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(Updated) ShopEngine Review in 2024 [Worth to Buy?]

If you are looking for a ShopEngine review then you are on the right blog. Read the blog to know an overview of ShopEngine WooCommerce builder for Elementor. In this blog, we will walk through the ShopEngine features, integrations, pricing, and much more. We have also added information like the latest news about ShopEngine, Unique selling points, etc. Our ultimate goal is to help you taking your own decisions.

ShopEngine initially get noticed by us while we were working on WooCommerce builder’s listing blog. We were surprised to see ShopEngine’s high growth rate. Later we dig more and tested too.

ShopEngine Review – Introduction

If you are looking for a WooCommerce builder that works both in Elementor and Gutenberg, then ShopEngine is the plugin for you. It’s a fast-growing (20k+ active installations) eCommerce plugin that works based on the builders. Trendy design, better features, and the best pricing make the plugin the number #1 WooCommerce builder. We have published several blogs to describe ShopEngine’s review.

What is ShopEngine?

ShopEngine is an Elementor based WooCommerce builder that allows users to create and manage a whole eCommerce website from sketch. No technical and coding knowledge required. And recently, WPMet team released the Gutenberg version of ShopEngine.

ShopEngine offers a weightless suite of WooCommerce solutions for Elementor with a blazing fast loading speed, packed with eCommerce Builder, Product comparison, Wishlist, Variation swatches, Pre-order, Quick checkout, and 65+ widgets! Please note that ShopEngine was released by the WPMet team. They are in the business for almost 10 years, power elite author at Envato studio, and are owner of Elementskit (800k Active Installation). Getgenie, MetFirm, and WP Social are from the same house. So, you can rely on their quality.

  • Their expertise and experience reflect at ShopEngine too and we have dug into the ShopEingine review blog.

Unique Selling Point of ShopEngine

What makes ShopEngine better than other popular WooCommerce builders for Elementor? Well, It’s ShopEngine’s USPs. Let’s have a look at the list.

  • Full Customization 👉 While another eCommerce builder has limited customization options, ShopEngine comes with Whole customization features. So you can change anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, there are some other plugins that offer addons for customizing multiple pages. But at ShopEngine, pay once and get the whole features.
  • Elegant Designs 👉 Design is important for both administrative users and end users. A good design is easy to manage and motivates the admin to add more and more products while a better design at the front end reduces the bounce rate. As the ShopEntgine team has experience designing a lot of themes, so they bring quality design to ShopEngine too.
  • Effortless Shopping 👉 With the clean and trendy design, and better user understanding, customers can get a better experience on your eCommerce website.
  • Continuous Update 👉 In less than 2 years, the ShopEngine team brings 30+ updates to the free version. You can expect regular updates and issues fixed within the month of the issues raised. 
  • Lightweight & Fast 👉 ShopEngine, compared to WooLentor, is a fast-loading and lightweight plugin that keep your website fast too. You can check the WooLentor vs ShopEngine technical comparison here.
  • Friendly Support 👉 You can get live support, ticket base support, social media and community, documentation, and video. All are free for the users.

Best Features of ShopEngine

Shopengine, Elementor ecommerce website builder, wptowp

ShopEngine has 45+ widgets, 15+ modules, and 15+ pre-made templates. More features are on the way. Recently they added a sticky fly cart and product size table features. Now, here are the top most important features for you.

📌 Product Share Option – Customers can share their favorite products on social media with a single click.
📌 Product Comparison – Shoppers can compare multiple products to make final decisions.
📌 Empty Cart Message – Admin can set an empty cart message for customers.

📌 Variation Swatches – Admin can add a different version of single products by size, color, root etc.
📌 Wishlist Module – Admin can allow the customers to make a choice list.
📌 Currency Switcher (Pro) – Customers can change the pricing in a different currency.

📌 Pre-order and Back-order (Pro) – Admin can allow back-order and pre-order on their site.
📌 Product Size Charts (Pro) – Admin can add variations of size in a table.
📌 Sticky Fly Cart (Pro) – Admin can set the fly cart features and the cart will be sticky on the shopping site.

📌 Quick Checkout (Pro) – Admin can allow customers to checkout without multiple steps.
📌 Multiple Badges (Pro) – Admin can define the products under different badges.
📌 Partial Payment (Pro) – Admin can allow customers to pay partially for any order.

