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(New Big Fish) Unlimited Elements for Elementor Review 2024

Unlimited Elements for Elementor surprised us by securing one of the top positions in our best Elementor addons listing blog. As you know, all of our listing blogs are based on Wptowp’s unique ranking. A whole team works on developing each listing blog. The editorial team was talking about Established Elementor Addons, and Unlimited Elements for Elementor is one with a relatively low active installation.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor is securing the top spot by beating popular Elementor addons. We assume it’s a new big fish in the Elementor addons family.

Wptowp Editorial Team

Now the question is, “How do they claim the plugin as a new big fish?” What makes the editorial feel big for the addons? We develop the blog with all the information. We believe that after reading the blog, you will know every detail of the plugins. Not only this, but you can also make your buying decisions.

How did The Story of Unlimited Elements for Elementor Start?

A new small fish was born a long time ago, last month in 2018. It was the first release in the WordPress directory. Not only was it released, but it was also put into production. Since then, Unlimited Elements for Elementor achieved 7,197,510+ total downloads, 100+ widgets, 200k+ active installations, 356+ five-star ratings, and is serving more people worldwide in many countries. That newborn fish has become the big fish now.

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Who Builds This New Big Fish Elementor Plugin?

Amit Keren, a young entrepreneur from Israel, is the man behind these addons. He is the founder and key developer of this Elementor plugin. Apart from the plugin, he also provides web design and development services through his websites.

Where did The Plugin Get Mentioned?

Unlike another Elementor-established plugin, Unlimited Elements for Elementor gets fewer mentions in WordPress blogs. Still, there are a number of websites where the plugin gets featured. And we believe it will continue to grow. While checking online, we have seen the plugin is now in GrabLTD, BeBlog, Elementor official addons listing, which-addon, wpbilt, wpmarmalade etc.

We also found Unlimited Elements for Elementor on different YouTube channels, such as GO TECH UG, Elementor360, Wpalgoridm, Edwin Cepeda and SAAS Master. Some of them listed the plugins, while others made tutorial videos.

What About The Unique Selling Point of The Plugin?

Unlimited Elements Fun Facts

Elementor addons provide the extension that gives you a regular advantage while creating a new WordPress site. When we are talking about Unlimited Elements, we would like to mention some of the specialties of the Elementor addons.

Complete Solution

Unlimited Elements comes with 100+ free Elementor widgets, 10+ free animated backgrounds, 30+ free Elementor templates, WooCommerce widgets, and so on. They are providing you with the most advanced tools to make better Elementor websites faster.

Regular Updates

Unlimited Elements for Elementor’s free version has gotten 3+ updates so far in 2023. The pro version also got a similar update. The data reflects how frequently they update the plugins. So you can see known bug fixes and new features regularly.

Advanced Elementor Tools

The plugins come with some advanced features like background animation, widget builder, loop builder, etc. It gives huge advantages to the site owners.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Free Features List

Let’s see what the free features are. Widgets, modules, and templates are available in our new Big Fish. But unlike other review blogs, we will not add the details. Just in tabular format, we are adding the information. So that you can see it all at a glance.

Unlimited Elements Free Templates List

The table indicates the free template category. Each template contains a home page and different inner pages.

Template Category NameVariation Number
Team Kits02
Digital Business Card04
Total = 11
The last update date is 2nd February 2024

Unlimited Elements Free Widgets List

Here is the free widgets list from Unlimted Elements for Elementor addons.

Category NameVariation NumberCategory NameVariation Number
Filter and Tools02
Dynamic Loops00Remote Control04
Team Members02Content Boxes05
Hover Effects05Button09
Block Quotes03Social Networks05
Separators & Dividers03Hero05
Background Widgets09Total = 107
The last update date is 2nd February 2024

What Can You Do with Unlimited Elements Free Version?

A total of 11 pre-made templates and 108 widgets are available in the Unlimited Elements free version. Can you make an Elementor website with them? Well, yes! It’s possible to create a website with Elementor and Unlimited Elements free versions. You can test it today to get a better experience.

