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19+ Top Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin 2024 (and Comparison)

Have you ever thought, about what changes the “Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin” made? Well, Soon after the Gutenberg project was initiated, it got a negative vibe. The negativity grows sky up when WordPress makes Gutenberg as default editor. And then after 2 years, Gutenberg become popular and many’s first choice! How does this transformation happen? That’s because of many new Gutenberg Block Editor plugins!

After Gutenberg was released, many end-users believed, it wouldn’t make it to market. Still today, you can see the negative ratings are far more on the core plugin. But at the same time, many business owners see the potentiality! They invested in Gutenberg and BOOM! Many Gutenberg plugins are born that make it easy to develop professional Gutenberg sites easily.

Many, including the Wptowp editorial, believe that due to some activity of Elementor, business owners were annoyed! Like, Elementor’s monopoly business mentality, unnecessary updates, making it difficult for addons developers, and taking feature ideas from established addons were major. So, once Gutenberg came, Business owners shifted quickly.

Today, Both the Gutenberg’s growth rate and popularity growing speed are far more than Elementor’s. Yet, Elementor is established but it’s a few years to see the big changes.

Today, in this blog, we will explore the Gutenberg site builder plugin. We will start with the established builder, and then the semi-established plugin. We will also check the new but potential plugin. As we have many other resources, we will add relevant content in the relevant place. Let’s get started.

  • This is a long blog! But if you read the full blog, there’s no need to check any other Gutenberg blog to select the best plugin!

Top 5 Gutenberg Block Plugin Comparison

Before diving into the main blog, we want to give you a quick statistical overview. We made a basic comparison of the top Gutenberg block plugins. We have taken the numbers of active installations, ratings, reviews, etc to select the best Gutenberg plugin. You can check the Wptowp ranking policy for more details.

Plugin NameStarting PriceActive InstallationRatingsAge (Years)
Spectra $49/year700k+4.7 (1360+)7+ Years
Kadence Gutenberg Blocks$89/year400k+4.8 (190+)6+ Years
CoBlocksN/A400k+4.4 (99+)6+ Years
Otter Blocks300k+
Essential Blocks100k+
Content Views100k+
The last update date is 9th Jun 2024

GutenKit (New)

💥GutenKit ~ New Plugin and Recommended! GutenKit just released and we were beta testers. This is one of the potential plugins that we are recommending to Wptowp visitors. Need more information? Check the 🐈 personalized GutenKit review here.

GutenKit, Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, Wptowp

GutenKit is a new yet promising Gutenberg Block Editor plugin made by WPMet. It simplifies the web page-building experience without requiring coding expertise. It offers over 50 custom blocks, 14 versatile modules, and 500+ pre-designed templates, enabling users to create professional, responsive websites easily.

GutenKit seamlessly integrates with the native Gutenberg drag-and-drop interface, enhancing the web design process with a user-friendly and intuitive approach. GutenKit Pro unlocked advanced features like Mega Menu, Query Loop, One Page Scroll, Dynamic Content, Sticky Content, Glass Morphism, and more.

GutenKit is a pretty new plugin with 300+ Active Installations. This plugin’s age is less than 1 year. Current ratings are 5 stars from 2+ users. The plugin has a 100% five-star rating ratio. You can unlock the pro version for $59/year. GutenKit is made by WPMet aka XpeedStudio.

Notable Features of GutenKit

GutenKit is a full-flagged website builder with a long list of features. But in the following table, we have added only some of the major features. You can see the full list of the plugin features on their landing page.

Fast Loading AssetsFull Site Editor CompatibilityNav Menu Builder
Global Color SchemeIcon LibraryAnimation Effects
Responsive DesignPre-designed TemplatesCopy-Paste Styles
Advanced AccordionCountdown Timer

Admin Note 🐅🐅
We published multiple articles content related to GutenKit. Check Spectra vs Kadence Blocks vs GutenKit to see how it’s competing with established Gutenberg blocks. Similarly, check GutenKit’s credibility with some other top Gutenberg editor plugins CoBlocks vs Otter Blocks vs GutenKit. Also, don’t forget to check the top alternative of Spectra in which GutenKit secures its spot.

Established Gutenberg Block Plugin

We have collected seven established Gutenberg block editor plugins. All of them have 100k+ active users and their age is more than XX years. All of them have a premium version. So, we believe, users are trusting them already. If you have an established site and would like to transfer to Gutenberg, then this is the plugin you can trust directly. However, some of them may cost more.


