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5+ Top Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks Plugin 2024

Gutenberg is growing fast! So do the Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks plugin! This is a booming time for the Gutenberg block plugin. Several dedicated and semi-dedicated Gutenberg WooCommerce blocks plugins are entering the marketplace in this fast flow. In this blog, we will talk about some of the top Gutenberg WooComerce plugins. Some of them are dedicated and some others have rich WooCommerce block features.

In this blog, we have shared a basic statistical comparison of the top 5 Gutenberg WooCommerce blog plugins. After that, we have listed the top WooCommerce Gutenberg plugins, notable features, and related coupon codes. Let’s get started.

Basic Statistics of Gutenberg WooCommerce Plugin

Let’s have a quick look at the top 5 Gutenberg WooCommerce block plugins. We have listed the active users, ages, ratings, refund time,s and also listed the coupon. We try to manage special coupon codes for Wptowp readers.

Plugin NameActive InstalRatingsAgeStarting PriceRefundsCoupon
ProductX4,000+4.4 (59+)4+ Years$4914 days*Yes
ShopEngine Gutenberg700+5.0 (01+)2+ YearsN/AN/A🤦🏽
The Plus Blocks7,000+4.7 (54+)3+ years$4960 days🤦🏽
Blockons600+5.0 (02+)2+ years$47.88N/A🤦🏽
ShopCred200+4.5 (08+)1+ years$3914 days🤦🏽
The last update date is 14th Maye 2024

As you can see, ProductX is the most established Gutenberg WooCommerce blocks plugin. It has 4+ years of development ages, 4k+ active users, and better pricing. The Plus Blocks also climb to the top. ShopCred is new among the listed Gutenberg WooCommerce plugins. ShopEngine Gutenberg WooCommerce has the perfect ratings, yet this is a free plugin.

ProductX by WPXPO (+Coupon Code)

ProductX, WooCommerce Gutenberg Block Plugin, Wptowp

ProductX is one of the most popular WooCommerce Gutenberg block plugins. The plugin is brought to you by WPXPO, the maker of PostX and WholesaleX. This is a dedicated Gutenberg WooCommerce block plugin. At this time, they are helping 4,000+ eCommerce business websites around the globe. ProductX extends the Gutenberg blocks library with 40+ WooCommerce blocks for various purposes. It also has starter packs and premade templates.

ProductX Pro Starts 👉 $49/year. But we have managed a special ProductX coupon code for Wptowp visitors. You can use the coupon code to save 20% of the regular price instantly.

ProductX Coupon Code (10% OFF).

Notable Features of ProductX

One of the best parts of ProductX is the features. ProductX is not just a WooCommerce block plugin, but also a WooCommerce site builder. You can get all the necessary features in the block sections. So, with ProductX, you can build a world-class WooCommerce site in Gutenberg. You can check the full details on the ProductX review blog. In the following table, we have added some of the major features of the plugin.

Product CarouselAdvanced Product FilterStock Progress Bar
Advanced Query BuilderPremade TemplatesProduct Pagination
Product WishlistProduct Quick ViewProducts Compare
Pre-OrderBackorderPartial Payment
Call for priceProduct Image FlipperSales Tag

ShopEngine Gutenberg by WPMet

ShopEngine Gutenberg, Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks Plugin, Wptowp

ShopEngine Gutenberg is a WooCommerce Gutenberg block plugin by WPMet. The same company behind ElementsKit, MetForm, and ShopinEngine Elementor plugin. You can build your next Gutenberg WooCommerce website with ShopEngine Gutenberg blocks. Building your WooCommerce product, shop, cart, checkout, and archive pages is possible with ShopEngine Gutenberg blocks. On top of that, you will get advanced modules like product comparison, quick view, wishlist, etc to create a full-fledged eCommerce store.

ShopEngine Gutenberg addon comes with 5+ templates, 36+ blocks, and 4 modules for building and customizing your eCommerce pages. Besides, with readymade templates, you can create your WooCommerce pages from scratch that will be fully responsive for any device.

Notable Features of ShopEngine Gutenberg

ShopEngine Gutenberg is a free Gutenberg WooCommerce plugin. Yet, the plugin has several actionable features that help build a professional eCommerce website.

Quick viewVariation swatchesProduct comparison
Product ComparisonCustomizable archivecheckout page
Product wishlistPre-made templates

The Plus Blocks by POSIMYTH Innovations

The Plus Blocks, WooCommerce Gutenberg Blocks, Wptowp

The Plus Blocks Editor is a Gutenberg block plugin with many WooCommerce product blocks. So, we have listed the plugin in this WooCommerce Gutenberg plugin list. You can get a complete No-Code experience and build everything with simple mouse clicks. No Technical knowledge is required, just install and get started. The plugin is perfect for bloggers, freelancers, marketers, agency owners, designers, and anyone who loves using Gutenberg.

