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ShopReady – Another Elementor WooCommerce Plugins in 2024

ShopReady was detected in our rudder while we were working on the Elementor WooCommerce Addons listing blog. As per our holistic approach to making each list, we wanted to keep all the WooCommerce builder addons. While we were analyzing each plugin, we saw that ShopReady is a new but promising Elementor WooCommerce plugin.

♨️ Quick Note ➰ It’s Elementor WooCommerce Plugin NOT Plugins. But To get better traffic, we use Plugin(s) in the entire blog. It’s technically wrong but does it still when we are clearly stating here?🤠🤠

Our team was digging more and more. They found the plugin can be an alternative to popular WooCommerce builders WooLentor, ShopEngine, etc. Comparatively new and has a small user base but the team found something interesting. Let’s explore them point-by-point.

By the way, just in case you are interested, you can also read about ShopEngine eCommerce website builder and WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce Addons! And get a different test of comparison blog by reading ShopEngine vs WooLentor. No more ado, let’s move the ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins details.

How did The Story of ShopReady Begin?

From the WordPress directory, we have seen the plugin was released in October 2021. QuomodoSoft is the developer of this plugin. The plugin has 10k+ downloads, 300+ Active Installations, and 13+ ratings so far and kept five-star ratings from 11+ on the WordPress directory. They solve 100% of tickets on the WordPress platform.

Editorial Note 🔔🔔
This blog covers all the possible information that you need to make your decisions. Hence the blog becomes longer than regular expected reviews. You can bookmark the blog for split reading. Maybe you can just scan the headings and highlights if you are in a rush!

Who Builds The New Elementor WooCommerce Plugins?

QuomodoSoft, a WordPress product development company from Dhaka, brings the new Elementor WooCommerce plugins. QuomodoTheme, Envato 8th level authors, is their theme wing. Abdur Rohman is the CEO and Founder of the company. He is leading the company with 11+ smart and dedicated WordPress lovers.

Their flagship and very first product was ElementsReady, an advanced add-on plugin for Elementor page builders. It has more than 5 thousand active users. QS Dark Mode is another plugin from the same company. They have been members of the Envato marketplace since 2015 and have nearly 12,000 sales.

Exclusive News ☑️☑️
Abdur Rohman is a WordPress enthusiast turned entrepreneur. Since 2015, he has been leading the team with the vision to create a WordPress ecosystem. More specifically, it’s for WordPress users and brings all the required plugins with exciting features to make their lives easy.

Where did ShopReady Get Mentioned?

ShopReady has limited mentions from the WordPress community as expected! It’s not the plugin quality, since the plugin is new a limited response was expected. However, a popular WooCommerce learning site reviewed it. Additionally, we found a review on the WP Mayor website. Even though the landing page says a list of websites that mentioned ShopReady, our team did not found while searching on Google.

We did not find any video influencers or YouTubers talking about ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins. As the plugin grows, maybe we will see video reviews soon in the future.

Hello from Wptowp

Asadullah Galib, the guy behind Wptowp. We’re trying to provide you with WordPress resources through unbiased data analysis and analytics that help you to make your final decisions. In case, if you see any mistakes, please let us know. We will update/take down our content based on your feedback and truth analysis.

What Makes Us Interested in ShopReady?

In some cases, there are a few common modules and features that other plugin also offers! But ShopReady has better design and functionalities. When our editorial team was checking, they always kept in mind that, ShopReady is a new Elementor WooCommerce plugin. Like to see ShopReady against WooLentor and ShopEngine? Check our blog about WooLentor vs ShopReady and ShopEngine vs ShopReady!

Ready Widgets and Builder

The ShopReady new Elementor WooCommerce plugins come with 18+ widgets. All the widgets are customizable and you can use them inside your full website. You can get the same functions in other WooCommerce Elementor builder plugins. But ShopReady offers “Post Group”, and “Testimonial” in its free version. You will have to buy full plugins if you want these features in other plugins. “Progress Roadmap” is a premium unique feature in this plugin.

A Lot of Modules

WooLentor leading Elementor WooCommerce builder has around 20 modules while ShopEngine offers around 15 modules. Now the ShopReady new Elementor WooCommerce plugins. It comes with 22+ free and pro modules.

Ready Page and Builder

ShopReady - Elementor WooCommerce Plugins, wptowp

In the ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugin, you will get 15+ pre-made pages. So, if you think you are super lazy, get and go with the plugins. Just import the designs and make your own eCommerce store.

API for Currency Switcher

You will need not purchase extra addons or plugins in order to provide product prices in multiple currencies. With the ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins, you can get an API for the currency switcher. And add the functionalities for multiple currency pricing.

Free Training & 24-hour support

As a user of this Elementor WooCommerce plugin users, you will get training and 24-hour support! Support is normal, every product company provides support. But here the unique matter is, that you will get the training to use the plugins. So, freelancers, digital marketers, and developers can use the plugins.

