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11+ Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons | Exclusive in 2024

Hello, hey! Are you interested in knowing about the best Elementor WooCommerce addons? How did you get this article? Did you use Google or the blog listing Elementor Addons? Whatever your path to come here, stop now and take a long break. Whatever the reason, stop switching tabs because the Wptowp editorial is here to provide you with the information you require to proceed to the next step.

Just a short note for you! We have a separate blog for listing Elementor Addons. In that blog, we listed all the popular Elementor addons that extend its features and functionality. However, we avoided Elementor WooCommerce addons in that blog. We wanted to provide a separate listing blog for the best Elementor WooCommerce addons.

We kept our promise. You are now reading about the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons listing blog.

Before starting the main article, have you a little time for us? We would like to share how we rank the best Elementor WooCommerce addons list in this article! What specific data do we use, and how did we obtain it? This information will surely make you more confident in your buying decisions.

  • Relevant statical comparison is available at the bottom of this blog.

How Did We Rank Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons?

We consider 4 key parameters during our analysis. Our team collects all the data from the plugin directory and wphive then makes a calculation. Here is what and how we consider and make the calculation. 

01Active Installation40%
02Plugin Resource30%
03Plugin Ratings20%
04Plugin Age10%
Total = 100%

First, we build the ranking then we start researching the features. We want to include exclusive information. Keeping the blog length readable and adding the information that you need were our main goals. In this article, the details feature is not included. In case, if you are interested to know, all the links are clickable. You can check the details feature from the directory of each plugin. Click and check from the plugin directory.

Editorial Note 🔔🔔
In this list, we avoid Elementor Addons. There is a good number of Elementor addons and we listed them already. However, we wanted to inform our users about only the eCommerce builder plugins.

Now it’s time to drive the main article. Thank you for keeping interested in this post. In case you want to contact us, drop us an email at and our people will reply to you as soon as possible.

Dedicated Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons

The wptowp editorial team found a total of six dedicated Elementor WooCommerce builder addons. Among the best Elementor WooCommerce builders, the top 9 plugins are freemium, and the free version is available in the WordPress directory. There were two other full premium WooCommerce builders available. Let’s get to know them one by one.

Jun 2024 Update

  • ShopLentor become 100k+, ShopEngine now 40k+, CoDesigner lose 10k+ users now they have 10k+ users!
  • Most of the plugin lose five star rating ratio, rated users grows as expected.
  • Two new honorable mentioned plugin added with coupon code.

ShopLentor – WooCommerce Page Builder

ShopLentor AKA WooLentor, leading and one of the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons offers 105+ Widgets, 19+ WooCommerce Modules, 20+ premade templates, 20+ advanced features, and much more. WooLentor Pro was made 4 years ago to help WooCommerce website developers. You can set up anything like multi-step checkout, sales notifications, and search filters, WooCommerce Product Filter to improve the customer journey, etc with WooLentor.

HasThemes is the company behind Woolentor the best Elementor WooCommerce addons. They are a group of 50+ professionals Who are working with more than 120 countries around the world. Their products have been downloaded 1 million times.

Exclusive News 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨
Aslam Hasib is the man behind this leading WordPress company. He is the founder & managing director – of HasTech IT Limited, HasThemes, and Co-founder of Dev Items LLC. Under his leadership, the company won the National ICT Awards, Startup Challenge, and Connecting Startup and became Elite Author. Moreover, he has been featured on multiple national TV and news for his great Work.

HasThemes is popular for multiple other products other than the WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons. They created more than 12 plugins for WordPress users. Among them HT Mega (100k+ Active Installation) Contact Form 7 (10k Active Installation), HT Slider for Elementor (20k+ Active installation), HashBar (8k+ Active Installation), WP Plugin Manager (3k+ Active Installation) etc are remarkable.

Editorial Feedback 🔔🔔 Wptowp editorial rated highest among the list and the facts have been checked manually. They get the advantage of being early movers. Also, they improve the features and functions dramatically in recent days. It could be the first Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons to achieve 100k active installations.

