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3+ Best WooLentor Alternative Plugin 2024 [Comparison Included]

So, you are looking for the best WooLentor alternative plugin? You are in the right place. Here in this blog, we bring the best WooLentor alternative plugin with the comparison. Also some basic discussion about other popular WooCommerce builders. We have also included some interesting facts that can help you make your final decisions. Let’s dig deeper.

First, we will discuss the basic features and relevant information. After that, we will display the analysis of all the plugins against WooLentor. There are some other WooCommerce website builders in the marketplace other than the given list. They are WooLentor alternative too. But due to their high price or poor quality, they are not on this list.

ShopEngine – Elementor WooCommerce Builder

Shopengine, Elementor ecommerce website builder, wptowp
Image Source – ShopEngine WordPress directory/21st October 2022

ShopEngine is one of the best WooLentor alternative plugins made by WPMet. The plugin was published at the end of march 2021 and ShopEngin PRO launched in October 2021. In a short time, they become one of the leading eCommerce website builder plugins for WooCommerce. It acquired 20,000+ active installations and 60+ five-star ratings.

Notable ShopEngine Features

ShopEngine become the number #1 WooLentor alternative due to its features and functionality. As we have a dedicated ShopEngine review blog, so we have added the list of the top feature in the following section. Moreover, the ShopEngine landing page is a great source to learn about the latest ShopEngine features.

📌 Product Share Feature (Pro) – Customers can share their favorite products on social media with a single click.
📌 Product Comparison Table (Free) – They can compare multiple products to make final decisions.
📌 Flash Sale Countdown (Free) – Admin can display a flash share countdown to create fear of missing out.
📌 Partial Payment (Pro) – Admin can allow customers to pay partially for any order.
📌 Currency switcher (Pro) – Customers can change the pricing in a different currency.
📌 Empty Cart Message (Free) – Admin can set an empty cart message for customers.
📌 Badges (Pro) – Admin can set different badges to specify the product level.
📌 Product Tabs (Free) – Admin can display multiple products under a table too.
📌 Sales Notification (Free) – Admin can set sales notifications to get instant updates.
📌 Back-order and Pre-order (Pro) – Admin can allow back-order and pre-order on their site.
📌 Quick Checkout (Pro) – Admin can allow customers to checkout without multiple steps.
  • Gutenberg Support 📌 ShopEngine was released based on Elementor at its initial stage but later WPMet added Gutenberg support. It is one of our key highlights from us. No matter whether you use Elementor or Gutenberg, you can use ShopEngine.

Apart from the above list, ShopEngine has hundreds of other features which are growing. Moving forward, the plugin comes with a lot of integration and compatibility with other popular plugins.

ShopEngine Unique Selling Points

What makes ShopEngine better than other popular WooCommerce builders for Elementor? Well, It’s ShopEngine’s USPs. Let’s have a look at the list.

  • Full Customization 👉 While another eCommerce builder has limited customization options, ShopEngine comes with Whole customization features. So you can change anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, there are some other plugins that offer addons for customizing multiple pages. But at ShopEngine, pay once and get the whole features.
  • Elegant Designs 👉 Design is important for both administrative users and end users. A good design is easy to manage and motivates the admin to add more and more products while a better design at the front end reduces the bounce rate. As the ShopEntgine team has experience designing a lot of themes, so they bring quality design to ShopEngine too.
  • Effortless Shopping 👉 With the clean and trendy design, and better user understanding, customers can get a better experience on your eCommerce website.
  • Continuous Update 👉 In less than 2 years, the ShopEngine team brings 30+ updates to the free version. You can expect regular updates and issues fixed within the month of the issues raised. 
  • Lightweight & Fast 👉 ShopEngine, compared to WooLentor, is a fast-loading and lightweight plugin that keep your website fast too. You can check the WooLentor vs ShopEngine technical comparison here.
  • Friendly Support 👉 You can get live support, ticket base support, social media and community, documentation, and video. All are free for the users.

ShopEngine Pricing

ShopEngine offers an affordable pricing plan in 3 categories. You can pay either yearly or lifetime once. You will also have14 a day money-back guarantee. Here’s the complete list.

ShopEngine Pricing
Single5 SitesUnlimitedRefunds Policy
59$/year149$/year299$/year14 days
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022
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CoDesigner – Top WooCommerce Addon

CoDesigner is another popular Elementor WooCommerce Addons made by Codexpert. The plugin has 20,000+ active users with 104+ five-star ratings. It comes with handy features and functionality. With the plugin, you can customize all the pages of your eCommerce website and provide a better user experience to the customers.

