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WooLentor Best Elementor WooCommerce Addons (2024)

WooLentor, one of the leading Elementor WooCoomerce addons, dedicated to WordPress eCommerce website, came to our head while we were analyzing Best Elementor Addons. We planned to make a separate list for eCommerce dedicated Elementor addons. And we kept WooLentor inside the Elementor WooCommere addons list. Now, the main question. Is WooLentor the best Elementor WooCommerce addons?

We hope, after reading this blog, you will be able to answer the questions! Also, you will learn all the inclusive and exclusive information about WooLentor.

Apart from the WooLentor lover, if you do something related to WooCommercce, you should keep reading. Please keep in mind, that we(Wptowp editorial team) avoid the cons/negative side of these plugins intentionally. Wptowp aims to provide positivity to the WordPress community.

  • Notice: WooLentor was the former name and now the name converted into ShopLentor. We will continue updating the name one by one!

Does WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce Addons Start Yesterday?

WooLentor got its first release in the middle of the year 2019. According to the WordPress directory, the plugins come at that time with some basic features like a progress bar, label editing options etc. But at that time, WooLentor was the only single plugin dedicated as the best Elementor WooCommerce addons. Since then WooLentor the best Elementor addons achieved 3,074,453+ total downloads, 101+ widgets, 100,000+, active installations and serving more than 120 Countries!

Editorial Note 🔔🔔
This blog covers all the possible information that you need to make your decisions. Hence the blog becomes longer than regular expected reviews. You can bookmark the blog for split reading. Maybe you can just scan the headings and highlights if you are in a rush!

Who Builds This Ultimate Elementor WooCommerce Plugin?

HasThemes is the company behind this Elementor WooCommerce addons. They are a group of 50+ professionals with a passion for technology who have worked on WordPress plugins, Shopify Apps & Themes, ReactJS, VueJS Templates, and other JAMStack Technology templates. They are working with more than 120 countries around the world. Their products have been downloaded 1 million times.

Exclusive News ☑️☑️
Aslam Hasib is the man behind this leading WordPress company. He is the founder & managing director – HasTech IT Limited, HasThemes, and Co-founder of Dev Items LLC. Under his leadership, the company won National ICT Awards, Startup Challenge, and Connecting Startup and become Elite Author. Moreover, he has been featured on multiple national TV and news for his great Work.

HasThemes is popular for multiple other products other than the WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons. They created more than 12 flagship plugins for WordPress users. Among them HT Mega (100k Active Installation) HT Contact Form 7 (10k+ Active Installation), HT Slider for Elementor (10k+ Active Installation), HashBar (9k+ Active Installation), etc are remarkable. Remember, HasThemes released 38+ potential plugins and chances are high that they will be leading plugins in the near future.

Does WooLentor Get Support from The Community?

WooLentor best Elementor WooCommerce addons get several shouts and are featured on the popular website and YouTube. Among the website, cloudways and Affiliatebay, bloggersideas, shoutmeloud post detailed dedicated reviews. Also WPMet, kasareviews, wphive, wpbuilt, which-addons, wptoolz, wpmeta talk about WooLentor Elementor WooComerce addons.

There are also several YouTubers who made videos for the plugin. Likewise WPTuts, Wplearninglab, themesCodes, DigitalShaquib. Moving forward, Udemy has a WooLentor-based course and the plugin has trustradius reviews.

Hello from Wptowp

Asadullah Galib, the guy behind Wptowp. I with my editorial team are trying to provide data-based resources about WordPress plugins, themes, products and business. Our target is to provide you unbiased data that help you make your final decisions. So that you can step up your plan.

In case, if you see any mistakes, please let us know. We will update/take down our content based on your feedback and truth analysis.

WooLentor Exclusive That Makes This Plugin Better?

As a leading Elementor WooCommerce builder, WooLentor comes with some unique and exclusive features/functionality. The features make WooLentor better than the competitors and lead to 100k+ active installations. You can also check the comparison between ShopEngine and WooLentor for more information.

Ready Layouts

WooLentor Template Library, best Elementor WooCommerce addons, wptowp

WooLentor best Elementor WooCommerce addons provide almost 75+ ready layouts for different eCommerce pages. Home pages, Shop pages, Cart and single product pages and whatnot. Don’t you like a single page, change and import a new design from the liberty. Don’t your shop page look similar to the niche, change and import a new design. At the same time, you can build your template and use it in as many places as needed.