ShopLentor Pricing
1 Site
5 Sites
The last update date is 17th Jun 2024

Editorial Note 🐶🐶
We tried to cover as many plugins as possible in this list. Our target was to let you know the whole list. So the blog becomes long. In this blog, we covered a little information about each plugin. However, you can check individual detailed reviews from our sites. In case, if you need any individual reviews, ping us.

ShopEngine – Elementor WooCommerce Builder

ShopEngine is an eCommerce website builder for WooCommerce and Elementor. With ShopEngine, you can build a full-featured eCommerce website drag and drop. No technical knowledge is required, and no coding skills are required. The plugin comes with 70+ Widgets, 20+ Advanced Modules, 16+ Templates, Drag & Drop WooCommerce Builder and whatnot.

WPMet is the company behind this revolutionary eCommerce website builder plugin. WPMet, a wing of XpeedStudio is a leading plugin development company from Dhaka. Starting from 2013 by Md. Ataur Rahman.

Exclusive Secret News 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨
Al Emran, CTO of WPMet and XpeedStudio leads the development team of ShopEngine. One of our team members founds this on social media and we quoted it here for our visitors. It’s exclusive information and we just stole it from the social feeds.

Apart from those, WPMet released WP FundraisingWp Social (10k active installations), Wp Ultimate Review (10k active installations)plugins in the WordPress directory. WP fundraising plugin is fully free so far. Recently, WPMet working on Genie AI Writing Tools for helping the content developer.

ShopEngine Pricing
Single5 SitesUnlimitedRefunds Policy
59$/year149$/year299$/year14 days
The last update date is 17th Jun 2024

Editorial Feedback 🔔🔔 Wptowp’s first in-depth review was the ShopEngine review. Even after our first website crashed, we restored the same blog at first. The editorial team was impressed by the quality of the plugins. We believe, soon it will be the number #1 best Elementor WooCommerce Addons plugin.

JetWidgets – Elementor WooCommerce Plugin

JetWidgets Elementor WooCommerce Addons, wptowp

JetWidgets is another popular Elementor WooCommerce builder that started 4 years ago. The pro-version provides 150+, widgets and different page templates.

Crocoblock, a Ukraine-based Software company made this plugin. The company has been providing service for more than 10 years with 57+ employees (Yes! We count the employee numbers manually). Apart from the JetWidgets, they have multiple plugins in the WordPress directory. Their popular creation is JetFormBuilder — Dynamic Blocks Form Builder (Active Installs: 50,000+), JetGridBuilder — Grid Builder for Elementor and Gutenberg (Active Installs: 6,000+), JetSticky For Elementor (Active Installs: 30,000+), JetStyleManager for Gutenberg (Active Installs: 20,000+) etc.

Editorial Feedback 🔔🔔 JetWidgets is the free version of JetWoo Builders. It was last updated 8 months ago. Initially, we thought the org’s plugin was addons made by some other staff. After a deep analysis, we confirmed, that it’s real and developed by Crocoblock. It feels like, they are not much interested in looking after the free versions.

Even though the editorial team did not prefer this plugin but still it’s at the top of the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons listing blog. When we build any list, we make it based on data. We developed an unbiased and Bhai-brother effect-free listing blog.

CoDesigner – Top WooCommerce Addon

CoDesigner, Best Elementor WooCommerce addons, Wptowp

CoDesigner is another popular and one of the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons. You can use the plugin to customize all of the pages on your eCommerce website and give your customers a better user experience. The drag-and-drop interface of this plugin lets you upgrade Elementor’s design capabilities and customize shop pages, product filters, checkout processes, and much more within minutes! You can customize your Elementor WooCommerce site and craft pixel-perfect websites effortlessly with CoDesigner.

Codexpert worked behind CoDesigner, a team of talented developers that works mainly on WordPress-based products and projects. Another popular product by the company is WC Affiliate, Share Logins.

CoDesigner Pricing
1 Site5 SitesUnlimitedRefunds Policy
49.99$/year99.99$/year249.99$/year14 days
The last update date is 17th Jun 2024

ShopReady – WooCommerce Builder

ShopReady, Wptowp

ShopReady is an Elementor WooCommerce plugin that extends the Elementor features and provides dedicated features of eCommerce website features and functionalities. ShopReady can help you build a complete WooCommerce website without doing any programming. ShopReady – best Elementor WooCommerce Addons to Create Product Quick View and Product Compare Widgets. Easily create WooCommerce tabs, accordions, sliders, and widgets with the Elementor.

