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13+ Unseen and Top Event Plugin in WordPress 2024

Tired of looking for an event management plugin? Looking for the best solution but perplexed by the listing blog’s biased list? There are tons of event plugin in WordPress, and while making this list, we were struggling. But we are assuring you that you will find an unbiased list of the top event plugins in WordPress.

At the bottom of this blog, we added the pricing, active users, ages, and rating comparison. Also, we added the editorial recommendations. With all this information, we expect to help you make your own decisions.

What is an excellent event management plugin? A plugin that allows you to create the ultimate freedom of pressing the Events online button. Also, the plugin should let you manage the events smoothly. It should not ask you to buy addons every time you try to add new features to your event site.

Is there an outstanding event management plugin? No spoiler at this moment. Please keep reading. There are a lot more things that you will need to host events. And choosing the best plugin can reduce a lot of your work. After the basic discussion, there are several analysis tables for you. Data talks and it helps you make your decisions too.

  • Last year’s (2023) highlights – The Events Calendar lost 100k+ users, Events Manager lost 10k+ users, Timely lost 20k+ users,
  • Most of the established event plugins got lower five-star ratings this year!
  • EventOn got the rank update in the Wptowp blog!

Which Plugins are Excluded from the List?

An event can be handled in multiple ways. There are a lot more plugins that are also used for event handling. But when we are talking about event management, we are adding dedicated event management plugins. To keep our visitors from being confused, we are explaining the reasons to avoid the popular category in the following section.

💥 Booking Plugin ❌❌ WordPress booking plugins are a great solution for managing events. But it’s limited to managing the schedule of the events. You will have to face difficulty displaying event information such as schedules, speaker profiles, etc. You may need to create a new post and page to add the information. Also, sometimes it required hard coding to add specific information, such as the venue.

💥 Calendar Plugin ❌❌ WordPress calendar plugins are another popular category that users can use for event handling. You can show all of your events to users as great views. But that’s limited to schedule management. A calendar view can be part of event management plugins. But a dedicated calendar plugin can not give you the ultimate freedom to create and manage events.

💥 Form Plugin ❌❌ With a form, you can create users interactively and get the registration done. But event information display and ticket sales are limited to plugins.

💥 Event Ticketing Plugin ❌❌ Event ticketing is a small part of an event. But we focus on the whole event management so we avoid event ticketing plugins in this list.

💥 RSVP and Elementor Widgets ❌❌ There’s an RSVP-dedicated plugin that can be used as an event management plugin. However, RSVP only enables one single feature of any event. Moving forward, Elementor Widgets’ base Events plugins are limited to Elementor users only. But we have many other users who don’t use Elementor. Thus, Wptowp editorial avoids both the RSVP and Elementor widget plugins.

💥 Plugin from CodeCanyon ❌❌ CodeCanyon is an obvious place for quality event plugins in the WordPress category. But we haven’t included codecanyon event plugin in the WordPress list. Even though we have trust in the quality, we have no option to test it. Wptowp editorial does not write just for the sake of writing; they write to save your time and effort. Thus, without testing the free version, we are unable to add them to our listing blog.

  • FooEvens, Eventer, and similar plugins are missing from the list due to they do not have free versions available in the WordPress directory.

Oh! A lot of talking! Now begin again. Let’s check out the best event plugin in WordPress. We hope you will enjoy the blog.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar, Best event plugin in WordPress, wptowp

Easily create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress site with The Events Calendar plugin. Whether your events are in-person or virtual, this WordPress calendar plugin boasts professional features backed by our world-class team of developers and designers.

A company that brings iThemes, Restrict Content Pro, Kadence, GiveWP, IconicWP, LearnDash, and many more to the frontline! The company name is stellarWP and The Events Calendar is backed by them. We did not gather any data from the company as their individual product names are enough to introduce themselves. If you are in the WordPress era, you can understand how they are!

The Events Calendar plugin has everything you need, and they are doing monopoly business. You can see the clear reflection in their pricing. But keep in mind that they developed leading products, so they have the full rights to sell at a high price.

  • The Events Calendar Pro price starts at $99

Editorial Comments 🐯🐯 A plugin was created 14+ years ago, and it has since grown to 700,000+ active installations. It feels like leading from the front. Remember, it’s not a generic plugin; it’s a niche-based product. We are sure, the plugin is a source of inspiration for many other event management plugins.