Spectra, Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, Wptowp

Spectra is a powerful plugin designed to extend the capabilities of the WordPress block editor, Gutenberg. It provides users with a comprehensive toolkit to build and design websites directly within the block editor, eliminating the need for multiple plugins. Spectra aims to simplify website creation for both beginners and experienced designers. The plugin focuses on performance optimization, ease of use, and extensive customization options.

Undoubtedly, Spectra is one of the best Gutenberg block editor plugins. They are now powering 700k+ active websites around the globe. This plugin’s age is less than 7+ years. Current ratings are 4.7 stars from 1360+ users. The plugin has an 88.36% five-star rating ratio. You can unlock the pro version for $49/year. The plugin is made by developed by Brainstorm Force.

Notable Features of Spectra

Versatile Block LibraryPre-designed Starter TemplatesAdvanced Layout Controls
Wireframe BlocksGlobal StylingComing Soon Mode
SEO-Optimized BlocksSpectra Copy PasteDynamic Content
Responsive Design ControlsPerformance OptimizationSocial and Form Blocks

Kadence Gutenberg Blocks

Kadence Gutenberg Blocks,Gutenberg Block Plugin, Wptowp

Kadence Blocks significantly enhances the default WordPress block editor. The plugin makes the editor a robust builder for creating visually stunning, high-performance websites without the need for coding. This plugin integrates advanced AI features to streamline content creation, optimization, and web design. It offers a range of customizable blocks and tools tailored to both beginners and experienced users.

Kadence Blocks has 400k+ active users and current ratings is 4.8 from 190+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 91.57% and the plugin age is 6+ years! Kadence Blocks pro pricing starts from $89/year.

Notable Features of Kadence Blocks

Inline AI Content EditorAI-Powered Design LibraryCustomizable Blocks
Responsive Design ControlsTable of Contents BlockDynamic Content Blocks
Extensive Typography and StylingAdvanced Form BuildingLottie Animation Integration
Custom Icon LibraryProgress BarCount Up Blocks


CoBlocks, Block Editor Plugin, Wptowp

CoBlocks is a comprehensive collection of Gutenberg blocks designed to enhance the WordPress block editor. Developed by GoDaddy, this plugin provides a variety of powerful and lightweight blocks that allow users to create beautiful and functional web pages. The plugin aims to transform the standard WordPress editor into a more flexible and intuitive design tool. It is easier for users to build sophisticated websites without needing extensive technical knowledge with this plugin.

CoBlocks has 400k+ active users and its current rating is 4.4 from 99+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 77.78% and the plugin age is 6+ years!

Notable Features of CoBlocks

ColumnsResizable RowFAQAccordion
Map and GifPost CarouselFeaturesSocial Profiles
Typography ControlsShape DividerFormMedia Card
Carousel GallerySocial SharingIconDynamic Separator
EventPricing TableHeroCustomizable Alerts

Otter Blocks

Otter Blocks, Gutenberg block plugin, Wptowp

Otter Blocks is a powerful and flexible plugin for WordPress, designed to enhance the Gutenberg Block Editor experience. The plugin has been developed by ThemeIsle. Otter Blocks provides users with a wide array of additional blocks, customization options, and features that facilitate advanced page building. It offers over 26 unique blocks and includes functionalities like custom CSS, animations, and responsive design settings. This has made it a versatile tool for creating dynamic and visually appealing websites without relying on traditional page builders like Elementor or Divi.

Otter Blocks has 300k+ active users and current ratings is 4.7 from 200+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 86.5% and the plugin age is 6+ years! Otter Blocks pro pricing starts from $49/year.

Notable Features of Otter Blocks

Section BlockTabsAdvanced HeadingButton Group
Slider AccordionMaps Contact Form
Lottie Animation

Essential Blocks

Essential Blocks, Gutenberg blocks plugin, Wptowp

Essential Blocks is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the Gutenberg editor with a wide range of customizable blocks, ready-made patterns, and templates. Designed for ease of use, it enables users to create dynamic, visually appealing websites without needing extensive coding skills. The plugin is lightweight, ensuring fast loading times, and includes features that support global styling and responsiveness across devices.

Essential Blocks has 100k+ active users and current ratings is 4.8 from 135+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 92.03% and the plugin age is 5+ years! Essential Blocks pro pricing starts from $39/year.

Notable Features of Essential Blocks

Comprehensive Block LibraryGlobal StylingLightweight and Fast Loading
Modular Block ControlResponsive DesignAdvanced Animations
Integration with Google FontsPatterns and TemplatesDynamic Tags
Performance OptimizationsGlobal CustomizationACF Support


Stackable, Gutenberg block editor plugin, Wptowp

Stackable is a versatile and powerful WordPress plugin developed by Gambit Technologies. The plugin enhances the Gutenberg Block Editor. It transforms Gutenberg into a comprehensive page builder, enabling users to create visually appealing and highly functional websites. The plugin offers a wide range of custom blocks, ready-made designs, and UI kits, all optimized for performance and responsiveness. Whether you’re a blogger, merchant, or developer, Stackable provides the tools you need to craft professional-grade web pages effortlessly.