ShopReady Free Features List

Unlike other plugin reviews, we are adding the current features as listed in this section. It will help you to see the free features at a glance. You can scan the table in a moment without being bored. Moving forward, you can see the details features from the WordPress directory and plugin landing page.

ShopReady Free Widgets List

Here is a list of widgets that ShopReady offers for free. The table contains only the names of the WooCommerce builder widgets,

Navigation MenuNavigation Mega MenuSR Area Title
SR Post CarouselSR Post GroupSR Testimonial
The last update date is 1st February 2024

ShopReady Free Module List

ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins come with a good number of Free modules. Let’s check them at a glance.

Header FooterSticky SectionMega Menu
Product BadgeWrapper LinkProduct Quick View
Template LibraryFont Awesome
The last update date is 1st February 2024

ShopReady Free Template List

Templates are nice especially if you want to build a fast website. The greedy news is that ShopReady’s new Elementor WooCommerce plugins bring both free and premium readymade templates.

ShopShop single page-ready template
My AccountUser account page ready template
Account EditEdit use account page ready template
Thank You OrderThank you after purchasing the page template
Product TemplateSingle product details page ready template
Account OrdersOrder details page template
Account Orders ViewRunning order views ready template
Account DownloadFor the digital product, download page template
Account Edit AddressUser’s address edit page template
The last update date is 1st February 2024

Possible to Build a Full Store with ShopReady Free?

As you see in the above table, ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins come with 06+ free widgets, 08+ free modules, and 09+ free WooCommerce pre-made templates. By combining them, you can build a semi-professional level WooCommerce website. If you are good at Elementor then you can easily build a WordPress eCommerce website with the ShopReady new Elementor eCommerce plugins. However, to build an advanced WooCommerce website, you will need to purchase the ShopReady premium version.

What More Does ShopReady Pro offer?

Like other Elementor WooCommerce plugins, ShopReady also offers a bunch of advanced widgets, modules and pre-made templates. If you are happy with the free version, you can have a look at the pro details in the next part.

ShopReady Premium Widgets List

Navigation OffcanvasNavigation Mobile MenuSR Animate Headline
SR Duel TextContact Form SevenWeForm
Price TableQuick Checkout ButtonAdvanced Accordion
SR MailChimpSR Counter
The last update date is 1st February 2024

Editorial Note 🐯🐯 ShopReady provides an exchange rate API connecting facility which takes our attention. Other Elemetor WooCommerce plugins do not offer it directly. In some cases, you will need to add a whole new plugin and extend features with premium addons. But here in ShopReady, you are getting everything under a single umbrella.

ShopReady Premium Module List

One of the best functions we got in ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins is the view module demo. So, you can see a live preview of what the module will look like on live websites. And you can decide whether you need it or not for your website. Here is the premium module list of the new Elementor WooCommerce plugins.

Flying Cart AnimationProduct Quick CheckoutDynamic Tags
Color SwatchSales NotificationsFloating Element
Currency SwitcherImage MaskingWishlist
Newsletter Pop UpProduct ComparisonLive Copy
Conditional ContentProtected ContentDemo Importer
Partial Payment
The last update date is 1st February 2024

ShopReady Premium Template List

ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins have a few actionable pages like cart and empty cart pages. Moreover, they have been working on more layouts in recent days. In 2023, they have added 7+ new premium page templates.

OrderOrder page-ready template
Cart Cart details page template
Empty CartEmpty cart page details
Check Out The final page of the purchase
Shop ArchiveArchive shop page template
Login RegisterLogin and register page template
Grouped Product
Shop Archive
WishList Popup
Product Compare Popup
Product QuickView Popup
Newsletter PopUp
Quick Checkout Popup
The last update date is 1st February 2024

When Should You Use ShopReady Pro?

ShopReady Module wptowp

Hello, you can use ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins at any time of your WooCommerce website development. However, we find some of the key categories under which if you work, you may try the plugin. Let’s explore the list and explanation.

New Developer? 💥 ShopReady Pro

If you are a new WordPress developer, you can start with ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins. You can be the first formal expert in these plugins and start offering freelancing services in a different marketplace. You will have the scope of doing a monopoly service selling option. With the growth of the plugin, your customer base will also grow.

Limited Budget? 💥 ShopReady Pro

If you have a small or limited budget for your next eCommerce site, you can have a look at ShopReady. As the plugin offers setup and training for free, so you can get the solutions from the development team while building your eCommerce website. Also, the plugin offers a good number of discounts during the early years of development.

Lover Experiment? 💥 ShopReady Pro

If you love to explore new plugins then the ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugin is better fitted for you. It’s a new but potential plugin that you can test for as your experiment.

Lazy to Create New Templates? 💥 ShopReady Pro

ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugin has 15+ ready templates. So, you will need not design a lot of pages from sketch. You can just import and complete the site. Fast development with fun, right?

ShopReady Pro Pricing

Let’s have a look at the pricing table of ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins. Please be aware that the pricing is subject to be change at any time by the development company. You are requested to check the latest price on their landing page.

