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(Endorsed) The Plus Addons for Elementor Review 2024

Elementor has 64+ page builder addons and 20+ WooCommerce elementor addon. Among them, very few make it more than 100k+ active users. The Plus Addons for Elementor is one of the top addons that makes it within a couple of years. In this blog, we will be sharing The Plus Addons for Elementor Review 2024 with all-inclusive information.

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The Plus Addons Review – Introduction

The Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder, ElementsKit Alternatives, Wptowp

The Plus Addons for Elementor is a powerful and comprehensive extension for Elementor. This addon bundle enhances the capabilities of Elementor by providing a wide array of advanced widgets and functionalities. With over 300 UI blocks, more than 60 unique widgets, and a variety of extensions and page templates, the plugin allows web designers and developers.

You can elevate your site designs with refined elements such as dynamic content widgets, mega menus, and page transitions. It also includes performance optimization features, making it a favorite among professionals seeking to create complex, high-quality websites without coding.

Best Features of The Plus Addons Plugin

It has 120+ elementor widgets & extensions packed with complete site builder widgets like Plus Widget, Plus Listing, Plus Builder, and Extras. In this section, we have added the group name of the number of features. You can check the landing page to see the latest released features list of this plugin. Keep in mind, that each group mentioned in the table has multiple features/widgets.

Features Group:Plus SectionsPlus CreativesSocial Reviews
Plus EssentialsSocial FeedBlog PostsSocial Badges
ACF LoopsWooCommerceMagazine PostsAjax Search & Filters
Client LogosImage GalleryTeam MembersTestimonials
Header EffectsPage ScrollsMega MenuDynamic CPT Listing
Grid BuilderModal PopupsSpecial FeaturesBlog & CPT Builder
Visibility RulesGlobal OptionsEffectsWooCommerce Builder
Event TrackingColumn ExtrasSite Navigation

Apart from the above features, The Plus Addons for Elementor also have a lot of pre-made templates. To build a niche-based website, you can use the above features as well as the template. We have discussed the templates in the following sections. Moreover, the plugin comes with multiple resources like community, tutorial, support, etc.

The Plus Addons Pro Pricing

Let’s have a look at the Plus Addons for the Elementor pricing plan. It comes with both yearly and lifetime deals. The price is under 3 categories that you can select based on your business needs. It offers 60 days of money-back guarantee.

1 Website5 WebsitesUnlimited Websites
The last update date is the 10th of May 2024

The above pricing can be changed at any time by the plugin company. However, we have good news. We manage The Plus Addons coupon code that saves 10% of the pricing. This plus addons discount code is applicable in all the packages. Check the details bellowed.

The Plus Addons Coupon Code (Affiliate Link).

The Plus Addons Plugin Templates

If you want to get started website in a munites, then the pre-made template could be your best friend. Most of the Elementor Addons come with pre-made templates. Here is the list of The Plus Addons plugin’s template list.

Spa & Beauty SalonHealthcare & MedicalFactory and Industrial
Momentum – Book50+ Landing Page500+ Pre-Designed Sections
SEO – MarketingCurehub – MedicalBakery – Food
Creative Agency – Agency FirmEpicuriosity – RestaurantSkyframe – Construction
Law Firm, Lawyer, and AttorneyKindergarten & ChildcareCoffee, Fast Food & Restaurant
Software – Digital product
The last date to update this table is 8th May 2024

The matter of the above table is, that it has 50+ landing pages with 500+ pre-designed sections. They covered most of the popular niches. And if you have a very unique niche, then the pre-made sections, flexible customizations, and ready landing pages are there for you.

The Plus Addons Review Spotlight (USPs)

There are 100+ Elementor Addons for regular and eCommerce website builders. What makes The Plus Addons competitive? In this section, let’s explore the unique selling features of this plugin. The Wptowp editorial found the following major features and functionalities as major of this plugin.

  • Horizontal & Vertical Mega Menus and Mobile Menus – With this addon, you can create different types of menus.
  • Complete WooCommerce Store Builder – You can also create an Elementor WooCommerce site. You have the flexibility to customize the shop page, cart, and checkout page to make it professional.
  • Ultimate Popup Builder, Off Canvas & Slide-ins – You can add pop-ups, off-canvas, and contact forms on the side area.
  • Listings with Ajax Search Bar & 15+ Filters – You can add filters to help your store visitors. So, this one plugin is enough to build advanced search and filter on the eCommerce site.
  • Social Media Live Feed & Review Widgets – You can sink social media with WordPress. So, social updates can be displayed on the site’s feeds.
  • Login/Register & Password Reset Form – You can control the users with login and register options.
  • Custom Loop Skin for Posts, CPT & Woo Products – You can unlock advanced features like loop, CPT, Woo products, and so on.
  • Full-Page Scrolling Animations – You have options to make the scrolling experience better with full-page scrolling.

What is on the Way to The Plus Addons?

The Plus Addon for Elementor roadmap, Wptowp

The Plus Addons team is developing the features regular basis. As you can see from the roadmap, they are developing multiple WooCommerce-related features. More Woo features are on the way. Also, custom fields and paginations are in their plan. You can also request new features, and upvote the features loved by others too.

When did The Plus Addons Start Its Journey?