Stackable has 100k+ active users and the current rating is 4.9 from 440+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 94.21% and the plugin age is 6+ years! Stackable pro pricing starts from $49/year.

Notable Features of Stackable

Comprehensive Block LibraryReady-Made TemplatesAdvanced Customization
Global SettingsResponsive EditingFast Page Loading
Dynamic ContentIntegration with Third-PartyAnimation and Motion

Content Views

Content Views, Gutenberg block plugin, Wptowp

Content Views is a versatile WordPress plugin that simplifies displaying various types of content in attractive layouts. Whether you’re building blogs, portfolios, or e-commerce sites, this plugin offers powerful features and customizable blocks to showcase posts, pages, and custom post types in grid, list, slider, and more. It supports both the Classic Editor and Gutenberg Block Editor, making it a flexible choice for any WordPress setup.

Content Views has 100k+ active users and the current rating is 4.8 from 320+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 91.76% and the plugin age is 10+ years! Content Views Pro pricing starts from $39/year.

Notable Features Content Views

Grid PostList PostCollapsible PostPinterest
Scrollable PostTimeline BlockPost OverlayFront-End Filter

Semi-Established Gutenberg Block Plugin

There are several Gutenberg block editor plugins with active installations of 10,000+ to 90,000+! We keep them as a semi-established Gutenberg plugin. In this section, we will learn about them one by one. Starting from PostX, one of our favorite plugins, we will move to next based on Wptowp ranking.

PostX (+Coupon)

PostX Pro, Gutenberg Post Block Plugin, Wptowp

PostX is a versatile WordPress plugin designed for news, magazine, and blog websites. It enhances Gutenberg with a variety of blocks and templates to create visually engaging post layouts such as grids, lists, and sliders. With PostX, you can quickly build professional-looking sites with advanced customization and SEO features.

PostX Coupon Code (Affiliate Link).

We published PostX review to share in-depth reviews. Also, you can check the blog, why and how PostX pro can help you growing fast. There are several videos on Wptowp video sections on this plugin.

PostX has 40k+ active users and current ratings is 4.7 from 195+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 89.89% and the plugin age is 5+ years! PostX pro pricing starts from $49/year. You can availe 10% coupon code as Wptowp readers. Check PostX coupon code blog for more details. WPXPO is the company behind this Gutenberg block plugin for content developers.

Notable Features of PostX

Post gridPost listPost sliderPost carousel
Post moduleAjax filterAjax paginationQuery builder
Front end submissionProgress barSaved templatesTable of contents
Custom fontTaxonomy imageGlobal stylesTaxonomy color

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks, Gutenberg block plugin for bloggers, Wptowp

Ultimate Blocks is a versatile WordPress plugin tailored for bloggers and content marketers. It enhances the Gutenberg editor with a collection of blocks. The plugin has been designed to boost user engagement and streamline content creation. Whether you’re looking to add interactive elements, improve SEO, or create visually appealing layouts, Ultimate Blocks offers a comprehensive toolkit to elevate your website. You can check Ultimate Blocks review for more in-depth information.

Ultimate Blocks has 50k+ active users and current ratings is 4.9 from 645+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 95.13% and the plugin age is 6+ years! Ultimate Blocks pro pricing starts from $49/year. DotCamp is the company behind this amazing content focused Gutenberg block plugin.

Notable Features of Ultimate Blocks

Content filterReview blockHow to schemaTable of contents
Tabbed contentCall to actionContent toggleStyled box
Styled listExpand blockTestimonialClick to tweet
Social shareCountdownPost grid


Getwid, Block Editor Plugin for Gutenberg, Wptowp

Getwid is a powerful WordPress plugin by MotoPress that enriches the Gutenberg editor with over 40 unique blocks and 35 pre-made block templates. It offers a diverse set of tools for creating dynamic and visually appealing websites, catering to both developers and casual users with its extensive customization options and real-time editing capabilities.

Getwid has 60k+ active users and the current rating is 4.7 from 105+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 88.07% and the plugin age is 5+ years!

Notable Features of Getwid

40+ Gutenberg blocks35+ Pre-made templatesSection block
Custom layoutsAdvanced heading Google maps
Image sliderPost carouselVideo popup
Content timelineCustom post type


Gutentor, Gutenberg Block Plugin, Wptowp

Gutentor is a versatile WordPress plugin that extends the Gutenberg editor. It comes with a wide array of blocks and modules for creating professional and elegant websites. It allows users to design complex page layouts effortlessly without any coding. The plugin offers a seamless page-building experience with advanced customization options.

