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GutenKit Review – From Rumors To Revelation 2024

GutenKit just got released but the story started long ago. Before deep diving into the GutenKit review details, let’s read the story. It’s interesting (ok, maybe not)!

We have strong relations with WPMet and we published multiple content for WPMet’s products. (See the bottom area for the list). So, we always keep a close eye on the upcoming products of this brand.

The story started with questions about our (Wptowp) transparency. We published a blog on ElementsKit, which did not have Gutenberg support at that time. It doesn’t have now too. But someone asked to check whether it has or not. We checked! We were correct but thanks to the person! Because of the person, we came to know that Gutenberg’s addon may come. It was the initial rumor AKA a clue to our team that the Gutenberg version may come.

GutenKit Rumors

It was rumored. We hard Sometimes they may build Gutenberg builder. The support engineer said it while we asked. After a few months, ShopEngine Gutenberg was released. So, we were expecting, maybe the next, ElementsKit Gutenberg would come into the marketplace. However, no official statements were there, only the rumors.

Rumar got a strong backlink when the new logo was published at the WPMet gala night! We were confirmed by checking the WPMet website. The new plugin has been added and the page is under construction. If we are not wrong, it’s been 3/4 months since the final wait started.

GutenKit, GutenKit Review, Wptowp

And BOOM! WPMet made an official statement about GutenKit released on 29th February 2024! Oh ho! It was leap year 💥 Rumors became a reality, GutenKit was released and this blog was also born! Story finished, now what the offers are, and how they will help you to build your next Gutenberg website, let’s check.

Deep Drive to Gutenkit – Introduction

The recent trend is many big companies are working on Gutenberg. Builders, add-ons, and extensions are released almost regularly. Our guess is, that as a leading WordPress company, WPMet also joined the party. They started with the ShopEngine Gutenberg release and then they came with GutenKit.

What is GutenKit?

Gutenkit is modern website builder based on Gutenberg builder. GutenKit is a complete website building solutions for WordPress website. GutenKit is also known as Gutenberg version of ElementsKit.

GutenKit name itself explains it works with Gutenberg builder. If you plan to build your next site with Gutenberg and want to make it professional, then Gutenkit is the ultimate solution for you. There are multiple other Gutenberg builders, so why not try new solutions made by an experienced team?

Best Features of Gutenkit Plugin

Gutenberg has blocks and features in most cases. GutenKit offers huge numbers of blocks as well as exclusive features. It also brings several pre-made templates. You can just import ready templates, update content, customize if needed, and save updates. Effective and simple solutions. We have added the main blocks and features list in this section.

Gutenkit All Blocks

Now the plugin has 4 types of blocks. General blocks are for extending the home page and site design. Special module for advanced functionality, post blocks for the blog, and content design. And header footer blocks are for header, menu, and footer area design extension.

General Blocks (45)
ContainerAdvanced AccordionButtonHeading
Social IconsDual ButtonImage BoxIcon Box
Social ShareDrop CapFAQImage Accordion
TeamProgress BarBusiness HoursBack To Top
Pricing TableHeader InfoVideoCountdown Timer
Image ComparisonTestimonialFun FactProgress Bar
RatingPie ChartAdvance ImageIcon
Advanced TabAdvanced AccordionGoogle MapFancy Animated Text
Stylish ListCreative ButtonBreadcrumbTimeline
GalleryAdvance ParagraphPrice MenuImage Hover Effect
LottieClient LogoFlip BoxTable
Team Carousel
Special Modules (06)
Icon PackMotion EffectGlass MorphismParallax Effect
Advanced TooltipImage Masking
Post Blocks (04)
Blog PostsPost TabPost GridPost List
Header Footer Blocks (05)
Page ListOffcanvasNav MenuAdvanced Search
Category List

Exclusive Features

Let’s see the latest features of GutenKit. You can utilize the features to improve your existing site design or develop a new but professional site from the sketch.

  • Motion Effects: Modern motion effects can increase user interaction. And you can add motion effects on your Gutenberg-based site with this plugin.
  • Glass Morphism: It’s a new trend in which the upper elements look transparent with high opacity. You can add the glass morphism effect with the plugin.
  • 3D Parallax Effect: 3D parallax effect features allow you to add advanced effects to the site.
  • Draggable Containers: You can add a full container by copying another widget area.
  • API v3 Support: The plugin brings API v3 Support. So, you can transfer information from one site to another more easily.
  • 3000+ Inline SVG Icons: No need to worry about icons as the plugin brings over 3k SVG icons.
  • Global Color Scheme: Set colors globally and get benefits in all over the website.
  • Design For All Devices: Design a single website that is responsive and fits in all the popular screen sizes.
  • 900+ Google Text Fonts: You will have 900+ Google text fonts.
  • Copy Paste Styles: Like Elementor, you can copy and paste the style here in Gutenberg now.
  • Download Remote Images: You can get images from the URL.

