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ShopEngine Free vs Pro 2024 (Latest Self Battle)

ShopEngine was released back in march 2021 and ShopEngin PRO launched at 7-month later in October 2021. Both ShopEngine’s free and the pro version are now stable. And in this blog, we are going to discuss ShopEngine free vs pro comparison. Though there are many new features under development at this plugin.

As we published multiple blogs about ShopEngine, so we thought, ShopEngine free vs pro comparison will be helpful content for visitors like you.

ShopEngine Free vs Pro

Which package is best fitted for you? Is this ShopEngine free or pro? We wanted to inform you of the whole details so that you can make your decisions with confidence. For some people, ShopEngine-free is fine. For some others, they can test ShopEngine free versions before purchasing ShopEngine pro. If you want to see the official ShopEngine free vs pro comparison without any description and explanation, check here.

Deep driving ShopEngine free vs pro comparison blog with the free version presentations. ShopEngine features and functionalities are divided into 3 major parts. widgets, modules, and templates.

ShopEngine Free Widgets

Widgets are the specific small features that you can use to express your products. It can be product titles, descriptions, images etc. ShopEngine’s free version comes with a long list of free widgets. Here is the total widget list of the ShopEngine free plugins.

ShopEngine Widgets
Additional InformationAdd To CartBreadcrumbs
Product CategoriesProduct DescriptionProduct Excerpt
Product ImageProduct MetaProduct Price
Product ReviewProduct ShareProduct SKU
Product StockProduct TabsProduct Tags
Product TitleRatingRelated Product
UpsellArchive DescriptionArchive Products
Archive TitleArchive Result CountArchive View Mode
Cross-SellCart TotalEmpty Cart Message
Return To ShopCheckout Form-CouponCheckout Form – Additional
Checkout Form – BillingCheckout Form – LoginCheckout Form – Shipping
Checkout PaymentOrder ReviewCheckout Shipping Methods
Advanced SearchDeal ProductsFlash Sale Products
Product Category ListRecently Viewed ProductsOrder By Filter
Products Per Page FilterGeneralFilterable Product List
Total = 45
The latest data update date is 25th October 2022

ShopEngine Free Module

Modules are bigger versions of widgets that allow users to implement specialized features. Here at ShopEngine’s free version, you will have the following free module.

ShopEngine Modules
Quick ViewWishlistSwatches
Product ComparisonTotal = 4
The latest data update date is 25th October 2022

ShopEngine Free Templates

Templates are full pages containing multiple widgets and different modules. Here at ShopEngine free versions, you get multiple pre-designed and ready-to-import pages to develop your eCommerce site.

Single PageSingle products showcasing page
Archive PageArchive products page
Shop PageThe main page of the eCommerce site
Cart PageA page that shows customers’ product list
Empty CartEmpty cart page pre-designed and available to use.
Quick ViewA product views in fast and zoom mode page
Checkout PageA page that receives customers’ order data
Total = 7
The latest data update date is 25th October 2022

What You Can do with ShopEngine Free?

Let’s have a look at the ShopEngine free version’s features. At this moment, you can get 4+ free modules, 45+ free widgets, and 7+ free templates. The resource is good to get started on a basic eCommerce WordPress site and making your first sale. Also, you can see how ShopEngine boosts your performance, useability of the products, and user experience.

ShopEngine Pro, wptowp

ShopEngine Pro Widgets

ShopEngine pro comes with way more advanced widgets such as product filters, a dashboard, a login form, etc. The following table contains what more widgets are available at ShopEngine Pro.

Product FiltersAccount DashboardAccount Address
Account DetailsAccount DownloadsAccount Form Login
Account Form – RegisterAccount LogoutAccount Navigation
Account Order DetailsAccount OrdersCategories
Thanks Address DetailsOrder ConfirmOrder Details
Order Thank YouTotal = (Free) + 16 = 61
The latest data update date is 25th October 2022

ShopEngine Pro Module

In ShopEngine free vs pro comparison, you can see, the module is almost 3 times more than the free versions. The table represents the premium module list only.

Flash Sale CountdownCreate urgency by adding notices to boost timely sales
BadgesDisplay discount badges on products
Quick CheckoutBoost sales with a pop-up checkout page
Partial PaymentAllow users to place orders with partial payments
Pre-OrderTease new products & secure conversions
BackorderAllow users to place orders on out-of-stock products
Currency switcherChange/show multiple currencies instantly
Additional Checkout FieldsModify custom checkout form fields and add more
Sales NotificationNotify sales updates to potential customers
Vacation ModeAdd vacation break notice for the customers
Multi-Step CheckoutLet’s split the order processing into multiple steps
Total = (Free) + 11 = 15
The latest data update date is 25th October 2022

ShopEngine Pro Templates

ShopEngine pro also unlocked multiple actionable templates like thank you page, users accounts, checkout, etc. The pages are the ready-to-import stage.