Events Manager

Events Manager, wptowp
Image Source – Events Manager/wordpress.org/16 July 2022

Events Manager is another early mover in event management solutions. 14 years ago, the plugin started its journey. Events Manager is a full-featured event registration plugin for WordPress based on the principles of flexibility, reliability, and powerful features!

NetWebLogic is the company behind the event plugin. There’s not a lot of information available about the company. But as per what we found, the company is a WordPress product and service-based. Marcus leads the company. They have several other plugins like Login With Ajax, Meta Tag Manager, etc.

  • Events Manager Pro price starts at 89$/site/year

Timely All-in-One Events Calendar

Timely All-in-One Events Calendar

Timely All-in-One Events Calendar is a free WordPress plugin trusted by 150,000+ event creators worldwide. Easily create, manage, and share events. Simplify your event creation, promotion, and ticketing with the Timely All-in-One Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress.

Timely is a software company whose vision is to create one event in a city. They believe an Event Calendar is the first step in bringing communities together and turning events into lifelong memories. They aim to be the best event management software company there is, for our clients and our employees.

There’s no public pricing table available for the Timely All-in-One Events Calendar 🐈🐈

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is a relatively new but popular event plugin in WordPress. The plugin comes with a calendar, ticketing, and powerful WordPress tools to manage your events from the front as well as the backend. It’s a lightweight and scalable plugin that helps you implement a full-featured event management system within WordPress for both live and virtual events.

Ashok Dudhat, an Indian entrepreneur, is the man behind this event WordPress plugin. They also have a “WP User Profile Avatar” with 10k+ active users. He also founded several companies like “Tech Jobs Fair,” “Germany Startup Jobs, etc. Before the journey, he was a full-time software engineer in different roles. He began working in 2005 and has held senior positions since 2009. His industry experience now totals more than a decade. So, for the WP Event Manager, you can expect strong back-end technology and people.

WP Events Manager Pricing depends on factors like the website numbers. For the single-site license, the price starts at 99 USD and ends at 399 USD. You can purchase different add-ons. The more add-ons you want, the more you need to pay. For the unlimited website, pricing starts at 499 USD and ends at 799 USD. All the pricing is for a single year. We did not find any LTD licenses.

Eventin, WordPress Event Plugin

Eventin WordPress Event Management Plugin, Wptowp

Eventin is an all-in-one WordPress event management plugin that lets you create and manage events and sell tickets. You can grow your online event management business with Eventin, a WordPress event management plugin. Eventin has all the features you need, like QR Codes, attendee management, recurring events, and unlimited schedule-creating options.

ThemeWinter, a WordPress product development company from Dhaka, is the company behind the Eventin WordPress event management plugin. ThemeWinter started its business at Envato marketplace back in 2013 as a theme and template developer. They become the 11th Level Author on Envato Market with 30,000+ customers worldwide which is growing every day. Apart from Eventin, they have restaurant management plugins WPCafe, Cafesio, Bizxpo, and Newseqo themes.

  • Eventin Pro Pricing starts at 69$/site/year!

There are 4 noticeable matters at Eventin. Comparatively 1️⃣ younger plugin, 2️⃣ organized information, 3️⃣ better resources, and 4️⃣best prices. Don’t trust us, check the complete comparison here.

Editorial Notice 💥
Due to unbiased data analysis, Eventin is here in this position. However, the plugin impressed the editorial team and secured the editorial choice badge. It’s one of the highest potential plugins in our eyes. Here is the list of features that you can enjoy at eventin pro.

WP Events Manager

WP Events Manager, Best WordPress Event Plugin, wptowp

WP Events Manager is a robust WordPress event management plugin that comes with all of the most important features of an event website. The plugin can help you manage all of your events and sell your tickets online. You can control your users, tickets, and currency. Moreover, the plugin supports multiple payment gateways.

Thimpress, a full-featured WordPress-based software company, has created WP Events Manager. The company offers both services and products. They have themes and plugins, and they also have premium development services. LearnPress’s WordPress LMS Plugin (100,000 active installations) is the most popular. They also have a WordPress hotel booking plugin with over 9000 active users.

Editorial Note 💥💥
WP Events Manager has really poor indicator on WordPress ratings. It wasn’t expected to secure the position at the top of this listing blog. However, They did way better on other performance metrics like active installations, age, resource, etc. So, they are here. Wptowp always cares about the data over personal preference.


EventON, Event plugin in WordPress, wptowp
Image Source – EventON/wordpress.org/16 July 2022

EventON is an event calendar plugin that supports the creation of events with various configurations in just a few clicks. It allows you to create unlimited events with unlimited colors and unlimited event type categories. The unique interactive shortcode Generator of EventON Lite, helps you to add event calendars with various configurations, effortlessly on any page, product, or post—and it is built into Gutenberg Block! With the EventOn event plugin in WordPress, you have the flexibility to create your own events with blocks and widgets.