Back in 2018, when Elementor was still new and evolving, the team behind “The Plus Addons for Elementor” set out to create something special. Their aim was clear: to make the most advanced and perfectly synchronized widgets for Elementor users. They wanted to develop a plugin that web designers using WordPress would only need to invest in once.

With The Plus Addons for Elementor, they didn’t just want to offer a bunch of widgets. They aimed to provide users with a complete solution that could replace multiple plugins, making website building easier. Moreover, they promised to deliver top-notch support to their users. This is how “The Plus Addons” has started its journey.

Even after all these years in the industry, The Plus Addons still stands out for its most unique feature ever seen in the market. The team is committed to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring their users have the best tools at their fingertips. At this time, with The Plus Addons, web designers can do more than they ever thought possible.

  • We haven’t found any public story. But The Plus Addon Team has helped us with the above story.

Additionally, they introduced UiChemy, Converts Figma Designs to 100% editable WordPress websites. They have some more products that can help make your site even better and improve your WordPress experience.

Who is Behind the Better Elementor Addons?

POSIMYTH Innovations. WordPress Product Company, Wptowp

POSIMYTH Innovations is the company that brings the Plus Addons for Elementor to the market. They are a product development company and have a strong background in providing freelance services. They have completed 5k hours of service on the Upwork marketplace. Other than The Plus Addons for Elementor, they have more WordPress products. The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg, Nexter WordPress Theme, Wdesignkit, and UiChemy are also their property.

Where did The Plus Addons Get Mentioned?

The Plus Addons for Elementor got fewer mentioned than we expected. However, big brands like WPMet, and HasTech published plugin reviews. There are some LTD sites including AppSumo mentioned the plugin. And YouTube channels like Hamza – GoTechUG, DroidCrunch, and WPLearningLab also published videos for this plugin.

The Plus Addons Free vs Pro Comparison

The Plus Addons for Elementor is a freemium plugin. The free version is available in the WordPress directory. The pro version needs to be purchased from the website. If you want to see, what the pro version will unlock, then you can see the given table. Moreover, the blog reflects the premium vibe of the plugin.

GeneralFREE VersionPRO Version
Total Widgets35+120+
Total Extensions58
300+ UI Blocks & 18+ Templates❌❌Available
Whitelabel Plugin❌❌Available
SupportAt WordPress.orgHelpdesk Support
The last date to update this table is 8th May 2024

Editorial Prediction for The Plus Addons

As the Plus Addons for Elementor come with both regular and WooCommerce site features, they have 5M+ more potential users in the globe. And there is a chance that this addon can get into the millionaire club within 2-3 years. However, to achieve this bigger success, the marketing team must collaborate more. The team should focus on both video and blog. We have found very limited mentions while we did our research. Moreover, the blog of the site is pretty confusing. It would be better if they improved the UX of their blog.

We predict an installation spike this year if they improve the marketing collaboration. Also, the parent site, we mean the company site needs to speed up to manage the affiliation of the plugin.

The Plus Addons Plugin FAQs

Let’s check some of the FAQs about the Plus Addons for Elementor. We have added the direct answer for you. In case, if you have more questions, you can ask in the live chat on this website. You can also check the WordPress directory and plugin website for official updates.

What is the Plus Add-on?

The Plus Add-on refers to a set of additional features or enhancements. In the context of web development tools like Elementor, “The Plus Addons for Elementor,” includes a variety of extra widgets, page templates, UI blocks, and functionalities that are not provided in the basic version of Elementor.

These add-ons are geared towards enhancing user experience and design flexibility. It allows users to create more dynamic, complex, and visually appealing websites. You can include everything from advanced animation effects, and sophisticated content modules, to deeper integration capabilities with other plugins and tools.

How to Use the Plus Addons for Elementor?

You can use “The Plus Addons for Elementor” effectively in several steps, from installation to leveraging its advanced features in your website designs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

➡️ Installation and Activation ➡️ Integration with Elementor ➡️ Using Widgets ➡️ Configure Widgets ➡️ Utilize Advanced Features

What is the Best Addon for Elementor?

There are hundreds of Elementor Addons available in the WordPress directory. It is difficult to spot the single best addon for Elementor. However, we can say that the Plus Addons for Elementor is one of the best addons for Elementor. The plugin offers regular site-building features, WooCommerce, and commercial site-building features.

Is There a Free Version of the Plus Addons for Elementor?

Yes, there are free versions available for The Plus Addon for Elementor. You can download the free version from the WordPress directory. However, if you need to unlock advanced features and ultimate freedom of web building, then go to the pro version of the Plus Addons for Elementor.

The Plus Addons Review – Final Notes

The Plus Addons for Elementor is widely regarded as a robust and versatile plugin. It significantly enhances the capabilities of the Elementor page builder. It offers a vast array of widgets and features that expand the potential for creativity. Users appreciate its seamless integration with Elementor, the intuitive interface, and the reliable customer support.

In conclusion, The Plus Addons for Elementor is recommended for anyone looking to push the boundaries of what they can achieve with Elementor. Always ensure it fits your needs and budget, and consider its learning curve. You are also encouraged to check other Elementor Addons-related blogs on this site. And give this blog a share to motivate us.

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