ShopReady Pricing
Personal, 1 SiteBusiness, 10 SitesUnlimited SitesRefunds Policy
$30/year69$/year199$/year14 days
Personal, 20 SitesBusiness, 100 SitesUnlimited Sites
The last update date is 1st February 2024

For the pricing, they start with 20 sites so small agencies and freelancers can use the basic package for their regular tasks. They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. However, we do not have any information about special licensing for theme developers.

When You Should Not Use ShopReady Pro?

Based on the editorial team’s experience, we get some of the specialized categories under which users may use other established Elementor WooCommerce plugins. But this is just our recommendation. The blog has almost all the information so you can just go through the blog and make your own decisions.

Big Agency?

Reputation is a big deal for big agencies and a bad review can harm the reputation. As ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins are newborn and still working to establish themself. So we recommend you to use other BIG WooCommerce builder plugins.

Want Slow Site?

If you want to install a lot of plugins and slow down your website then you can avoid ShopReady. ShopReady provides a lot of features under a single roof. You can get the same functionality by installing many other plugins.

Running Established Store?

If you already have an established eCommerce website and have a big customer base then we do not recommend you to switch ShopReady. The plugin needs to grow more to be used in the established production site.

Can It be Alternative Elementor WooCommerce plugins?

ShopEngine and WooLentor are the leading Elementor WooCommerce plugins in the market. ShopReady is the newest addition to the list. Can it be the alternative for the end-users?

Can it be ShopEngine Alternative?

ShopEngine started a year back and now they have 10 thousand active installations. It is growing at a very fast speed. Still, ShopReady might be an alternative to ShopEngine WooCommerce builder if and only if ShopReady’s development and marketing team work together.

Can it be WooLentor Alternative?

WooLentor is already established as an Elementor WooCommerce plugin with 80k+ active installations. So, currently, it seems almost impossible to beat the plugins for any other Elementor WooCommerce plugins. However, we can not give you confirmation of this statement.

Editorial Prediction for ShopReady 👼🏻👼🏻

While we explored ShopReady’s new Elementor WooCommerce plugins, we found it great potential. But there’s something more the development team needs to keep in mind. The plugin has a lot of small issues like spelling errors, wrong naming conventions, and bad words. As a new plugin, it’s expected to have this type of error. But if they want to grow, need to update them as soon as possible. Moreover, the UI needs to be updated and made more user-friendly.

They need to add both the starter package, onboarding, and theme compatibility to be the leading plugins. All popular and established plugins provide all of these options.

Documentation, more features, and proper marketing are our recommendations. The editorial team believes the plugin can be a good alternative if and only if they update it and do proper marketing. A part of the editorial team has been confused about the future of this plugin. In their opinion, the plugin needs to add a lot more advanced features to fight in the market.

This blog won’t represent any negative side of the plugin. We always avoid the cons of the product. Our motto is to share the positivity and information that may help you.

How to Get Started With ShopReady?

⭕️ Get Basic Setup 🐶 A website starts with the name of the domain and hosting. Check, research and get the domain. Take a WordPress dedicated to speedy hosting and install WordPress.

⭕️ Get the Plugins 🐶 Install all the required plugins like WooCommerce, Elementor, and ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins. Moreover, you need to add the SEO plugin, WordPress security plugin, contact form, and newsletter plugin for the site.

⭕️ Purchase API key 🐶 You will need to use an API key for the currency switching. Before moving to the next part and starting to build the site, buy the API key. It will help you to continue the development smoothly.

⭕️ Build Website 🐶 As per the plan, edit and design different pages of the site. Set up all the necessary pages like the home page, WooCommerce shop page, and account page. You can use pre-made pages or create from sketches.

⭕️ Upload Content 🐶 Now upload the real content like the product, terms, and conditions and remove all the dummy content from the site.

Exciting Features Coming to ShopReady?

In 2022, ShopReady had a roadmap! But this year (2023), we do not get any roadmap for this plugin.

Frequently Asking Questions About ShopReady

Do you have some questions about ShopReady Elemetor WooCommerce plugins ❓❓ We have the questions too 🙋🙋 Wptowp editorial team collected all the common questions and added the answer in the following sections. Go through the ShopReady FAQs and hope you will get your answer too. If not, ask us in the comment box! 🤙🏾 👈🏾

What is ShopReady?

ShopReady is an Elementor WooCommerce plugins that extend the Elementor features and provides dedicated features of eCommerce website features and functionalities. ShopReady can help you to build a complete WooCommerce website without doing any programming.

Does ShopReady Support Gutenberg?

Currently No! ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins are made for Elemetor and the running plugin supports Elementor only.

Does ShopReady Work without Elementor?

No! ShopReady is an Elementor WooCommerce plugins that work based on Elementor and WooCommerce. So to process, you will need to install Elemetor.

Can we use ShopReady with Free Elementor?

Yes! You can use ShopReady Elementor WooCommerce plugins with the free version of Elementor! ShopReady is an Elementor-based WooCommerce plugin and It required Elementor and WooCommerce for building the WooCommerce website.

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