📌 Flash Sale Countdown (Pro) – Admin can display a flash share countdown to create fear of missing out.
📌 Pre-Designed Templates (Pro) – You can import ready-to-use pre-designed templates to your website.

There are much more features that we said already. A full list can be found on the ShopEngine landing page. We kept the ShopEngine review list short to give you a better reading experience.

ShopEngine Review Spotlight

In this section, we want to share some of the important factors that make ShopEngine a unique and market-leading plugin. And once you know about them, you will understand, why we are endorsing ShopEngine for your next eCommerce site.

  • Gutenberg Release

Recently ShopEngine launch the Gutenberg versions. If you love Gutenberg, then it’s a piece of great news for you. Already 100+ people are using Gutenberg ShopEngine. So do you? There are many cases we know that, just because of the plugin, many users can’t switch from other builders to Gutenberg. But with ShopEngine, you are good to go.

  • Translation Friendly

The admin can translate the eCommerce site into their local langue which is based on ShopEngine. It’s a great way to grab community shoppers.

ShopEngine got regular updates and they maintain a public roadmap for the upcoming feature. And now, in the progress, the module is Sticky/Side cart, Widget Woo Mini Cart, Module Fly cart, Module Product Size Charts, and much more. And if we talk about up next features then Up next Module is the Multi-Step Checkout Wizard, Widget Shopify Style Checkout, Customize one-page checkout similar to Shopify, Module Details Review, Module WooCommerce Email Template Customizer, etc. You can check the live roadmap here.

  • Update and Roadmap

It’s not even 2 years since that ShopEngine eCommerce website builder launched but the update? 30+ update comes in the free version of ShopEngine.

  • Awards Winner Plugin

1) Monster Award 🏆 ShopEngine has won the second prize at this year’s Monster awards in the WooCommerce plugin category. This WooCommerce addon beat its competitors to win the second with a 21% vote.
2) The WP Awards 🏆 ShopEngine has been awarded as one of the best WooCommerce tools in the WP Awards 2021. The plugin has successfully unlocked second place in this competition.

  • Code Quality

Both ShopEngine free and ShopEngine Pro are backed by a highly expert and professional team. As a developer, you can use the ShopEngine plugin in your eCommerce themes and build features-full WordPress themes without any technical issues. Even, if you are a WordPress plugin developer, still you can use ShopEngine in your various projects. You can simply override the theme page and post and develop your own projects.

Technology that Used in ShopEngine

While you are checking the ShopEngine review, we love to share the back-end technology too. You can see how they are impacting and why they have been used to develop ShopEngine.

✔️ Javascript – The ShopEngine front-end part has been developed with javascript and it’s a framework. It actually boosts the speed and user experience.
✔️ API – Different third-party API has been used in this plugin. It’s important to get integrated and compatible which ShopEngine handles with API.
✔️ PHP – PHP is the required language to develop the backend of the WordPress plugin.
✔️ WordPress – ShopEngine is based on WordPress CMS. You must install WordPress to get started with ShopEngine.
✔️ WooCommerce – ShopEngine is based on WooCommerce. You must install WordPress to get started with ShopEngine.
✔️ Elementor – ShopEngine was built to extend the functionality of Elementor. But recently they have released a Gutenberg version so you can avoid Elementor too.

ShopEngine Compatibility

ShopEngine is compatible with all the popular themes. So any WordPress thems is good to go with ShopEngine. There are popular themes like Bascart, Bajaar, etc have been published based on ShopEngine. Fun fact 🤪 ShopEngine has 15+ pre-made templates so you do not need to worry about themes.

You can be relaxed using necessary other plugins for SEO, payment getaways, and inventory management. ShopEngine is fully compatible with RankMath, Yoast, and SEOPress plugins. You can use WooCommerce payment getaways, and PayPal getaways to process the sale. Currency Freaks, Fixer is also compatible with ShopEngine.

Who can Use ShopEngine?

ShopEngine Pro, wptowp

If you want to develop a modern eCommerce website with WooCommerce and Elementor then ShopEngine review can help you. From the comparison of ShopEngine free vs pro, we have explained the features, modules, and widgets. Now, here are the reasons, why you should go for the ShopEngine pro.