QuomodoSoft, a WordPress product development company from Dhaka, brings the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons. QuomodoTheme, Envato’s 8th level of authors, is their theme wing. Abdur Rohman is the CEO and founder of the company. He is leading the company with seven or more smart and dedicated WordPress lovers.

ElementsReady, an advanced add-ons plugin for the Elementor page builder, was their flagship and first product. It has more than 5,000 active users. QS Dark Mode is another plugin from the same company. They have been members of the Envato Marketplace since 2015 and have around 9,000 sales.

ShopReady Pricing
Personal, 20 SiteBusiness, 100 SitesUnlimited SitesRefunds Policy
$125/year$325/year$485/year14 days
The last update date is 17th Jun 2024

Ultimate Store Kit Elementor Addons

Ultimate Store Kit Elementor Addons, Wptowp

The Ultimate Store Kit is a comprehensive plugin for WordPress WooCommerce. It has been designed to streamline the creation of eCommerce websites using Elementor. Developed by BdThemes, it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, allowing users to build dynamic and responsive online stores. This all-in-one solution replaces the need for multiple plugins. It offers a wide range of features for product display, customization, and performance enhancement, thereby saving significant development time and resources.

Ultimate Store Kit Pro Starts 👉 $49.99/year

Notable Features of the Ultimate Store Kit

Product Grid/ListProduct Carousel/SliderProduct Table
Category Grid/CarouselProduct Image AccordionWishlist and Compare
Mini Cart IntegrationCustomizable Design ElementsAdvanced Tags
Template BuilderAdvanced Badges

The Pack Elementor Addons

The Pack Elementor Addons, Wptowp

The Pack Elementor Addons is a versatile plugin for WordPress that enhances the Elementor page builder with over 110 innovative elements and extensions. Created by Webangon, this plugin allows for comprehensive customization of websites without compromising on performance. It includes 500+ ready-made sections and a variety of widgets to streamline the design process, making it an ideal tool for creating unique and professional websites quickly and efficiently.

Notable Features of The Pack Elementor Addons

Header Footer BuilderWidget BuilderMega Menu Builder
110+ Widgets130+ Ready SectionsFully Responsive Design
Syntax HighlightScroll To AnimationTestimonial Widget

Elementor Addons That Have WooCommerce Module

The editorial team also found two Elementor addons that provide dedicated WooCommerce modules, including widgets, features, and functions. We’re discussing HappyAddons and PowerPack. It’s worth noting that they’re also listed on our Elementor Addons listing blog. Moreover, HappyAddons was included at the top of the blog. Considering WooCommerce, we added these two plugins to the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons blog.

Royal Elementor Addons and Templates

Royal Elementor Addons, ElementsKit Alternative, Wptowp

Royal Elementor Addons is one of the best ElementsKit alternatives! This is one of the fastest-growing Elementor Addons that comes with a lot of site-building widgets. Moreover, It also offers extensive WooCommerce Elementor Widgets. You can build any type of Elementor website with this plugin. 300k+ people keep trust on this plugin in which 360+ people rate it as 5 stars on the WordPress directory.

The premium pricing of Royal Elementor Addons starts from $29.99/year.

Notable Features of Royal Elementor Addons

Royal Elementor Addons has a long list of features. Dedicated site widgets, WooCommerce widgets, post gride, template kits, and many more. In the following table, we have listed only the plugin’s main features. You can check the full feature list on the landing page of Royal Elementor Addons.