Ashan Jay, a Sri Lankan guy is behind this event plugin in WordPress. He also created the LifePress WordPress plugin.

Editorial Note 💥
EventOn event plugin in WordPress is one of the most sold event plugins at CodeCanyon. It has almost 60k sales with 4.38 ratings. So, it was expected to see this plugin at the top of the list. But, as this blog depends on WordPress directory data, so we are unable to add this plugin at the top of this list. We write what the data says.

RSVP and Event Management Plugin

RSVP and Event Management, Event Plugin in WordPress, wptowp

The RSVP plugin has been created to help manage attendees for your events. Initially, we thought it was just for the attendee module, however, you can do much more with the RSVP plugin. You can use it across thousands of events like weddings, business conferences, church gatherings, etc. You have the flexibility to customize any options from the front-end interface and from the WordPress admin area.

  • [RSVP is an abbreviation of the French phrase “Repondez, s’il vous plaît.” It translates to “Respond if you please”. If you click/react to public events, your activity will be counted and displayed publicly.]

RSVP plugin has been brought to you by WPChil. (Nice name 😜😜). WPChill is a WordPress development studio based in Romania. Apart from the RSVP, the company has several other products like Check & Log Email (100K), Customizable WordPress Gallery Plugin – Modula Image Gallery (100K)), Download Monitor (100K), Strong Testimonials (100K), Remove Footer Credit (90K), etc. They have much more production in the WordPress directory, which is growing too. They are trusted by 650,000+ users worldwide, have 12,000+ five-star reviews, and have 6,536,421+ downloads so far.

  • RSVP Pro pricing starts at 89$/site/year

Simple Event Planner

Simple Event Planner, top event plugin in WordPress, wptowp

Simple Event Planner is a next-generation, lightweight event management plugin that lists WP events and calendars on your WordPress website. This plugin is used to manage & display various events within the site. It has various options, including events from different categories. You can use shortcodes to display single events, multiple events, calendars, and much more.

PressTigers published the simple event planner plugin. They are the team committed to mastering every aspect of WordPress development to bring our client’s visions and goals to reality successfully. The PressTigers are a killer team made up of our bi-coastal Business Office team located in multiple countries. Apart from the event plugin in WordPress, they also have Flexy Breadcrumb (10k Active Users) and Simple Job Board (20k Users).

Event Management Tickets Booking

Event Monster, top event plugin in WordPress, wptowp

Event Management Tickets Booking by Event Monster is an event management plugin for WordPress. You can create events, manage event bookings, manage event tickets, manage event sponsors, handle ticketing, and much more with the events plugin in WordPress. If you are looking for a free event plugin for WordPress or a blog, then Event Monster is the right choice for you. Event Monster is the simplest, most elegant, and most powerful WordPress event plugin for online event management.

A WP Life which is a product development company published the event plugin in WordPress. They have developed multiple other plugins and themes. And all of them are available in both free and premium versions. We found 28+ plugins published on the WordPress directory by the team. With over 20,000 active users, their most popular plugin is Portfolio Gallery—Image Gallery Plugin.

  • Event Monster Pro pricing starts at 79.99$/year/site

Event Manager and Tickets Selling

Event Manager and Tickets Selling, Event Plugin in WordPress, wptowp

The event manager and ticket-selling plugin for WooCommerce is a simple event management plugin. It uses WooCommerce to take payments, which provides freedom for using popular payment gateways via WooCommerce. This plugin supports all WordPress versions and can be used to create any type of event.

MagePeople published an event manager and ticket-selling event plugin in WordPress. They are a plugin and product development company from Bangladesh. Apart from the event plugin in WordPress, they have a booking and travel management plugin too.


EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar, Bookings and Tickets, Wptowp
Image Source – EventPrime/wordpress.org/16 July 2022

EventPrime is an easy-to-use, modern WordPress events calendar plugin. With the EventPrime event plugin for WordPress, you can easily add new events to your website with a few clicks. Just pick a date on the Events Calendar in the WordPress Dashboard area, and start creating your event! Publish free, as well as paid events by enabling bookings from EventPrime’s event settings.

Metagauss, a Canadian software development company is backed by EventPrime event plugin in WordPress. They have both AI development and WordPress development service. They mostly do product development. In the WordPress directory. They have Download Plugin and RegistrationMagic with 10,000+ active users and ProfileGrid has 8k+ active users.