  • Are You a Developer?  ShopEngine can help you as a developer a lot. With the plugin, a developer can develop a fast-loading website, multifunctional and clean website within a day. For urgent or low-budget clients, ShopEngine is the best helper for the developer.
  • Are You a Designer?  You can grow your earnings with this eCommerce website builder! ShopEngine is drag and drops eCommerce website builder and it does not require much technical knowledge.
  • Are You a Freelancer?  Every client demand different task and freelancer sometimes face difficulty to provide them. But when you have an eCommerce website builder like ShopEngine, you can simply be relaxed.
  • Are You an Agency owner?  With ShopEngine eCommerce builder, the agency owner can deliver the site at its best quality, with perfect pricing, and within the deadline.

How can You Get Support?

ShopEngine Support, wptowp

WPMet, the company behind ShopEngine is famous for its great support. While other popular plugins provide limited support and you will need to extra pay for better support. ShopEngine users get priority and fast support for fully free. Live support, ticket base support, social media and community, documentation, and video. All are free for the users. Even, if you are a free version customer, you will get all the support for free.

On the other hand, for those who of you like to read, a little non-technical, you will have the detailed ShopEngine documentation. You can read and set up your eCommerce website step by step. No technical and developer hiring is required. You will also get video tutorials [They are uploading new tutorials nowadays, blogs including tutorials, social media, and community posts. And off-course the premium quality support for free.

ShopEngine Pro Pricing

ShopEngine Pro offers one of the best pricing. Compared to the other Elementor WooCommerce builder, you are getting a better design, more features, functionalities, and integration at a cheaper price. You can get started with 59$ only. In some cases, you can get less than this. Another best part is, you have the option to pay a ShopEnigine lifetime deal. Pay once and use the plugin for the rest of your life.

ShopEngine Pro Pricing
Single5 SitesUnlimitedRefunds Policy
59$/year149$/year299$/year14 days
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

There is 14 days time for you to test the premium version of the plugin. And as a developer, if you want to use ShopEngine pro, you can get some exposure and support from the team.

Editorial Opinion for ShopEngine

The editorial team believes that ShopEngine will be the best eCommerce website builder for Elementor and Gutenberg. The plugin will be the first plugin to have 100k active installations for WooCommerce builder. There’s no doubt that ShopEngine is the most potential WooCommerce builder for Elementor.

The pricing of the plugin is affordable. You do not need to purchase addons, you are not limited by features as well. One of the best parts of the plugin is the lifetime deal. You can purchase now and use lifetime at a very affordable price. You can purchase at a regular price too.

FAQs About ShopEngine

Do you get any questions about the ShopEngine review? We know you have! Here in this section, we added all the frequently asked questions by the different visitors. You can add more questions in the contact box and we will reply. We will also add the questions here for future visitors.

What is ShopEngine?

ShopEngine is an eCommerce website builder for WooCommerce and Elementor. With ShopEngine review, you can build a full-featured eCommerce website drag and drop. No technical knowledge is required, and no coding skills are required.

Does ShopEngine Support Gutenberg?

Yes! Luckily, ShopEngine Support both Elementor and Gutenberg builder. You can develop your eCommerce site on both planes. However, in order to use Gutenberg, you will need to install and activate the ShopEngine review Gutenberg version.

Does ShopEngine Work without Elementor?

ShopEngine is an Elementor-based WooCommerce page builder. Thus, The plugin required Elementor to process the features and functionality. You will not be able to use ShopEngine without Elementor.

Can we use ShopEngine with Free Elementor?

Yes! You can use ShpEngine with the free version of Elementor. As ShopEngine eCommerce website builder extends the features and functionality of drag and drop page building experience, the free version is fine to get started.

What are the Benefits of Using the ShopEngine LTD License?

Yes! You can pay once and use a lifetime of this eCommerce website builder. Also, you will not need to worry about renewal. You will be headache free from the support. Last but not least, most of the time, ShopEngine LTD offers big discounts than other packages,

ShopEngine Review – Final Note

Now it’s over to you. Would you convince by the ShopEngine review and would like to give it a try? Well, as the free version is available so don’t hesitate to give it a try. Also, if you want to know anything about the ShopEngine review, feel free to contact us too. We hope you have enjoyed the blog so far.

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