Gutentor has 40k+ active users and the current rating is 4.6 from 85+ users. The five-star rating ratio is 84.88% and the plugin age is 5+ years! Gutentor Pro pricing starts from $49/year.

Notable Features of Gutentor

Compatibility with OptimizationFaster site loadOne-click demo library
SEO FriendlyAdvanced block customizationDynamic Columns
Video background optionsDevice-Specific responsive controlsReady-made Templates

Gutenverse (30k+)

PublishPress Blocks (30k+)

EditorsKit (30k+)

Toolkit for Block Theme (20k+)

Potential Gutenberg Block Plugin


MaxiBlocks, Gutenberg Block Editor Plugin, Wptowp

MaxiBlocks is a free, open-source WordPress plugin. It allows users to create and customize their websites using a visual, drag-and-drop interface. It works seamlessly with the Gutenberg editor, offering a wide range of blocks and templates to enhance the design and functionality of your site. The standout feature of MaxiBlocks is that it is entirely free, with no locked features. They only charge for access to the cloud template library.

Notable Features of MaxiBlocks

  • 2118+ patterns: A diverse selection of design patterns to streamline your website creation process.
  • 176+-page templates: Professionally designed templates suited for various web page types.
  • 14,000+  free WordPress icons: An extensive collection of icons to enhance the visual appeal of your site.
  • Dynamic content capabilities: Content that updates automatically based on specific conditions.
  • Fast-loading web pages: Optimized for quick loading times, enhancing user experience.
  • Advanced interactions: Interactive elements like buttons, menus, and animations. Hover effects, layers, and masks: Adding depth and creativity to your designs.
  • Various color schemes and font pairings: Extensive options to match your brand or personal style.
  • Style cards: Effortlessly transform the look of your website and templates with a single click.

MaxiBlocks empowers users to create professional, unique, high-performing websites with unparalleled customization and creative freedom. While the core features are completely free, we offer additional access to our extensive cloud template library for those seeking even more design options and flexibility. The pricing started at $83.4/year

BlockArt Blocks (9k+)

GutenBee (7k+ New)

Premium Blocks (2k+ New)

Blocks Kit (1k+ New)

New Gutenberg Block Plugin

Styble (New)

ZoloBlocks (New)

aBlocks (New)

Recommended Block Plugin for Gutenberg

There are 20+ Gutenberg builder plugins. It’s tough to pick the best plugin. So, to help you, we made a small list. We pick the best plugin based on our experience. We made the reasons for selecting them clear. Let’s check the list.

  • GutenKit (New) – This plugin is made by the same team of ElementsKit (1M+ users)! Other plugins like ShopEngine and MetForm have been featured at Wptowp. We also beta-tested this plugin. So, we know the stability and we are confident, this would be better for you too. If you are looking for a new plugin for a new site, GutenKit is the plugin for you.
  • MaxiBlocks (Potential) – MaxiBlocks is another potential plugin. We have also collaborated with the team. They are pretty responsive. If you want to work with a creative plugin, then try MaxiBlocks.
  • PostX (Semi-establish) – This is a semi-established Gutenberg Block editor plugin. They are powering 40k+ websites. There are many pre-made templates and sections in this plugin. If you need a blog or content-based site, then PostX is your friend.
  • Kadence Blocks (Established) – This is established and one of the best Gutenberg block plugins. They have over 400k users. You can be the next user of this plugin.

Avoided Gutenberg Block Plugin 😏

We always try to add a maximum number of plugins on the listing blog. You can discover many unknown plugins at Wptowp. But we also exclude some of the plugins with valid reasons. Here’s the explanation.

  • Gutenberg WooCommerce Builder – We have separated the Gutenberg WooCommerce builder plugin listing blog. So, in the above list, we exclude all the WooCommerce blog plugins.
  • Gutenberg Blocks for Nich Features – Gutenberg is gaining popularity day by day. So, now most of the niche plugins release Gutenberg blocks. We have avoided those plugins in the above list.
  • Bad Presentation – This is our first blog in which we excluded some badly presented Gutenberg plugins. During our research, we have considered the WordPress directory presentations as well as the landing page. If the directory has limited features and also no landing page or bad landing page, we exclude the plugin. Bad means, the difficulty of understanding information related to the plugin.

🦥🦥 Note: In case you see there’s a better plugin available but we missed it, contact us. We will add the plugin. We are always ready to update the blog and give our visitors the latest information.