Wptowp ranking system is a whole new ranking system developed in order to provide the visitors with better information from the listing blog. When we develop a new list blog, we follow a special ranking system made by our expert people. We do not add the themes/plugins based on the “Vai/Brothers” connection and recommendations. This is how our listing blog becomes a special listing. here are the details of factors and calculations on how we make list rankings.

What do We Consider for Listing a Blog?

For each listing blog, we check the following criteria while making Wptowp ranking system. The list is applicable for all the blogs but in some special cases, we add more/fewer factors.

Active Installations

We carefully check the active installations for each product. As it indicates the actual user base of that product. And we care about this number as the highest priority. If the products are not from the WordPress directory, then we see the total sale numbers. Sometimes it’s really hard to find the active installations number. However, we keep checking different options to get these numbers.

User’s Guide/Resource

The user’s guide is also under our consideration. How do the post-sale services and how do product companies treat the customers? Do they provide the resource that needs to use the products? We care about the blogs, documentation, videos, etc. For the blog, is there any dedicated section? Are they provide quality and regular blogs?

For the documentation, is this video documentation? How about their video guideline? All we consider and add a specific number for each successful criteria meet.

Product’s Ratings

Ratings are another key criterion for checking product quality. The user’s real feedback reflects on the ratings and we do check it. But for new products, ratings are less compared to the old products. And for the products having a lot of reviews, negative feedback is fine. But negative feedback on new products destroys the full ratings. This leads us to our next criteria.

Product’s Age

The product’s age matters a lot! A newborn product’s ratings will not be equal to the same of 5 years old products. Also, a plugin may lose its application within a year of its development. May be company stop providing updates for the plugin within a couple of months.

Considering all of them, we always check the product’s age. The older product is the better product in our eyes.

Yes, we know, a product can be top-class having less than a year. But for Wptowp WordPress ranking, we do not follow them. If we found new product potential then we add the information manually.

Our Ranking System Calculations

We consider 4 key parameters during our analysis. Our team collects all the data from the wordpress.org plugin directory and wphive then makes a calculation. Here is what and how we consider and make the calculation. 

01Active installation40%
02User’s Guide30%
03Plugin Ratings20%
04Plugin Age10%
Total = 100%

Mathematical Calculation for Ranking System

Let’s say,

Active installation = AC,
User’s Guide = UG,
Plugin Ratings = PR,
Plugin Age = PA
Products Statistics = x

Plugin Ratings = AC * 40%x + UG * 30%x + PR * 20%x + PA * 10%x;

What more do We Consider?

We consider the statistical matter for ranking. But we know there’s something beyond statistics. They are the reputations of the products and the developer company. We explore from the editorial team’s experience.

Online Reputations

We count the product reviews, LTD community, different marketplace and personal connections to check how much fit the product is.

Developer Company

Is your website safe if you use any plugins/themes/products? We can not give you a guarantee but we can say your predictions. And our predictions come from the company’s conditions.

It’s not about the best products, It’s about the product that best fitted with you and is stable to use lifelong. That’s what we care about while making a listing blog with our ranking system.

🐯 Exclusive 🐯 Our content is unbiased and Bhai-brothers effect free. We don’t consider our personal relationships while making a listing.

Process of Developing Listing WordPress Blog?

For each listing blog on this site, we follow a smart and self-developed process. The editorial team invests a lot of time for each blog you read at Wptowp.

01. Call From someone

As the editorial team does work with a lot of products, so they know what type of listing can help users. If any list feels important to any member, they propose it to the lead of the team. Sometimes, the lead content developer, founds suggests the topics. Also, we carefully check our support and request from the visitors.

02. Initial RnD

The lead content developer does the initial RnD for each topic and checks the potentiality. If the lead thinks, we should publish the listing blog, s/he set the analysis criteria. Normally we follow fixed criteria. But for some special lists, we also add special criteria.

03. Row Analysis

Now the analyst team starts analyzing the plugins. Check possibly all the public directories, landing pages, websites, blogs and tools. Collect the data, verified and use the plugins. Check the reputation and quality. Then they submit the analysis report.

04. Content Development

Content developers start writing the content based on the analysis report from the editorial analyst. Also, in this step, the designer provides the related designs for each content.

05. Content Edit and Publish

Once the content is ready, the senior and lead content developers edit the final copy. Cross-check the results and optimize for search engines. Then they publish the blog and start promoting.

Editorial Note 🔔🔔
We try to update the blog twice a year. So, in some cases, you can see some differences between the real data and the data presented on this website.

FAQ and Conclusions

Is this Ranking System Perfect?

No! Neither the ranking system is perfect nor it is fixed! The ranking system has been built with our expert’s experience and opinion. Our motto is to provide better information and in-depth data. Hen’s we made this special WordPress ranking system.

We are ready to update it and we will do updates based on user feedback and demand. So, If you feel something needs an update, comment below or contact us!

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