Notable CoDesigner Features

CoDesigner has some notable features that can help you build your next eCommerce WordPress website. CoDesigner is another top WooLentor alternative plugin in the WordPress ecosystem. Here in the table, we added a limited number of features. You can see the complete list on the CoDesigner landing page too.

📌 Email Designer (Pro) – You can design email templates to give updates to your customers.
📌 Image Gallery Widgets (Free) – You can add multiple images to display in the product showcase.
📌 Gradient Button (Free) – You can add a beautiful gradient button to grab users’ attention.
📌 Coupon Form (Free) – You can offer coupon codes for your products.
📌 Customer Reviews (Pro) – Customers can add reviews of their experience with your products.
📌 Sales Notifications (Pro) – You can send sales notifications to the customers.
📌 FAQ Widgets (Pro) – You can add FAQs to make more clear about your products.

CoDesigner Unique Selling Points

CoDesigner (Woolementor) is one of the popular Elementor Addons that allows you to customize and completely redesign your WooCommerce store. If you want to build a new eCommerce website based on Elementor then you can use CoDesigner, a top WooLentor alternative due to the following USPs of the plugin.

  • Customizes WooCommerce 👉 All parts of your WooCommerce website can be customized with Elementor. It can be the shop page, product filter, or billing form!
  • Mobile Friendly 👉 The site will be mobile optimized so you don’t need to worry about mobile users.
  • Blazing Fast 👉 According to them, the plugin is fast. Your site will load fast too.

CoDesigner Pricing

Similar to ShopEngine, CoDesigner has a similar pricing plan. You can pay once in a lifetime or pay year by year. Also, you are getting a 14-day money-back guaranty of this WooLentor alternative plugin.

CoDesigner Pricing
Single, 1 SiteProfessional, 5 SitesAgency, UnlimitedRefunds Policy
49.99$/year99.99$/year249.99$/year14 days
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

ShopReady – WooCommerce Builder

ShopReady - Elementor WooCommerce Plugins, wptowp

ShopReady is a new Elementor WooCommerce builder. It extends the Elementor features and provides dedicated features and functionalities. ShopReady, another best WooLentor alternative, can help you to build a complete WooCommerce website without doing any programming. The plugin gets 500+ installations and 8+ positive reviews with its released year.

Notable ShopReady Features

ShopReady features are mostly in pro versions that we found during the analysis. You can see the main features that feel important to us. And the full list is available on the ShopReady WooLentor alternative plugin’s landing page.

📌 Account Page Layouts (Pro) – You can change the account page design.
📌 Quick Checkout (Pro) – You can allow customers to checkout in single steps.
📌 Product Comparison (Pro) – Customers can check the comparison between multiple products.
📌 Flash Sale Countdown (Pro) – Admin can set flash sales countdown.
📌 Sales Notification (Pro) – Admin can send sales notifications to customers.

ShopReady Unique Selling Points

Even though ShopReady is new but still it could be one WooLentor alternative due to its unique selling points. What are the USPs of the plugin? Here’s the list of ShopReady main selling points.

  • Ready Widgets and Builder 👉 The ShopReady new Elementor WooCommerce plugins come with 18+ widgets. All the widgets are customizable and you can use them inside your full website.
  • A Lot of Modules 👉 ShopReady new Elementor WooCommerce plugins. It comes with 22+ free and pro modules.
  • Ready Page and Builder 👉 The plugin come with 15+ pre-made pages. Just import the designs and make your own eCommerce store.
  • API for Currency Switcher 👉 You can get an API for the currency switcher. And add the functionalities for multiple currency pricing.

ShopReady Pricing

The pricing of the ShopReady WooLentor alternative is a little different than others. The initial package start from 20 website license and you can pay both yearly and lifetime deals.

ShopReady Pricing
Personal, 20 SitesBusiness, 100 SitesUnlimited SitesRefunds Policy
$49/year98$/year147$/year14 days
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

NextWoo – Powerful WooCommerce Builder

NextWoo is another WooLentor alternative plugin. It’s a powerful woocommerce builder for Elementor & Gutenberg. NextWoo is our last WooLentor alternative mentioned in this list. It’s a WooCommerce solution for Elementor that loads lightning fast.