Elementor Theme BuilderWooCommerce BuilderDynamic Website Builder
Mega Menu BuilderAdvanced Sticky MenuPopup Builder
Parallax ScrollingParallax Multi-Layer EffectParticle Effect
Wocommerce Templates KitsTheme Builder Templates KitsElementor Post Grid
Advanced SliderOnepage Navigation

The Plus Addons for Elementor (+Coupon)

The Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder, ElementsKit Alternatives, Wptowp

The Plus Addons for Elementor is a comprehensive plugin developed by POSIMYTH that enhances the Elementor page builder with over 120 powerful widgets and extensions and more than 1,000 ready-to-use templates. This addon is designed to replace multiple plugins by offering extensive features like blog and WooCommerce builders, a mega menu, grid and popup builders, and more. It provides a seamless way to create and customize WordPress websites with ease and efficiency, making it an essential tool for developers and designers.

The premium pricing of Royal Elementor Addons starts from $39/year. But we have managed The Plus Addons for Elementor Coupon code. You can use the coupon code to save 20% of the regular price instantly.

The Plus Addons Coupon Code (Affiliate Link).

Notable Features of The Plus Addons for Elementor

The Plus Addons for Elementor is one of the fast-growing Elementor addons. This plugin has many features, module and there’s more on the roadmap. We have added the key module to the following list. You can see the full list of the features on the landing page.

WooCommerce Store BuilderMega Menu BuilderOne-Click Auto Widget Scanner
Popup BuilderSocial Feeds IntegrationLogin and Registration Forms
Custom Post Loops Skin BuilderDynamic Category GridAdvanced Carousel Slider

HappyAddons – Best Elementor Addons for WordPress

Happy Addons for Elementor Page Builder is one of the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons that comes with 97+ Elementor free & pro widgets and 20+ problem-solving Elementor features. And HappyAddons Elementor Addons widgets are not limited to customizations. In terms of customization flexibility, all Elementor widgets stand out from other third-party Elementor addon widgets.

weDevs is the top Bangladeshi top WordPress company that creates the world-famous Dokan multi-vendor plugins. weDevs is the maker of Dokan Multivendor, WP Project Manager, WP User Frontend, WP ERP, and many more. They are empowering 420,000+ Businesses with innovation.

Happy Addons for Elementor
Starter, 1 SiteProfessional, 5 SitesBusiness, 1000 SitesRefunds Policy
39$/year69$/year189$/year14 days
The latest data update date is 25th June 2024

Editorial Feedback 🔔🔔 HappyAddons is not providing a dedicated WooCommercce service. However, they are providing widgets, modules, and functions that are dedicated to WooCommerce. So, we keep HappyAddons at the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons listing blog.

PowerPack – Top Elementor Addons

PowerPack Addons for Elementor, wptowp

PowerPack Addons for Elementor: The Growing Elementor Addon Get 30+ free Elementor widgets with PowerPack Lite. These Elementor widgets are designed with a focus on creativity and usability. With PowerPack, building Elementor websites will be faster than ever!

Ideabox, a team of designers, developers, writers and marketers who believe that great creativity comes from following life’s passions, made the addons. They are also creators of PowerPack for Beaver Builder, WPfomify – Social Proof Marketing, and DiviMonk – Divi Templates products.

PowerPack Addons for Elementor
Starter, 1 SiteExclusive, 25 SitesBusiness, 1000 SitesUnlimited
Refunds Policy
49$/year99$/year149$/year$119/year14 days
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

Quick Pricing Comparison of Elementor WooCommerce Addons

So, you finish reading the individual information about the Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons. We are here to help you more with the basic comparison. Let’s the pricing comparison of the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons plugins in the tabular format.

Pricing Comparison1 site
5 sites
1 site
5 sites
WooLentor59$ 🦥159$ 🦥299$149$ 🦥259$ 🦥599$
ShopEngine59$149$299$ 🦥149$249$ ✅599$
CoDesigner50/r$100/r$ ✅250/r$150/r$250/r$750/r$ 🦥
ShopReady49/20$ ✅147$ ✅69/20$ ✅199$ ✅
HappyAddons39$ ✅89$ ✅149$349$
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

*The comparison table does not reflect the 100-site licensing price of the Best Elementor WooCommerce add-ons. All of the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons do not have 100-site licensing.

Table Analysis – Among all the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons, WooLentor charges the highest in most of the packages. ShopEngine, Codesigner, and ShopReady provide the lowest pricing for at least one individual license. Happy Addons offers a better price in the next tier of best Elementor WooCommerce Addons.