WooLentor Extention

WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons come with different free and premium extensions to make your Elementor WooCommerce website more featureful. For example, you can get Whols – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices extensions to set wholesale prices, maybe you can add Multi-Currency For WooCommerce for adding multiple international currencies for international customers. There are premium extensions like Email Candy Pro for email customization.

Dedicated Resource

You will have tutorials on youtube, documentation, and tutorials for setup a new eCommerce story with the WooLentor best Elementor WooCommerce addons. Moreover, there are dedicated courses on Udemy where you can learn step-by-step WooCommerce website setup with WooLentor.

Premium Themes (Save 200$)

With the pro version of WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons, you will get 5 Premium WooCommerce themes as additional facilities. The total price of those themes is equal to 200 USD. However, you can not re-distribute the themes. Free themes are for the site owner only.

Better Support

Talking about support, HasThemes provides support through regular ticketing, live support, documentation etc. The best part of their support is besides live chat support and ticket support, they provide you support via Phone call, Skype, Team Viewer, AnyDesk, etc for special cases.

WooLentor Free Features List

In order to keep the blog easy and readable, we are mentioning only the feature name! Read all the features at a glance. Also, if you feel interested, you can check the details features on the landing page. We are explaining the things that you need to make your buying decisions. WooLentor features are split into 3 major parts. They are Elements, modules, and templates.

WooLentor Free Templates List

Single Product TemplateYou can select a custom template for the product details page layout.
Product Shop Page TemplateYou can select a custom template for the Shop page layout.
Product Archive Page TemplateYou can select a custom template for the Product Archive page layout.
The last update date is 1st January 2024

WooLentor Free Module List

Rename LabelSales Notification
Shopify Style CheckoutFlash Sale Countdown
Product CompareAjax Search Widget
Single Product Ajax Add To CartPost-Duplicator
The last update date is 1st January 2024

WooLentor Free Widgets List

Product TabUniversal ProductWL: Product CurvyWL: Product Image Accordion
WL: Product AccordionAds BannerSpecial Day OfferCustomer Review
Image MarkerCategory ListCategory GridOne page slider
TestimonialStore FeaturesFAQBrand Logo
Product ArchiveArchive Result CountArchive Catalog OrderingArchive Title
BreadcrumbsRecently Viewed ProductsProduct FilterProduct Horizontal Filter
Product TitleRelated ProductAdd to Cart ButtonAdditional Information
Product Data TabProduct DescriptionProduct Short DescriptionProduct Price
Product RatingProduct ReviewsProduct ImageProduct Video Gallery
Product UpsellProduct Stock StatusProduct Meta InfoProduct SKU
Product TagsProduct CategoriesSuggest PriceCall for Price
QR Code
The last update date is 1st January 2024

Can You Build a Full eCommerce Website with WooLentor Free?

From the above analysis, WooLentor best Elementor WooCommerce addons offer 3+ free templates, 10+ free modules and 33+ free widgets. As the WooCommerce website requires vast features and functionality, so with the free version of WooLentor most useful Elementor WooCommerce addons, you can build a small-scale eCommerce website. Our experience says that WooLentor free version is fine to get started on a semi-size WooCommerce website. Keep in mind, apart from the features, WooLentor also offers documentation and tutorials for you.

What More Does WooLentor Pro Offer?

It is expected to get important and actionable features in the premium version of each plugin. So is it in WooLentor best Elementor WooCommerce addons. WooLentor Pro comes with more independence while setting up a new product-selling website. The following list is the extra benefits of the pro version. Just the features list at a glance. You can check the details on the landing page.

WooLentor Pro Templates List

WooLentor premium version offers the listed advance template for paid users.

Template Name/sDescriptions
Cart PageYou can select a template for the Cart page
Checkout PageYou can select a template for the Checkout page
Thank You PageYou can select a template for the Thank you page
My Account PageYou can select a template for the My Account page
My Account Login PageYou can select a template for the Login page
Quick ViewYou can select a template for the product’s quick view
The last update date is 1st January 2024

WooLentor Pro Module List

Here is the list of premium modules that WooLentor offers. Keep in mind that there are multiple free modules in this plugin.