Editorial Note 💥
Our editorial like EventPrime even though they have just 1,000+ active installations. They have presented the plugin and landing page in such organized ways, it feels like, they are mature and have quality products. EventPrime is another event plugin in WordPress that has nearly 100% positive reviews.

Events Made Easy

  • This plugin has been closed as of December 19, 2022, and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.

Simple Event Management

  • This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Sched Event Management Software

  • This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Event Tickets Manager for WooCommerce

Event Tickets Manager for WooCommerce, wptowp
Image Source – Event Tickets Manager/wordpress.org/16 July 2022

Events Tickets Manager For WooCommerce is a complete solution for merchants who want to add event-based products to their WooCommerce store. Now you don’t have to pay commissions to your third-party services to manage event registration and ticket sales. You can manage the entire process from your WooCommerce store. The event tickets manager event plugin in WordPress is new but promising in WordPress.

WP Swings, a WooCommerce-based product development company has released the plugin. Apart from the event plugin in WordPress, they have other plugins like Points and Rewards, Return Refund and Exchange, Upsell Order Bump, Ultimate Gift Cards, Subscription for WooCommerce, etc. All of their plugins are growing as we noticed.

  • Event Tickets Manager Pro pricing starts at 69$/site/year

Quick Pricing Comparison of Event Plugin in WordPress

Some of the event plugins in WordPress have offered costly pricing plans whereas another event plugin in WordPress has a lesser price. Package to package, event plugins in WordPress have different prices. Thus, a complete comparison can help you to see the details at a glance.

Event Plugin in WordPress Pricing1 Site
5 Sites
10 Sites
The Events Calendar99$1999$ 😜3699$ 😜1999$
Events Manager89$200$350$599$
WP Event Manager99$ –
399$ 😜
599$ 😜
699$ 😜
799$ 😜
RSVP and Event Management89$399$
Eventin69$ ✅169$ ✅289$
Event Management Tickets Booking80$/r318$/r640$/r
Simple Event Management49$ ✅199$ ✅99$/3
Event Tickets Manager69$139$239$
1 Site
5 Sites
10 Sites
Eventin169$ ✅289$ ✅519$ ✅
Event Management Tickets Booking149$
Simple Event Management499$
😜 Lowest, Highest ✅ | The last update date is 6th February 2024

Eventin has the best price for both yearly and LTD subscriptions. From the table, you can see the actual comparison between all the plugins. Moreover, The Events Calander and WP Events Manager are the two most expensive plugins on the list.

The event calendar and WP event manager’s pricing are nothing but fire 🔥🔥. They are the most established and feature full plugins. From the analysis, you can see, that the event plugin in WordPress is not interested in offering a lifetime deal. Only 2 plugins offer LTD packages.

Active Installation Comparison of Event Plugin in WordPress

Events differ from person to person and from perspective to perspective. Some of the events are recurring and require regular support whereas some of the events come once at a time. This is where active installations do fewer matters for the event plugin in WordPress. Still, let’s see how the event plugin in WordPress is doing in the WordPress directory.

Active Installation Comparison for
event plugin in WordPress
Plugin NameActive InstallationRemarks
The Events Calendar700K+Highest ✅
Events Manager90k+Highest ✅
Timely All-in-One Events Calendar60k+10k+
WP Event Manager20k+10k+
WP Events Manager30k+10k+
RSVP and Event Management Plugin4k+
Eventin WordPress Event Plugin10k+5k+
Simple Event Planner1k+
Event Management Tickets Booking1k+
Event Manager and Tickets Selling8k+5k+
Event Tickets Manager for WooCommerce1k+😜 Lowest
😜 Lowest, Highest ✅ | The last update date is 6th February 2024

As expected, the event calendar and event manager have the most active installations, and events management and event tickets have the lowest active installations. Three plugins have over 10,000 active installations, and four plugins have over 5,000 active users.

Quick Ages Comparison of Event Plugin in WordPress

It’s expected that the older a plugin is, the more stability it should have. Specially for the freemium plugins, age matters a lot. Let’s explore all the plugins’ ages. Also, the event plugin in WordPress can be young but better in very rare cases.