Notable NextWoo Features

Let’s explore the key features of the NextWoo WooLentor alternative plugin. You can check the full list from their landing page. Here we added the important features only.

📌 Product Variation – You can add product multiple types of for the customers.
📌 WooCommerce Order – All the orders on your site will be handled by WooCommerce.
📌 Ready Templates – You will have a lot of templates that you can just import and use on your site.
📌 Product Swatches – You can add product swatches like product variation.

NextWoo Pricing

NextWoo, the WooLentor alternative plugin has 3 tire pricing which is payable yearly or LTD. And the refund system is 30 days. Their refund system is the highest among the similar WooLentor alternative plugin.

NextWoo Pricing
Personal, 1 SiteBusiness, 6 SitesUnlimited SitesRefunds Policy
$49/year129$/year239$/year30 days
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

The basic discussion is done. Now let’s see the comparison and analysis part of the WooLentor alternative plugin. We will start with pricing and then check the ratings and age comparison. We will also add our best choice after the analysis.

Quick Pricing Comparison of WooLentor Alternative Plugin

Pricing Comparison1 site
5 sites
1 site
5 sites
WooLentor78$ 🦥158$ 🦥249$179$ 🦥399$ 🦥665$
ShopEngine59$149$299$ 🦥149$249$599$
CoDesigner50/r$100/r$ ✅250/r$150/r$250/r$750/r$ 🦥
ShopReady49/20$ ✅147$ ✅69/20$ ✅199$ ✅
NextWoo49$129/6$249$69$199/6$ ✅449$
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

Table Analysis – Among all the best Elementor WooCommerce Addons, WooLentor charges the highest in most of the packages. ShopEngine, Codesigner, ShopReady, and NextWoo provide the lowest pricing for at least one individual license.

Active Installation Comparison of WooLentor Alternative Plugin

For each site that is installed and uses WooLentor alternative plugin, WordPress count 1 active installation. Thus, any plugin that has more installation always indicates better quality.

Active Installation Comparison
Plugin NameActive InstallationRemarks
WooLentor90kHighest 🐆
ShopReady500+🔔 Lowest
The latest data update date is 29th June 2022

Table Analysis – WooLentor is leading from the top in this list. WooLentor gets the early mover advantage. However, WooLentor alternative plugin like ShopEngine and CoDesigner have 20k active installations and they are growing too.

Best WooLentor Alternative Plugin Age Comparison

Users expect stability and advanced features from the old plugins. But it can be relaxed for newborn Elementor WooCommerce Addons. From the following table, you can see the plugin ages comparison at a glance.

Ages Comparison
Plugin NamePlugin AgeRemarks
WooLentor4 YearHighest 🐆
ShopEngine1 Year
CoDesigner2 Year
ShopReady9 Months🔔 Lowest
Latest data update date 28th June 2022

Table Analysis – WooLentor is the oldest plugin whereas ShopReady is the newest in the battle. ShopReady is still a kid whereas ShopEngine becomes mature compared to the other competitors.

Quick Rating Comparison of WooLentor Alternative Plugin

Ratings come from experienced users. Normally, when users use the plugin and decide whether the plugin is good or bad, then they rate it. Thus, it really matters a lot while making the final decisions. The editorial team collected and make the comparison tables of Best Elememntor WooCommerce Addons.

Rating Comparison
Plugin NameTotal RatingsTotal Rated UsersFive StarFive Star Ratio
WooLentor4.2 🔔1279675.59%
CoDesigner4.51179883.76% 🔔
ShopReady4.609 🔔08 🔔88.89%
🔔 Lowest, Highest 🐆, Latest data update date 28th June 2022

Table Analysis – ShopReady gets the highest ratings. But they achieved it based on the lowest user ratings and lowest five-star ratings. Codesigner has the lowest Five-star rating ratio.

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  • You can read the WooLentor detailed review blog here.

Which is the Best WooLentor Alternative Plugin?

As you have seen in the comparison, ShopEngine is the Plugin that is new, trendy, growing fast, has stable pricing, and has community support. Even we published several blogs about the plugin. Our vote is going to ShopEngine and we endorse the plugin for you too. If you are switching from WooLentor or if you are in search of a better WooCommerce builder, then ShopEngine should be your go-to choice.

Which plugin are you using at this moment? Which WooLentor alternative you are going to use now? You can share your opinion with us. Also, you can contact us for any clarifications. Can you share the blog with your social friends? It will not make our day, it will make our week actually.

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