Checkout Fields ManagerPartial Payment
Pre OrdersSize Chart
GTM Conversion TrackingProduct sticky Add to cart
Side Mini CartRedirect to Checkout
Multi-Step Checkout
The last update date is 1st January 2024

WooLentor Pro Widgets List

Along with the free widgets, WooLentor offers the following premium widgets for building your WooCommerce Elementor website.

Product Expanding GridProduct Filterable GridProduct Archive Layout
Product GridProduct Cart TableProduct Cart Total
Empty Cart MessageEmpty Cart Reply ButtonProduct Cross-Sell
Custom Cross-SellCheckout AdditionalCheckout Billing Form
Checkout Shipping FormCheckout PaymentCheckout Confirm Form
Checkout Loading FormCheckout Order ReviewMy Account
My Account NavigationMy Account DashboardMy Account Download
My Account EditMy Account AddressLogin Form
Registration FormMy Account LogoutMy Account Order
Lost Password FormReset Password FormThank You Order
Thank You Custom AddressThank You Order DetailsAdvance Product Image
Product ZoomProduct Social ShareStock Progress Bar
Product Sale ScheduleCustom Related ProductsCustom Upsell Products
Mini Cart
The last update date is 1st January 2024

When Should You Use WooLentor Pro?

Are you a developer or a designer? Maybe you are the agency owner! No matter what you do, maybe you need the WooLentor soundest Elementor WooCommerce addons. We want to help you more to make the decisions. Here we added a few categories under which if you are, you can skip thinking and buy the pro version of the WooLentor plugin.

Large Scale eCommerce Website? 💥 WooLentor Pro

Are you building a big eCommerce website with a big user base and complex functionality? In that case, you will need a helping hand. With WooLentor best eCommerce builder, you can build a complex and large eCommerce store. As WooLentor has multiple pre-build widgets so you can easily add any functions that need on your sites.

Need Fast Store Development? 💥 WooLentor Pro

With the pre-built multiple pages and modules, you can build a full eCommerce website overnight. Moreover, you can customize every component. Add new elements to make them look more trendy with the WooLentor best Elementor WooCommerce addons. If you are in a rush and need a fast turn-around then WooLentor is the key for you.

Want Safe Development? 💥 WooLentor Pro

The WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons are the first WooCommerce builder for eCommerce. It started 4 years ago and still continuing the service. Hence, you can ensure the plugin is stable and has little to no bugs. At the same time, the plugin is powering more than 80,000 websites. You will have less risk while using the plugins.

Worry About Support? 💥 WooLentor Pro

If you see the support services then WooLentor is one of the best Elementor WooCommerce addons that provide extra setup support. From the rating analysis, we notice the plugin users are really happy with the support. Quick support and quick fixes bring this plugin to another level of quality.

WooLentor best Elementor WooCommerce addons Pro Pricing

ShopLentor Pro Pricing
1 Site5 SitesUnlimited
The last update date is 1st January 2024

Talking about WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons pricing! WooLentor has 4 types of pricing policies for new customers. The plus is for a single site license, the Elit package is for a semi-developer with 5 site licenses, and Groth pricing is for a semi-level and mid-level agency with 100 websites licenses. You can also buy an unlimited license under the agency plan. You can pay yearly or you can pay for your whole life.

HasThemes offers flexible refunds in case they can not give you what they promise. But you will be required to share the problem first. Pricing is subject to change at any time by the WooLentor owners. You are requested to check the final price from the WooLentor website.

When You Should Not Use WooLentor Pro?

Our editorial team identified a few categories of people who should not use WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons. However, the following category is just our assumption. There are no hard and fast rules that you can not use the plugins.

Lazy to Make a Call?

Are you the kind of person who is lazy to make a call or create a support ticket while facing some issues? If yes, then you are discouraged to use the plugin. WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons team is ready to provide you with dedicated support including setup plugins. You just need to reach them via any media.

Hate Progress?

Are you a person who hates progress? Don’t want to grow more in the eCommerce industry? Then WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons are not recommended for you. Remember, WooLentor Elementor addons are built to help in your progress.

Don’t want Work Done?

Planning to miss the deadline for your work? As WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons are built to speed up your work so, if you want to miss the deadline of your work, you are discouraged from using the plugins.

Is WooLentor the Best ShopEngine Alternative?

ShopEngine is one of the leading Elementor WooCommerce builder plugins like WooLentor. You can use both of the plugins for your next eCommerce WordPress website. Now, is WooLentor is best ShopEngine alternative? We can not say it directly. But we develop a comparison between ShopEngine and WooLentor. Both of the plugins have advantages and you need to verify them before choosing the plugins.