Active Installation Comparison of WooCommerce Addons

For each site that is installed and uses Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons, WordPress counts 1 active installation. Thus, any plugin that has more installation always indicates better quality.

Active Installation Comparison
Plugin NameActive InstallationRemarks
WooLentor100kHighest 🐆
ShopReady500+🔔 Lowest
HappyAddons400kHighest 🐆
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

Table Analysis – WooLentor is leading from the top in this list. Even though HappyAddons have far more than WooLentor but HappyAdons is not the dedicated Elementor WooCommerce Addons. As expected, ShopReady is in the lowest position.

Quick Ages Comparison of WooCommerce Addons

Users expect stability and advanced features from the old plugins. But it can be relaxed for newborn Elementor WooCommerce Addons. From the following table, you can see the comparison of plugin ages.

Ages Comparison
Plugin NamePlugin AgeRemarks
WooLentor4+ YearsHighest 🐆
ShopEngine2+ Years
CoDesigner3+ Years
ShopReady1+ Years🔔 Lowest
HappyAddons4+ Years
PowerPack4+ Years
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

Table Analysis – WooLentor is the oldest plugin, whereas ShopReady is the newest in the battle. ShopReady is still a kid, whereas ShopEngine has become mature compared to its competitors. HappyAddons and PowerPack are both of the same age on the list.

Quick Rating Comparison of WooCommerce Addons

Ratings come from experienced users. Normally, when users use the plugin and decide whether it is good or bad, they rate it. Thus, it matters a lot when making the final decisions. The editorial team gathered information and created comparison tables for the Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons.

Rating Comparison
Plugin NameTotal RatingsTotal Rated UsersFive StarFive Star Ratio
WooLentor4.3 🔔15111777.48%
ShopEngine4.5857082.35% 🔔
ShopReady4.413 🔔08 🔔84.61%
HappyAddons4.9 🐆344 🐆329 🐆95.63% 🐆
PowerPack4.8 30128193.35%
🔔 Lowest, Highest 🐆, The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

Table Analysis: HappyAddons achieved all the highest positions in this table. For the ratings, HappyAddons and PowerPadck together have the highest ratings. However, of the dedicated WooCommerce addons, ShopReady gets the highest ratings. However, they achieved it based on the lowest user ratings and lowest five-star ratings. Codesigner has the lowest five-star rating ratio.

The Bottom Line of Elementor WooCommerce Addons

Even though the editorial tea brings all the latest information and comparison table, still we can not say which is the actual best Elementor WooCommerce Addons. However, since we covered most of the necessary information, you may decide which plugin is best fitted for your WooCommerce website. At the same time, you can see dedicated reviews and comparison blogs for more in-depth information.

FAQ about Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons

Which Elementor addon is best?

The list of Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons is given in this blog. Moreover Wptowp editorial added the comparison. From the top WooLentor seems better. However, Wptowp’s editorial pick called ShopEngine is the Best Elementor WooCommerce addons.

Can Elementor be used with WooCommerce?

Yes! You can use both Elementor and WooCommerce together on a website. Elementor is a page builder whereas the WooCommerce plugin is an eCommerce plugin.

Is Elementor Pro worth it for WooCommerce?

Elementor is a page builder plugin and Elementor pro provides the freedom to build anything that you can imagine. WooCommerce is an eCommerce add-on that helps you to sell your products. You can use any single plugin or both at a time. Depending on your business, you can buy the Elementor pro.

Which Elementor addon charges the lowest?

From the pricing comparison of the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons, we noticed ShopEninge and CoDesigner charge the lowest for different packages. They are qualified and established the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons so.

ShopEngine Vs WooLentor – Which is Best?

Both ShopEngine and WooLentor have good reputations in the eCommerce industry. We can not say which is best between these two Best Elementor WooCommerce addons. But you can check the head-to-head comparison here.

ShopEngine Vs CoDesigner – Which is Best?

ShopEngine comes later than CoDesigner. Both of the eCommerce Elementor builders are well-reputed. It’s not possible to determine which is best/ However, we published a head-to-head comparison of these plugins.

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