Even though you can create a complete website with the free versions, the pro version will give you more options to develop next-generation websites. For example, in the free version, dynamic loops are absent, but in the pro version, you will get five loop widgets.

What More Do Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro offer?

The pro version of Unlimited Elements will help you build premium websites that attract visitors.

Unlimited Elements PRO Templates List

Let’s see the template list of Unlimited Elements for Elementor pro versions. The table represents the number only.

Template Category NameVariation Number
Team Kits17
Digital Business Card07
The last update date is 2nd February 2024

Unlimited Elements PRO Widgets List

Here is the widget overview for Unlimited Elements in Elementor. You can see how much more you get with the pro version versus the free addons.

Category NameVariation NumberCategory NameVariation Number
Creative27 (+18 than free)Post19 (+12 than free)
Filter and Tools08 (+4 than free)
WooCommerce06 (+5 than free)Marketing30 (+18 than free)
Dynamic Loops05 (+5 than free)Remote Control07 (+3 than free)
Menu09 (+7 than free)Content13 (+11 than free)
Carousel09 (+8 than free)Media14 (+9 than free)
Infographics11 (+7 than free)Testimonial04 (+02 than free)
Team Members06 (+4 than free)Content Boxes09 (+4 than free)
Instagram05 (+4 than free)Logo04 (+2 than free)
Hover Effects09 (+6 than free)Button19 (+10 than free)
Typography15 (+8 than free)Icons10 (+5 than free)
Block Quotes05 (+2 than free)Social Networks07 (+2 than free)
Separators & Dividers09 (+6 than free)Hero12 (+7 than free)
Background Widgets25 (+16 than free)Total = 283
The last update date is 2nd February 2024

When Should You Use Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro?

Should you buy the pro version of Unlimited Elements? If you are facing indecision, then the following section can help you. You can see the advantages and modules that you get in the plugins.

Want the biggest widget library?

100+ widgets in free versions and it’s counting more now. With the plugin, you will need almost no new widgets. Existing widgets are fine for creating premium WordPress sites.

Looking for a creator framework for widgets?

There is a special framework for creating a custom widget. If you develop any site for new products then the features are handy for you.

Need pre-built template kits?

They are providing a template kit that you can import with 1 single click. Then you can update the content. It’s just a matter of a moment to set the view of your new websites.

Want a dynamic loop builder?

Unlimited Elements comes with a dynamic loop builder too. So there’s no need to worry about having to shuffle and display content in a specific area. You can avoid a tab-based design by using a loop.

Need background animation?

Unlimited Elements Background Widgets

Your website may need one or multiple background animations. No worries, use Unlimited Elements and add background animation today.

Need a post and product selection option?

You can add both the post and product selection options here. It helps for personal brand sales or small-scale goods sales websites.

Need remote control and sync widgets?

No manual synchronization is required now. You can get the remote control and synchronized widgets at the plugin.

Want multiple source galleries

Add media and data from a different source to make your dream gallery. Take videos from YouTube, and Vimeo, use products from WooCommerce, and make the gallery.

Need live copy-paste options?

Live domain copy-paste features can save you hundreds of hours. Just copy the design and make a new page within moments.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Pricing

Unlimited Elements provides flexible pricing for customers. You can either pay once for a lifetime or pay once a year. Please keep in mind that pricing is subject to change, and UnlimitedElements for Elementor reserves the right to do so at any time. You can check the latest price on the website.

Unlimited Elements Pricing
Starter, 1 SiteProfessional, 5 SitesBusiness, UnlimitedRefunds Policy
49$/year99$/year149$/year30 days
The last update date is 2nd February 2024

The above prices do not include applicable taxes based on your billing address. The final price will be displayed on the checkout page before the payment is completed.

When You Should Not Use Unlimited Elements Pro?

You can use Unlimited Elements for any of your websites at any time. However, the editorial team provides some scenarios in which the plugin should not be used.

Planning to Switch to Gutenberg

If you plan to switch to Gutenberg editing, then you can avoid using Unlimited Elements. No problem.