Editorial Prediction for WooLentor

The editorial team believes the WooLentor marketing team needs to work a lot more in order to keep holding leading positions. There are several Elementor WooCommerce addons in the market today and new tools are on the way. If the marketing team fails then it may lose the leading positions. Need to improve a lot on the website copy!

With a better landing page copy and proper WordPress directory, the plugin could be the first 100k active installations of Elementor WooCommerce addons. And it could grow more by bringing a roadmap to the public place.

How to Get Started With WooLentor?

Getting started with WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons is as easy as drinking a glass of water. We are considering that you already have the domain and hosting. You have set up a basic WordPress site and installed all the required plugins. Now, you are here to start with WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons.

Install and Activate Required Plugins

In order to use WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons, you will need to install the Elementor, WooCommerce and WooLentor free versions. Don’t forget to activate each plugin. It’s better if you import dummy WooCommerce data and set the theme before moving to the next step.

Buy and Activate WooLentor Pro

If you are a WooLentor pro user or want to upgrade the plan then go to the WooLentor website and get the latest version. Install WooLentor Pro manually on the site.

Plane and Design Your eCommerce Site

Plan the design and content of the site. How will the home page, shop page, blog page, single page etc. For most of the pages, you will get the pre-build template that you can import. You can use a module or an early-developed template as well. There are a lot of widgets by which you can develop your own pages and inner WooCommerce design.

Update the Website Data

Once the design is ready, start uploading the real data. Keep in mind, that you can still customize the design in this step. And for the real data, keep improving. Optimize the data for SEO and marketing, and add eye-catching copy and offers.

WooLentor Roadmap

We do not have any information for the WooLentor roadmap and upcoming features. The editorial team did not find any roadmap page on the website. If it’s our mistake, please put it in the comment box.

About WooLentor FAQ

Do you have any questions about the WooLentor best Elementor WooCommerce addons? We got some of the questions and here they are with the direct answer. Keep reading to get the answer to your questions. If we missed your WooLentor questions, just drop it in the comment box and we will add them to the list. Through your questions, future readers will get a better experience.

Can we use WooLentor with Free Elementor?

Yes. You can use WooLentor with the free Elementor plugin. WooLentor extends the features and functionality of Elementor. WooLentor is not a competitor of Elementor. The plugin works based on the Elementor.

Can I Use the Addons Without WooCommerce?

No, You can’t. WooLentor is a WooCommerce-based Elementor add-on. WooCommerce enables the selling features of your site. Without WooCommerce, your eCommerce site will be nothing but a regular static/showcase website.

Is WooLentor Best Woocommerce Page Builder?

You have all the data and information about the plugin. We added all the insights including our own opinion. Now the choice and decision are yours. However, we can say, WooLentor is one of the best Elementor WooCommerce addons.

What are the Critical Features of WooLentor Pro?

WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce addons come with multiple unique features such as pre-build templates, widgets and extensions. With WooLentor extensions, you can set up Wholesale and currency switchers on your eCommerce website.

Do the Premium Versions have Trial Offers WooLentor?

WooLentor does not have any trial version. But you can use WooLentor Elementor addons free version from the WordPress directory. The free version of the Elementor WooCommerce addons is always free for users.

Does WooLentor Make the Website Slow?

No! Not at all. WooLentor Elemetor WooCommerce addons will not make your website slow and heavy. The plugin is optimized and verified by the analytical tools. Also, a better plugin will never slow down your website.

What is the WooLentor plugin?

WooLentor is one of the best Elementor WooCommerce addons by which you can create a full-featured WordPress eCommerce site. You will not need to use any coding. Pre-build templates, extensions, modules and widgets will help you to set up a speedy eCommerce store.

How do you use a WooLentor Plugin?

In order to use WooLentor, you will need to set up your site on the WordPress platform. Then install and activate the WooLentor plugins. WooLentor user documentation will help you. Also, you can see this link for a basic overview.

How do I Edit my WooLentor Product Page?

You can edit the WooLentor product page from the WooLentor dashboard. Login to the WordPress admin panel and from the left side menu, go to WooLentor and then edit the page.

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Did we miss anything? Any comments for the Elementor WooCommerce addons? We will be happy to know and fact-check if needed. Just put it in the comment sections.

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