Important: Other than the blocks and features, GuetnKit also has 300+ pre-made ready templates for you.

Gutenkit Pro Pricing

  • The WPMet team has not published the GuentKit pro version yet. So, there are no pricing details. Once they publish, we will add information in this section. However, the following affiliate link will drive you to the landing page of GuetnKit.

Gutenkit Plugin Integration

  • No integration data has been found yet.

Gutenkit Plugin Addons

  • No addons data has been found yet.

Gutenkit Review Spotlight (USPs)

GutenKit has just released the free version. With the release of the pro version, we will see some more unique selling points. However, at this point, GutenKit has the following USPs according to our observation.

  • Made for Gutenberg: After the huge success of ElementsKit, they built the Gutenberg version of the same plugin. Dedicated to Gutenberg, a stand-alone plugin, nothing messy.
  • Complete Website Builder: There are multiple Gutenberg builders. Most of them are niche-based. For example, PostX is a popular builder but focuses on content-based websites like blogs, news, etc. But GutenKit comes with a modern look and feel. You can build a professional website in any niche with GutenKit.
  • Full Site Editor: WordPress is moving to full site editing and this plugin will enable the features instantly.
  • Mega Menu Builder: Like Elementor, you can now build a mega menu on your Gutenberg site too.

What is on the Way to Gutenkit?

  • No public roadmap found yet for GutenKit.

Who is Behind the Newest Gutenberg Addon?

WPMet is the company behind this Gutenberg builder plugin. WPMet, a brand of XpeedStudio, is a leading plugin development company from Dhaka. Starting in 2013 by Md. Ataur Rahman, WPMet released several plugins, and some of them gained huge popularity. For example, Elementskit Elementor Addons have 1M+ active installations and more than 1,430 five-star reviews. MetForm recently reached 3,00,000 active installations. They have GetGenie.AI for content marketing assistance.

Apart from those, WPMet released WP Fundraising, Wp Social (20k active installations), and Wp Ultimate Review (10k active installations) plugins in the WordPress directory. So far, the WP Fundraising Plugin is completely free. WPMet has recently begun work on Genie AI Writing Tools to assist content developers. The company is based on 70+ highly professional engineers, designers, marketers, and strategists.

Where did Gutenkit Get Mentioned?

We are excited and happy to share that, Wptowp is the first website that talks about GutenKit. We made it the first and exclusive so far. But with the history of other products, soon multiple websites will also cover details of Gutenkit. We will add the list here in future updates.

Gutenkit Free vs Pro Comparison

  • The GutenKit pro version has not been published yet.

Editorial Prediction for Gutenkit

GutenKit comes with 350+ Patterns
& Templates, 35+ Advanced
Blocks, Mega Menu
Builder, 3D Parallax
Effect, Motion Animations, Inline SVG
and Icon Pack. A lot more are on the way. For the time being, this plugin will bring much more features.

Like ShopEngine, GutenKit will grow its first 1k+ active users within a few weeks of the release. This is because WPMet has a large number of themes. They also have a growing user base. The future growth will depend on the pro version release. Yet, we have no comments on it. It is expected that, after a year or two, GutenKit will be the known Gutenberg builder plugin.

Gutenkit Plugin FAQs

Do you have any questions related to GutenKit? The plugin just released and we do not have enough information. But let’s try to answer GutenKit FAQs as much as possible.

Is GutenKit Builder free?

GutenKit has a free version that you can download from the WordPress directory. As WPMet always offers a freemium plugin, we are expecting the GutenKit pro version soon on the official site.

Is GutenKit builder better than ElementsKit?

GutenKit is the Gutenberg version of Elementor. There’s nothing like comparing between ElementsKit and GutenKit. Both are from the same team to help you build a better website.

Does GutenKit Need Gutenberg Block?

Yes! Gutenkit is a Gutenberg builder. So, if you want to use GutenKit on your WordPress site, you must use Gutenberg on the site. If your site is in Elementor or in other page builders, you can still use GutenKit.

Other WPMet’s Product Related Content

We published multiple other reviews and comparison content on WPMet’s products. ElementsKit review, Elementor Addons comparison, ShopEngine review, etc. Here are a few links that you might visit to read them.

Gutenkit Review – Final Notes

We started with the story and then wrote the details as we always did. We hope you have enjoyed the blog. Are you going to give it a try? We also publish content on various WooCommerce topics, Elementor, and niche-based content. You can also share this blog on your favorite social media with your friends. This will help us to grow more and motivate us to publish more content. Is anything more on your mind? Contact us today.

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