Already Using Established Addons

If you are already using any other established Elementor addons like ElementsKit or HappyAddons then we recommend that you not switch to Unlimited Elements.

Do Unlimited Elements for Elementor Big Fish?

It’s over to you. We go over all of the specifics and data you’ll need to make your decision. As you are here, we assume, you have checked all the details. So, the question to you is it a BIG FISH in the Elementor addons family?

Editorial Prediction for Unlimited Elements for Elementor

The editorial team calls Unlimited Elements for Elemetor “the new big fish” in the Elemetor addons industry. When we made our Best Elementor Addons list, we noticed the plugin secured one of the top positions, beating multiple other add-ons. We were digging more about it, and the review comes from Wptowp. The editorial team believes Unlimited Elements will grow regularly and reach 200k soon.

Moreover, the support team is fantastic, and they regularly update the plugins with new modules and features. However, the editorial team wasn’t happy with the landing page. The copy of the landing page needs to be improved a lot to make it more readable.

How to Get Started With Unlimited Elements for Elementor?

To get started with Unlimited Elements with Elementor, you will need to start with the domain hosting, then install WordPress, install the plugins, and you are ready to go.

Purchase Domain Hosting – We assume you have business thinking while planning for a new Elementor website. Now, first of all, purchase the domain. You can use a local or international provider for domain registration. Also, add hosting to your purchase list. As you will be using WordPress, buy WordPress-dedicated hosting.

It’s easier to manage a domain and hosting with a single provider. However, you can get the domain and host from different providers too. Your hosting provider will give you a control panel for your hosting.

Install WordPress and Themes – Install WordPress in your hosting. In most of the hosting panels, you should get one-click installation options. If not, install WordPress manually. Then also install the WordPress themes.

Install Plugins – Now install all the basic plugins like RakMath for SEO, Cache Cleaner, limited login access, backup plugins, etc. You are now in an important step. Install Unlimited Elements for Elementor. If you are a pro user then install the pro version. You are ready to go.

Update Content and Go – Import the templates from the library and update the content according to your needs. Also, add relevant images and graphics. That’s all. You are ready to go.

Roadmap Discussion for Unlimited Elements for Elementor

We did not find any public roadmaps for the plugins. Do you know the roadmap? Share it with us in our contact form and we will update it for future readers.

Frequently Asking Questions About Unlimited Elements

Hey, readers, do you have any questions? Need a quick and straight answer? We are aware, and we are collecting your inquiries. Please check the FAQs. I hope you will get your answers. If you don’t see your question, drop us a line on our contact form. We will reply and update the answer(s) here.

What is Unlimited Elements for Elementor?

Unlimited Elements for Elementor is a WordPress plugin, more specifically it’s an Elementor Addons that provides you with extended features and functionality of the Elementor page builder. You can build a better and more professional website without any technical knowledge and coding experience with Unlimited Elements for Elementor.

Does Elementor work with other plugins?

Yes! Both Elementor and Unlimited Elements for Elementor work fine with other plugins. No worry when you are thinking of using any other WordPress plugins.

Is Elementor addon elements free?

There are multiple plugins like Unlimited Elements for Elementor, and ElementsKit that provide a free version and a pro version. You can start with the free Unlimited Elements for Elementor then once you are ok and happy with the experience, you can move to the Unlimited Elements for Elementor pro version for a better experience.

Is Ultimate Addon for Elementor worth it?

Yes! Unlimited Elements for Elementor is worth buying. The best part of the plugin is, that you can get the free version from WordPress.org and start using it now. If you think to upgrade and get advanced features, then you should buy Unlimited Elements for Elementor. That’s worth it, we can say.

How do you use unlimited elements?

Just download and install the free Unlimited Elements for Elementor and buy the pro version of Unlimited Elements for Elementor. Once you have both the free and pro versions, go to the sidebar menu and click on the plugin name. You will have the submenu. There are tutorials, documentation, and YouTube videos available. You can get used to them to learn more.

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