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11+ Best ElementsKit Alternatives 2024 [+Coupon Code]

ElementsKit is helping 1M+ websites but what about the ElementsKit Alternatives plugin? Well, several other Elementor Addons are available to build a professional website. From 60+ best Elementor Addons, we come up with 11+ best Elementor Addons listed below. All of them have more than 100k+ active users with great online reputations. This blog will discuss them, how they are, and coupon codes if available.

As we will talk about the ElementsKit alternatives plugin, first let’s recall ElementsKit. After the ElementsKit, we will go through the Alternative plugin. Once all the plugin details are given, we will check the comparison of the ElementsKit alternative plugin. We will also check the analysis and Wptowp editorial recommendations plugin.

Basic Statistics of ElementsKit Alternative Plugins

Before diving into the main blog of the ElementsKit alternative, let’s have basic data of each plugin. We have added it under an organized table. You can check them at a glance to have a holistic idea of the alternative plugin.

ElementsKit AlternativesActive InstallationsRatingsAgeStarting PriceRefundsHas Coupon
5+ Years$39/year14 days
Elementor Header & Footer Builder1M+4.9
7+ Years$49/year14 days
Essential Addons for Elementor2M+4.9
7+ Years$39.98/yearNot Found
Royal Elementor Addons300k+4.8
3+ Years$29.99/year30 daysYes (Check)
Premium Addons for Elementor700k+4.9
6+ Years$39/year14 days
Happy Addons for Elementor400k+4.8
5+ Years$39/year14 days
Unlimited Elements For Elementor200k+4.9
6+ Years$49/year30 days
The Plus Addons for Elementor100k+4.6
5+ Years$39/year60 daysYes (Check)
Elementor Addon Elements100k+4.8
8+ Years$49/year14 days
Qi Addons For Elementor200k+4.8
3+ Years$49/year14 days
Jeg Elementor Kit200k+3.5
3+ YearsN/AN/A
Element Pack Lite100k+4.7
5+ Years$39.20/Year14 days
PowerPack Addons for Elementor100k+4.8
5+ Years$49/year14 days
The last update date is 3rd Maye 2024

ElementsKit Alternatives plugin analysis: Essential Addons for Elementor make it the highest active installation with 2M+ in the WordPress directory. It is also one of the popular WordPress plugins. Elementor header footer builder is also in the millionaire club. Premium Addons is also climbing on the top. There are 3 ElementsKit alternatives with 200k+ active users and another 3 with 100k+ active users.

Essential Addons and Elementor header footer builder have the highest rate in the directory. These two plugins are also old ages among the alternative list. Royal Elementor Addons with two other addons makes it the youngest plugin in the above list. The plugin is special for another reason. Royal Elementor Addons cost the lowest among all the ElementsKit alternative plugins.

There are 4 ElementsKit alternatives with an average of 4.9 ratings and 5 more plugins that have 4.8 ratings. Element Pack Lite has the lowest 4.6 average rating. Element Pack Lite also has lowest lowest-rated users in the WordPress directory.

Now let’s dive into the details of each plugin. But before that Royal Elementor Addons and The Plus Addons for Elementor are our recommended ElementsKit alternative plugins. We explain the recommended reason at the bottom. We also managed coupon codes for both of the plugins.

Elementor Header & Footer Builder

Elementor Header & Footer Builder, wptowp

Elementor Header & Footer Builder is the most popular Elementor Addons. This plugin gets into the millionaire club at first among other Elementor Addons. They have 2,230+ five-star ratings in the WordPress directory. If you are looking for an ElementsKit alternative, you can try it. The free version is available in the WordPress directory. But to get professional experience, check the premium version of the plugin.

Elementor Header & Footer Builder is the free version of the plugin. Brainstorm Force has another pro plugin for Elementor Builder. The starting price of the plugin is $49/year

Notable Features of Elementor Header & Footer Builder

The feature list of the plugin is big. You can check the full list on the landing page. Here we have added only the important features. You can check the list at a glance to know the plugin.

