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17+ Best WordPress LMS Plugins 2022 (kids Included)

Want to know which are the best WordPress LMS plugins this year? Looking for analysis and analysis based on unbiased statistics? Tired of seeing bhai-brothers affected ranking? If any of the answers is yes, stop changing the tab. Because you have found the correct blog. If you are connected with WordPress LMS by any means, this blog is going to help you a lot.

After the end of this blog, you will learn which are the market-leading WordPress LMS plugins. You can see the newborn LMS WordPress plugins and relevant information. The best part of this blog is, that you can see the unknown information about the developers and the development.

Exciting? We know, it is! It is exciting for us too.

Would you like to know the Wptowp ranking system? You can see the whole details of our system from the link. Here is just a small recall before diving deeper into the best WordPress LMS plugins. If you have time limitations, you can skip this part too.

Just a small interpretation! We want to keep everything transparent and crystal clear for our visitors. When you are trusting us, trust us with the best confidence 💕💕

How Did We Rank Best WordPress LMS Plugins?

We consider 4 important parameters during our analysis. Our team collects all the data from the plugin directory and wphive and then makes a calculation. Here is what and how we consider and make the calculation. 

01Active Installation40%
02Plugin Resource30%
03Plugin Ratings20%
04Plugin Age10%
Total = 100%

First, we build the ranking then we start researching the features. We want to include exclusive information. Keeping the blog length readable and adding the information that you need were our main goals. In this article, the details feature is not included. In case, if you are interested to know, all the links are clickable. You can check the details feature from the directory of each plugin. Click and check from the plugin directory.

Editorial Note 🔔🔔
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The global LMS market was valued at $8.76 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to $38.10 billion by 2027 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.7% during the forecast period – Said to Fortune Business Insights! And WordPress covers 40% of the web. So, it is expected to have a lot of plugins for the LMS market. So does it.

When we are talking about WordPress LMS, we have 17+ WordPress Learning Management Systems available in the marketplace. It took a lot of time for us to analyze all of them and make the final list. Still, we are happy to publish the blogs. Let’s explore them one by one to step up making the final decisions.

There is a total of 5 categories inside WordPress LMS plugins according to our analysis.

  1. Established LMS Plugins (10k – 100k Active installations)
  2. Semi-established WordPress LMS (1k – 10k Active installations)
  3. Growing WordPress LMS (100 – 900 Active installations)
  4. Honorable Mention WordPress LMS (10 – 99 Active installations)
  5. Premium WordPress LMS (No Free Versions)

Please be aware that, the above category is based on active installations. However, we did a ranking based on many other factors. We already describe it at the start of this blog.

Established Best WordPress LMS Plugins

In this category of WordPress LMS plugins, we kept all the big fish that are leading at this moment. The range of active installations is 10,000 to 100,000. Learnpress has the highest active installations while Sensei and LifterLMS have 10k active users. All above that we checked the other statistics one by one too.


LearnPress Banner Image, Wptowp

MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS Banner, Wptowp


LifterLMS Banner, Wptowp

Tutor LMS

TutorLMS banner, wptowp

Sensei LMS

Sensori LMS banner, wptowp

Semi-established Top WordPress LMS Plugins

LMS by Masteriyo

WP Courseware

Growing Top LMS Plugin for WordPress

WP Courses LMS

Academy LMS

Namaste! LMS


Best WordPress LMS Plugins – Honorable Mention

Dozent LMS

Mis Cursos LMS

Learny LMS

Premium Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Ultimate Learning

Good LMS


Quick Pricing Comparison of Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Active Installation Comparison of WordPress LMS Plugins

Quick Ages Comparison of Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Quick Rating Comparison of Best LMS Plugins

The Bottom Line of Best WordPress LMS Plugins

FAQ about Best WordPress LMS Plugins

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