Ready Templates – You can get high-quality ready-made patterns to import and get started.
  • Native Components – You can create from the core of WordPress Gutenberg for maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • Unique Block Features – Your wish to see more blocks in the menu has been granted. Find new powerful blocks inside the block list thanks to ZoloBlocks.

What is on the Way to ZoloBlocks?

zoloblocks, ZoloBloks, Block builder plugin for Gutenberg, Wptowp

ZoloBlokcs is a new Gutenberg block builder plugin. So, a lot of development is yet to come. As you can see above, in the latest roadmap update (May 2024), they are working load more and table of contents widgets. Filter and gride layout are under their consideration. The planning list is big and it can grow more with your ideas. You can submit your idea as a feature request if you want anything new and creative in the plugin.

When did ZoloBlocks Start Its Journey?

April 23, 2024 👉 BDThemes CEO, Mr Selim Rana share a social post about ZoloBlocks. It’s live on the WordPress directory. Even though we knew, BDThemes was joining the Gutenberg race, on 23 April, we saw the official announcement. The post also has hints about the premium version. It’s common soon! Also, we saw a small social post on April 22 from the BDThemes Facebook page. After weeks of waiting, ZoloBlocks Pro launched on May 6, 2024. That’s the official journey statistics of ZoloBlocks.

Who is Behind the Gutenberg Block Builder Plugin?

BDThemes, Best WordPress Company in Bangladesh, wptowp

BdThemes, a web solution company, created ZoloBlocks. They also have multiple products such as Ultimate Post Kit, Element Pack, Prime Slider, Admin UX, Rooten, Portfolio, Testimonial, FAQ, Beauty Salon, and Shortcode Ultimate Graphics Resource. Element Pack and Prime Slider have over 100k+ active users in the WordPress directory. Operating from Bogura, Bangladesh, BDThemes become one of Bangladesh’s Top WordPress Development companies.

Where did ZoloBlocks Get Mentioned?

ZoloBlocks is a pretty new Gutenberg block builder plugin. Like many others, we are the first website to review this plugin (May 20, 2024). Other than Wptowp, some LTD deal site mentions this plugin. ZoloBlocks has been found on their own YouTube channel only.

ZoloBlocks Free vs Pro Comparison

As ZoloBlacks is a freemium version, it is expected that the premium version would offer more. Let’s see the statistical difference between ZoloBlocks free vs pro. We also added analysis with hidden insights after the table.

  • We haven’t seen any public comparison between ZoloBlocks block builder free and pro versions. We tried to reach the marketing team but no response yet. We have also installed the free versions but haven’t made it clear comparison.

ZoloBlocks offers a powerful suite of Gutenberg blocks designed, catering to both free and pro users. The Free version includes over 35 blocks, such as advanced buttons, icons, forms, and social links. It also comes with essential features like custom CSS and responsive design options. This version is perfect for individual users or small businesses who need robust, no-cost tools to build professional-looking websites.

However, the Pro version, priced affordably, takes things to the next level with over 40 premium blocks and additional extensions. Starting from animation effects, smooth scrolling, and advanced parallax and whatnot. Pro users gain access to features like sticky content, tooltips, visibility control, and more sophisticated design elements like glass morphism and particles. These enhancements provide greater flexibility, enabling users to create dynamic, interactive web pages with ease.

The Pro version is ideal for growing businesses and agencies. Whether you’re looking to expand your site’s capabilities or need support for multiple websites, ZoloBlocks Pro delivers a comprehensive solution.

Editorial Prediction for ZoloBlocks

BDThemes is growing and moving fast. In particular, the recent marketing movement seems pretty promising to us. We believe ZoloBlocks will grow and become one of the top 25 Gutenberg block builder plugins by this year. However, BDThemes and the ZoloBlocks team need to convert on enlisting this plugin as much as possible. Also, they need to have some WordPress video content by influencers.

ZoloBlocks Plugin FAQs

Let’s explore the most common questions for this new Gutenberg builder plugin. If you still have anything more to ask, contact us today. We will reply or forward you to the technical team of this plugin.

What is ZoloBlocks?

ZoloBlocks is the most advanced block builder plugin made by BDThemes. It is a popular page builder plugin in terms of features, user interface, customizations, and ease of use. This plugin has been built for Gutenberg and enhances how to design your websites from scratch to perfection.

Is ZoloBlocks Free Plugin?

ZoloBlocks is a freemium plugin. Which means. it has two separate versions that work together. The free version is available in the WordPress directory, and the premium version needs to be purchased from the official website. The premium version unlocked advanced blocks and features.

How to Install ZoloBlocks Gutenberg Plugin

Installing ZoloBlocks is as simple as installing other plugins. You can go to the plugins add new and then search with ZoloBlocks. Install and activate the plugin. For the pro version, you will need to update the zip file on the new plugin installation menu.

ZoloBlocks Review – Final Notes

That’s all about the ZoloBlocks Review. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the new but potential Gutenberg block builder plugin. We have multiple content for Gutenberg blocks here. You can read about all the WooCommerce Gutenberg plugins and Gutenberg page builder lists. You can also check the Elementor-related blog. If you want to support us, share this blog on your favorite social media.

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