50+ Elementor Widgets200+ Section Blocks
Cross-Site Copy PasteWooCommerce Widgets
RTL SupportWhite Label Branding
Product UpdatesExtensive Guides and Tutorials

Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor, wptowp

Essential Addons for Elementor is another millionaire alternative to the ElementsKit plugin. This is the first plugin from Elemntor Addons that reached 2+ million active installations. At this time, the global rank of this plugin is around 30 from 60,000+ WordPress plugins. If you need ElementsKit alternatives, then try Essential Addons for Elementor.

Essential Addons for Elementor pro pricing start from $39.98/year

Notable Features of Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor is established and one of the popular ElementsKit alternative plugins. They have a long list of features. We have just listed a few of the key features in the following table. You can check the full feature

Completely CustomizableLight Weight & Instant Loading
Elements Control optionReady Templates From Templately
Elementor WooCommerce Widgets

Royal Elementor Addons (+Coupon Code)

Royal Elementor Addons, ElementsKit Alternative, Wptowp

Royal Elementor Addons is one of the best ElementsKit alternatives! This is one of the fastest-growing Elementor Addons that comes with a lot of site-building widgets. Moreover, It also offers extensive WooCommerce Elementor Widgets. You can build any type of Elementor website with this plugin. 300k+ people keep trust on this plugin in which 360+ people rate it as 5 stars on the WordPress directory.

The premium pricing of Royal Elementor Addons starts from $29.99/year. But we have managed a Royal Elementor Addons coupon code. You can use the coupon code to save 20% of the regular price instantly.

The Plus Addons Coupon Code (Affiliate Link).

Notable Features of Royal Elementor Addons

Royal Elementor Addons has a long list of features. Dedicated site widgets, WooCommerce widgets, post gride, template kits, and many more. In the following table, we have listed only the main features of the plugin. You can check the full feature list on the landing page of Royal Elementor Addons.

Elementor Theme BuilderWooCommerce BuilderDynamic Website Builder
Mega Menu BuilderAdvanced Sticky MenuPopup Builder
Parallax ScrollingParallax Multi-Layer EffectParticle Effect
Wocommerce Templates KitsTheme Builder Templates KitsElementor Post Grid
Advanced SliderOnepage Navigation

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor, wptowp

If you are looking for an ElementsKit similar plugin, Premium Addons for Elementor would be one. You can supercharge your Elementor Page Builder experience with 60+ highly customizable add-ons and widgets. The plugin also has 400+ premade templates allowing you to build sophisticated websites in less time with no coding required. They have almost 1500+ five-star ratings in the WordPress directory.

Premium Addons for Elementor pro pricing starts from $39/year

Notable features of Premium Addons for Elementor

Animated Shape AddonAJAX Search Form WidgetAdvanced Carousel Widget
TikTok Feed WidgetGlobal Tooltips AddonMagazine Bundle
Premium Templates PortalSVG Draw WidgetMega Menu Widget
Display ConditionsWC Products widgetEqual Height Feature
Lottie Animations IntegrationCross-Domain Copy PastePost and Page Duplicator

Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons for Elementor, ElementsKit Alternatives, Wptowp

ElementsKit comes from a Bangladeshi company. And ElementsKit alternatives Happy Addons is also from the same country. It is one of the best Elementor Addons with Theme Builder. It covers free Header Footer, Single Post Template, and Archive Page Builder, with 143+ Free & Pro Widgets & 24+ Features to enhance Elementor. You can also get 70+ full-page Elementor Templates & 500+ Template Blocks.

Happy Addons for Elementor pro pricing start from $39/year

Notable Features of Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons for Elementor is one of the established Elementor Addons. It has a long list of features including the newly released happy media library. We have enlisted the main features in the following table. You can check the landing page for the full feature list.

