The Wptowp team is ready to work for you the way they work for themselves. You will get the same quality work that you see here at Wptowp. Hire us for a better experience, and we will provide you with the best possible quality. Let’s have a look at the service list. We have included basic information along with the starting price. Please get in touch with us for personalized service.

Content Writing Service

Technical content writing is our main expertise area. Specially, WordPress-related content is our daily food. Under technology and innovation, anything and everything you need, we are ready to provide.

Listing Blog

If you like the style of our list-type blog, you can ask us to write for you. We already publish multiple list blogs at wptowp blog.

Pricing starts from $300/blog for around 3k+ words!

Complete Review

We can write a complete review of your products. In that case, you will need to provide both the free and premium versions. Our team will test and write about it.

We will write what we will have in our hands after testing. In case, if you want us to give you an analysis report, you can hire us for special QA.

Pricing starts from $300/blog for around 3k+ words!

Guest Blog

This is exactly similar to other writing services. But as you will not use our identity, you will need to pay extra bucks.

Pricing starts from $300/blog for around 3k+ words!

How To Blog

Our team can write a “How to” type tutorial blog for you. As per your guidelines, we will write the blog. However, a full team will work on the blog as per our strategy. So you will need to provide a detailed guide to the team.

Pricing starts from $200/blog for around 3k+ words!

Discount Coupon Blog

We can write a coupon blog that brings sales. We have a unique style of writing coupon blogs, we can do it for you too. The coupon blog will published on our site only. So, you will receive a dedicated backlink from us.

Pricing starts from $100/blog for around 1k+ words!

Comparison Blog

We write data-based comparison blogs. You can hire us to write the comparison between your products and others. But keep in mind that, we will write what the data will say to us.

We can write both head-to-head comparisons. We can also write the best alternative to top plugins.

Pricing starts from $200/blog for around 2k+ words!

Newsletter Copy

We can write your newsletter copy, design it, and manage your campaign. You can get drip campaign copy, individual campaign copy, and hire us as email marketing managers too.

Pricing starts from $50/copy for around 120+ words!

Website Copy

If your website is in the WordPress niche, we can then write your website copy that converts better. We usually write with humor, so people love to stay on the site.

Custom pricing

Content Strategy

We can provide you with content strategy too. We grow 5+ websites from zero to top. We also worked with 3+ established websites to grow traffic and improve sales and conversion. Besides this, our team also does regular research on how to make a better strategy. Now, we can do this for you.

Custom pricing

Video Content

Looking for top-class video content? Well, we can do it for you. We started our own YouTube channel. You can explore our style, quality, and performance from the channel.

  • Complete Tutorial
  • Comparison Video
  • Product Review

Pricing starts from $500/review for around 2k+ words!

Product Audit

While we develop any content, our editorial team investigates and explores the products. They invest time to check and catch the corner cases. We work with multiple products to develop regular content at Wptowp.

This gives us the experience and expertise to understand the products. We can point out the shortcomings and limitations of your products.

We avoid the cons of each product to spare positivity. However, we know the limitations. And we can find out too.

If you want us to do a product audit and share our thoughts with you, you can hire us. The wptowp editorial team is ready to share the potential problem that causes damage to your future revenues.

Website Audit

Need feedback on your landing page or entire website? Well, we can do it too for you. Contact us today.

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Who will Work for You?

Like we do at Wptowp, Our Editorial team consists of WordPress expert/s, analysts, content editors, writers, designers, SEO experts, and developers together, we will work on each piece of content.

However, for the client’s work, we exclude outreach people and junior team members (with less than 3 years of experience).

Why You Should Hire Us?

When you are thinking of hiring us, you are one step ahead of your competitor. Here are the top 3 reasons, why you should hire us for your next project.

(01) Quality

Only an experienced member will work for you. And as teamwork, you can expect better quality work. The way we write, people love this. And the way we optimize, search engines love this.

Our content is loved by both visitors and search engines.

(02) Price

For each content, a team will work. If you want to do the same in-house in your company, it will cost thousands of USD each month.

(03) Commitment

We meet the deadline and we deliver what we promise.

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