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Dokan Multivendor Review 2024 (WordPress Focused!)

Warning: This is a very very long blog because Dokan Multivendor itself is a massive plugin. We tried to cover most of the necessary information in this “Dokan Multivendor Review” blog. If you know the plugin already, then you can just go through the headings. If you are busy, bookmark this blog and read it later. We hope you can learn some exclusive information through this blog that you will never see any other review blog!

Dokan is one of the top products from weDevs. Many of you know this. But what you don’t know is that Dokan was released as the WooCommerce theme at the start. Then it became a plugin but there were module-based pricing. After a couple of years, the pricing model changed and became more flexible. Then Dokan mobile app was released. The plugin is compatible with 71+ Themes and 70+ WordPress plugins.

There’s more and everything we will explore in this blog. We will start with the main features discussion, then pricing, integration, add-ons, mobile applications, our analysis, and many more. Keep patient and keep reading.

  • weDevs recently [March 2024] released the Dokan cloud version. But in this blog, we will discuss the Dokan multivendor WordPress plugin in detail. You can read the Dokan Cloud vs Dokan Multivendor head-to-head comparison for cloud version details.

Dokan Multivendor Review – Introduction

The Dokan multivendor plugin makes it easy to build a full-featured multivendor marketplace. Before Dokan, the multivendor marketplace required a lot of difficult processes as well as money. At this time, there are multiple multivendor plugins but Dokan was the very first plugin. With Dokan, you can convert your regular WooCommerce site to a multivendor marketplace within a few hours. In particular, Dokan made it possible to build a complete multivendor marketplace with drag-and-drop building and zero coding skills.

If you have an excellent idea and want to build a marketplace like Amazon! The Dokan will be your go-to tool. WooCommerce enables eCommerce functions and Dokan enables multivendor parts. And together they offer the ultimate power to become the next Jeff Bezos! Planning to replace Amazon? Keep reading!

Best Features of the Dokan Multivendor Plugin

  • Vendor Management UI
  • Multiple Commission Types
  • Earning Reports & Statements
  • Coupon Creation
  • Making Announcements
  • Automatic Withdrawal Disbursement
  • Product Advertising
  • Reverse Withdrawal
  • Shipping Management
  • Social Login & Registration
  • Frontend Variable Products
  • Independent Store
  • Product Bulk Edit
  • Withdraw System for Vendors
  • Order Management
  • Shipping Status
  • Email Notification
  • Ajax Live Search
  • Geolocation
  • Product Enquiry

Wptowp editorial tried to add all the top features on the above list. Other then the mentioned features, Dokan has many more features. You can check the full list of Dokan features on the Dokan official website.

Dokan Multivendor Pro Pricing

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Editorial Prediction for Dokan Multivendor

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Dokan Multivendor Review – Final Notes

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