Floating EffectsCSS TransformWidget Background Overlay
500+ Happy Line IconOn Demand Asset LoadingPre Build Section Block
On-Demand Asset LoadingCustom Shape DividerText Outline
Happy TooltipPreset and Live CopyCross Domain Copy Paste
Unlimited Section NestingImage MaskingDisplay Condition
Particle EffectMega MenuAdvanced Slider
WooDommerce PackWooCommerce PackPost Grid, Tiles and Carousel

Unlimited Elements For Elementor

Unlimited Elements For Elementor, Wptowp

Unlimited Elements For Elementor is one of the big alternatives of ElementsKit. Elementor users can elevate their web design experience with Unlimited Elements for Elementor. An all-in-one plugin that instantly gives you the most advanced widgets and tools to make better Elementor websites faster. Please browse our extensive collection of widgets. Each widget provides a wide range of options to control every aspect easily. The plugin is helping 200k+ users around the world.

Unlimited Elements For Elementor pro pricing starts from $49/year

Notable Features of Unlimited Elements For Elementor

Widget LibraryTemplate LibraryBackground Widgets
Widget CreatorFilter WidgetsForm Builder
Post Widgets & FiltersWoo Widgets & FiltersMulti-Source
Live Copy PasteSync Between WidgetsRemote Control Widgets
Mega MenuMega SliderDynamic Loop Builder
Advanced Post QueryAdvanced Product QueryMulti-Source Galleries
AJAX SearchDynamic Post PopupSequence Animation
Digital Business CardContact FormsCalculators

The Plus Addons for Elementor (+Coupon Code)

The Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder, ElementsKit Alternatives, Wptowp

The Plus Addons for Elementor is a complete toolkit with the most impressive widgets to boost your Elementor workflow. It brings you the largest collection of high-quality Elementor addons in a convenient package. So you don’t need to purchase multiple plugins for different functionalities. This Elementor addons package redefines how you work with Elementor by offering you access to a curated collection of widgets and blocks.

The premium pricing of The Plus Addons for Elementor starts from $39/year. But we have managed The Plus Addons for Elementor coupon code. You can use the coupon code to save 10% of the regular price instantly.

The Plus Addons Coupon Code (Affiliate Link).

Notable Features of The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons for Elementor page builder has 120+ advanced widgets. The widgets cover regular websites, eCommerce, blogs and niche-based websites. You can also use the addons, templates, and integration to speed up your Elementor site-building experience. In the following table, we have added some of the main features of the addons.

Horizontal & Vertical Mega Menus and Mobile MenusComplete WooCommerce Store Builder
Ultimate Popup Builder, Off Canvas & Slide-insAdvanced Display Conditions for WooCommerce
Listings with Ajax Search Bar & 15+ FiltersSocial Media Live Feed & Review Widgets
Login/Register & Password Reset FormCustom Loop Skin for Posts, CPT & Woo Products
Full-Page Scrolling Animations

Elementor Addon Elements

Elementor Addon Elements, ElementsKit Alternativs Addons, Wptowp

Elementor Addon Elements is one of the underrated ElementsKit alternative addons. You can get a better Elementor Page Builder experience by using Elementor Addon Elements. This addon comes with 40+ widgets and extensions that will give more power to your Elementor-based website. It has an easy-to-use interface that will allow you to create any design with just a few clicks! Incorporate these creative elements in Elementor to make your WordPress website look more attractive and accessible than before.

Elementor Addon Elements pro pricing starts from $49/year

Notable Features of Elementor Addon Elements

Bit-by-bit widgetsOn-Demand LoadingWPML Compatibility
Cross Browser ResponsiveWrapper LinksParticle Background
Gradient BackgroundBackground Slider

Qi Addons For Elementor

Qi Addons For Elementor, wptowp

Qi Addons for Elementor is the largest free library of custom and fully flexible Elementor widgets. The plugin has been developed by one of the bestselling premium WordPress theme authors, the award-winning Qode Interactive. The free version of Qi Addons comes with 60+ powerful custom widgets for Elementor, while Qi Addons for Elementor Premium gives you a stunning selection of 100+ carefully designed, comprehensive Elementor addons. This year they have gotten 100k+ active users which makes them an alternative plugin for ElementsKit.