Ages Comparison for
event plugin in WordPress
Plugin NamePlugin AgesRemarks
The Events Calendar13+ Years10+ Years
Events Manager16+ YearsHighest ✅
Timely All-in-One Events Calendar12+ Years10+ Years
WP Event Manager7+ Years
WP Events Manager7+ Years
RSVP and Event Management Plugin14+ Years10+ Years
Eventin, WordPress Event Plugin4+ Years
EventPrime4+ Years
EventON2+ Years😜 Lowest
Events Made Easy11+ Years10+ Years
Simple Event Management10+ Years10+ Years
Event Tickets Manager for WooCommerce2+ Years😜 Lowest
😜 Lowest, Highest ✅ | The last update date is 6th February 2024

Events Manager has been in the market for 15 years! One and a half decades they are operating. It’s far earlier than most of our editorial team started using technology. There are 5 more event plugins in WordPress with 10+ years of age. The pattern is simple, all most all the event plugins in WordPress are old ages. Even the latest plugin EventOn is 9 months age (Considering CodeCanyone, they are now 10 years old). The second youngest event plugin in WordPress is the event tickets manager for WooCommerce.

Quick Rating Comparison of Event Plugin in WordPress

Ratings are the ultimate reflection of how the users are taking any event plugin in WordPress. So we collect all the ratings and analyze them for you. We added the five-star ratio from the ratings.

Rating Comparison for
event plugin in WordPress
Plugin NameTotal RatingsTotal Rated UsersFive StarFive Star Ratio
The Events Calendar4.32,189✅1,629✅74.41%
Events Manager4.348335072.46%
Timely All-in-One Events Calendar4.21660 ✅1219 ✅73.43%
WP Event Manager4.527522581.81%
WP Events Manager2.8 😜124 😜33.33%
RSVP and Event Management Plugin4.5514078.43%
Eventin, WordPress Event Plugin4.9 ✅645992.19% ✅
Simple Event Planner4.317529.41% 😜
Event Management Tickets Booking4.8161487.50%
Event Manager and Tickets Selling4.7867688.37%
Events Made Easy4.61119282.88%
Simple Event Management4.4141288.71%
Sched Event Management Software5.0 ✅313096.77%
Event Tickets Manager for WooCommerce5.0 ✅5😜5100% ✅
😜 Lowest, Highest ✅ | The last update date is 6th February 2024

The event calendar has the highest-rated users and five-star ratings in the WordPress directory. However, their five-star rating ratio is not the highest among the other event plugin in WordPress. Timely has a lot of rated users too. WP Events Manager did the worst performance with 3.1 average ratings. They have the lesser five-star rating too among the event plugin in WordPress.

EventOn also has the lowest five-star ratings with only 3.7 average ratings. A simple event planner has the lowest five-star ratio among all the event plugins in WordPress.

Among the new event plugin in WordPress, Scheduled event management and event tickets manager did great rating performance. Both of them have solid 5/5.00 star ratings in the WordPress directory. While the event tickets manager has 100% excellent ratings Sched events has 96.77% ratings.

Eventin feels special while checking the event plugin in WordPress rating analysis. It has 30/30 five-star ratings. There is no other event plugin in WordPress that can maintain 100% five-star ratings at the age of 2 years. It’s a great plugin made by the ThemeWinter team.

How Did We Make the Ranking?

Before we get into the list, take a moment to reflect! How did we make the ranking? You need to know. With the ranking system summary, you can know how much help will be on the list for you. And the best part, you can see, how transparent we are! Also, it reflects how much hard work this list has taken from us.

We consider the active installation number and give it the highest priority. Also, plugin ratings and age matter to us.

01Active Installation40%
02Plugin Resource30%
03Plugin Ratings20%
04Plugin Age10%
Total = 100%

For the product resource, we consider the landing page, blog page, video tutorial, introductory video, influencer reviews, and tutorial. We also see how they are providing support. Whether they have documentation or not.

The Bottom Line of Top Event Plugin in WordPress

From the analysis, it has been clear that the event calendar, wp event calendar, and eventin were best of best. But other than eventin, all other plugins are highly expensive. The analysis leads us to publish complete eventin reviews. As the new event plugin in WordPress, EventPrime and Event Tickets Manager grab our attention too. They have chances to grow fast and compete with other event plugin in WordPress.

Important Note 🐱🐱
Here in this blog, we did not add some of the plugin’s pricing tables. It’s not like they do not have a premium plan, it’s because of their pricing module. Some of the plugins have a much more complex pricing system.

Like EventOn has 42 pro-add-ons, bundle pricing, and CodeCanyone pricing. So, if we want to present their price here, the blog will lose its readability instantly. Some other plugins have the same. So, our editorial panel avoids their pricing table in this blog.

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Acknowledgment 💯💯

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