The Plus Blocks Editor Pro Starts 👉 $49/year

Notable Features of The Plus Blocks Editor

The Plus Addons for Block Editor come with 85+ Advanced WordPress Blocks, 300+ Prebuild UI Blocks & Templates, with powerful functionalities like Blog Builder, WooCommerce Builder, Mega Menu, Gallery Filter, Ajax Live Search Bar, and much more to supercharge your Gutenberg Editor. Let’s check the main module in the following table.

Popup/ Offcanvas BuilderDisplay ConditionsMega Menus
Dynamic ContentCustom Loop SkinPosts/ CPT
Product ListingLogin/Registration FormImage & Video Gallery
CarouselsSocial Feed & Reviews

Blockons By Kaira

Blockons By Kaira, WooCommerce Gutenberg Plugin. Wptowp

Blockons is another WordPress and WooCommerce Gutenberg block plugin By Kaira. This free plugin enhances your WordPress experience by adding 17+ dynamic and advanced editor blocks, including 3 specially designed for WooCommerce.

Blockons Pro Starts 👉 $47.88/year

Notable Features of Blockons

Blockons has a lot of site building blocks and features. However, in the following table, we have listed only WooCommerce-related blocks and feature names.

WooCommerce Account IconWooCommerce Mini Cart
WooCommerce Featured ProductAdvanced Slider block

ShopCred By ExclusiveBlocks

ShopCred By ExclusiveBlocks, WooCommerce Gutenberg Plugin, Wptowp

ShopCred is a new yet promising Gutenberg WooCommerce block plugin. It adds extra bandwidth to the Gutenberg editor for your WooCommerce online shop with a set of handy and powerful blocks. You can showcase your products with unique designs of Product Grid, Product Carousel, Ajax Load More, Pagination, Style Presets, Content Arrangement, and many more. The plugin gives you control of your ability to design eCommerce websites the way you like.

ShopCred Pro Starts 👉 $39/year

Notable Features of ShopCred

Let’s have a look at the ShopCred WooCommerce features list. We forgot to mention, this plugin is brought to you by Devscred. They are the same team behind Exclusive Addons for Elementor!

Product sliderProduct gridProduct list
Category gridCategory listVarious Design Variation
Product PaginationShop Page PaginationAjax Pagination
Load MoreProduct Filter by CategoryQuickview

ShopExtra By Arya Dhiratara

ShopExtra By Arya Dhiratara, WooCommerce block plugin, Wptowp

ShopExtra is a lightweight plugin to enhance your WooCommerce & Business site. With the plugin, you can build a professional eCommerce site on the Gutenberg platform. There are multiple advanced blocks and widgets to help you bring more sales to the WooCommerce store.

Notable Features of ShopExtra

Floating WhatsApp Chat WidgetWhatsApp Order Button
Extra Utility FeaturesWooCommerce Elements Customization
WooCommerce Strings TranslationsAdd Extra Product Tabs

Otter Blocks – Honorable Mention

Otter is an established Gutenberg Blocks page builder plugin. This is not a dedicated WooCommerce block plugin. However, they have a lot of WooCommerce-related features. So, we keep the plugin in this list as an honorable product. The plugin is made by Theme ThemeIsle. It adds extra functionality to the WordPress Block Editor for a better page-building experience without the need for traditional page builders. You can also get full site editing experience with this page builder.

Notable Features of Otter

Otter has lots of features as expected. However, we have listed only WooCommerce-related features in the following table. Please note that the plugin is now helping 300k+ websites around the globe at this time.

WooCommerce Products in CartWooCommerce Total Spent
WooCommerce Cart TotalAdd to Cart Gutenberg Block
WooCommerce Builder Blocks

Recommended Gutenberg WooCommerce Product Blocks

There are several WooCommerce block builder plugins. However, based on our user experience, online research, and editorial opinion, we have come up with limited recommendations. Here’s the list of recommended plugins list for your next WooCommerce store.

  • ProductX – We recommend ProductX for your next eCommerce Gutenberg website. This is the only plugin that has established user-based, better support and powering 4k+ websites. We also know the ProductX team. So, we have confidence in the quality of the ProductX plugin.

Final Words for Gutenberg WooCommerce Plugin

It was a time when WordPress users were tired of trying Gutenberg blocks. You can still check the old ratings on the WordPress directory. The game has changed due to the extensive plugin release. Even though, there are limited WooCommerce-related Gutenberg plugins, but still, the above list can help you a lot.

So, which top WooCommerce Gutenberg plugin you are going to give a try? Let us know and don’t forget to share this blog on your favorite social media. This way, we can also grow fast like Gutenberg WooCommerce. We hope you have enjoyed the above blog. Check related Gutenberg blogs, Elementor-related blogs, and WooCommerce content.

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