Qi Addons For Elementor pro pricing starts from $49/year

Notable Features of Qi Addons For Elementor

Typography addonsInfographics addonsCreative addons
Form Style addonsBusiness addonsWooCommerce addons
SEO addonsShowcase addonsOn-demand widget loading
SEO add-ons

Jeg Elementor Kit

Jeg Elementor Kit, ElementsKit Alternative Plugin, Wptowp

If you are looking for a free ElementsKit alternative plugin then you can choose the Jeg Elementor Kit plugin. It comes with additional widgets for Elementor page builder, It has 40+ highly customizable widgets that will help you build a singing Elementor website. The official website of this plugin is a little complex to understand. However, the plugin is still good for extending the design of any Elementor-based website.

No dedicated pricing page was found for the Jeg Elementor Kit.

Element Pack Lite – Addons for Elementor

Element Pack Lite – Addons for Elementor, Wptowp

Element Pack Addon is the ultimate web solution and ElementsKit alternative Elementor plugin. This plugin is also from a Bangladeshi company. Element Pack provides more than 70+ essential elements for everyday applications to simplify the whole web-building process. Element Pack combines the most commonly used elements with essential unique web kits to empower you to build the next generation of websites.

Element Pack Pro Pricing Starts from $39.20/Year

Notable Features of Element Pack Plugin

Live Copy PasteTemplate LibraryFloating EffectsWidget Tooltip
Visibility ControlsWrapper LinkBackground OverlayConfetti Effects
Duplicate OptionParticles EffectsDynamic GridDynamic Carousel
Horizontal ScrollerLive Copy

PowerPack Addons for Elementor

PowerPack Addons for Elementor, wptowp

PowerPack Addons for Elementor is our last Elementor Alternative plugin. You can extend Elementor with 60+ creative widgets and extensions with PowerPack Addons. This is also one of the fastest-growing libraries. You can get 30+ free widgets with PowerPack Lite. These widgets are designed with a focus on creativity and usability. With PowerPack, building Elementor websites will be faster than ever!

PowerPack Addons for Elementor Pro pricing start from $49/year

Notable Features of PowerPack Addons

70+ Powerful Elementor WidgetsPowerPack Templates Library
Cross-Domain Copy PasteSpecial WooCommerce Widgets
Exclusive SEO WidgetsCustomize Login & Signup Pages
Form Styler WidgetsDynamic Display Conditions
White Label Branding

Our Recommended ElementsKit Alternative

Let’s check the Wptowp editorial recommended ElementsKit alternatives plugin. A fun fact is, that we have affiliation with all the recommended plugins. You might think, we recommended them due to affiliate. But check the list. We have added the response, to why they are recommended as an alternative to ElementsKit.

  • Royal Elementor Addons: This is one of the most favorite ElementsKit alternatives! It has 300,000+ users but the features and functions are ready to help you instantly. The variations of features related to professional websites, WooCommerce, and content make it unique. Already they are keeping an eye on becoming top Elementor Addons. This is highly recommended. We also managed a Royal Elementor Addons coupon code for you.
  • Essential Addons for Elementor: Having the highest active users, and keeping stability with vast features bring the plugin to the recommended list. You can try this plugin if you have a budget and need solutions.
  • Happy Addons for Elementor: This is another recommended ElementsKit alternatives plugin. weDevs is the maker of this plugin. Recently they introduced Happy Media to power up your Elementor-based website.

Final Words for ElementsKit Alternatives

ElementsKit is good and we build multiple sites with ElementsKit. This is also one of the 3 millionaire plugins. But how about the ElementsKit alternative? We have listed all the popular ElementsKit alternative plugins. You can also check 64+ Best Elementor Addons and WooCommerce Elementor Addons blog here. We also published Elementor-related massive content on this site.

Which ElementsKit alternative you are going to give it a try now? I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please share this on your favorite social media. It will help us grow faster.

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