Order/Thank YouQuick Checkout
My Account DashboardMy Account Orders
My Account Order DetailsMy Account Download
My Account AddressMy Account Login/Register
My Account Details
Total = (Free) + 9 = 16
The latest data update date is 25th October 2022

Items That Common in ShopEngine Pro vs Free

ShopEngine Support, wptowp

No matter whether you are ShopEngine free user or a pro user, you will get some common services from the WPMet team. You may know, just adding the section to recall them. You can skip 😜 this part too.

✔️ Support – WPMet team always provides quality support no matter whether you are their free or premium user. You can ask them pre-sell questions, new features, updates, and bug reports. You can access them via live chat, ticket-based support, social channel, etc. You can also make a comment in the WordPress directory.

✔️ Update – You will get a regular update too. They always update both the free versions and premium versions. There’s no discrimination for ShopEngine free vs pro users at this point.

✔️ Resource – Detail documentation is available on their site. Blogs, youtube videos, landing pages, etc are free and accessible to anyone. We are talking about this because their landing page contains information that you need to make your purchase decisions.

ShopEngine Free vs Pro Statistics

ShopEngine Elementor Website Builder, wptowp.jpg

61+ widgets, 15+ modules, 15+ templates and continue. ShopEngine Pro offers something more, something beyond your expectation. We have built a dedicated blog about why should you use ShopEngine pro here. Now let’s talk about ShopEngine’s pro eCommerce website builder. Just the features list at a glance. You can check the details on the landing page.

ShopEngine Free vs Pro Pricing

Let’s check the ShopEngine free vs pro pricing at this block. ShopEngine offers an affordable pricing plan in 3 categories. You can pay either yearly or lifetime once. You will also have14 a day money-back guarantee. Here’s the complete list. And at Free vs Pro, ShopEngine Free is always FREE for you. 🤪🤪

ShopEngine Pricing
Single5 SitesUnlimited
The latest data update date is 30th June 2022

When Should You Purchase ShopEngine Pro?

If you want to develop a modern eCommerce website with WooCommerce and Elementor then ShopEinge free vs pro comparison can help you. From the comparison of ShopEngine free vs pro, we have explained the features, modules, and widgets. Now, here are the reasons, why you should go for the ShopEngine pro.

  • Are You a Developer? 👉 ShopEngine can help you as a developer a lot. With the plugin, a developer can develop a fast-loading website, multifunctional and clean website within a day. For urgent or low-budget clients, ShopEngine is the best helper for the developer.
  • Are You a Designer? 👉 You can grow your earnings with this eCommerce website builder! ShopEngine is drag and drops eCommerce website builder and it does not require much technical knowledge.
  • Are You a Freelancer? 👉 Every client demand different task and freelancer sometimes face difficulty to provide them. But when you have an eCommerce website builder like ShopEngine, you can simply be relaxed.
  • Are You an Agency owner? 👉 With ShopEngine eCommerce builder, the agency owner can deliver the site at its best quality, with perfect pricing, and within the deadline.

ShopEngine Key Features

So, we discussed ShopEngine free vs pro features and analysis. Now, let’s recall the ShopEngine basic information such as key features, unique selling points, and our verdict towards the plugin. First the notable features of ShopEngine free vs pro.

💥 Product Comparison (Free) – The users can compare multiple products to make final decisions.
💥 Variation Swatches (Free) – Admin can set different variations of single products to give better user flexibility.
💥 Flash Sale Countdown (Pro) – Admin can display a flash share countdown to create fear of missing out.
💥 Partial Payment (Pro) – Admin can allow customers to pay partially for any order.

💥 Pre-Order & Back-Order (Pro) – Admin can allow back-order and pre-order on their site.
💥 Currency switcher (Pro) – Customers can change the pricing in a different currency.
💥 Product Tabs (Free) – Admin can display multiple products under a table too.
💥 Related Product (Free) – Admin can set related products by category/names etc to influence cross-order.

💥 Checkout Form-Coupon (Free) – Admin can allow coupons while placing the order.
💥 Flash Sale Products (Free) – Admin can set flash sale products to create fear of missing out on the customers.
💥 Recently Viewed Products (Free) – Admin can show recently viewed products to influence cross-order.
💥 Product Share Feature (Pro) – Customers can share their favorite products on social media with a single click.

There are many more features that you can see on the ShopEngine landing page. In order to keep ShopEngine free vs pro blog more readable, we added a consistent list with the major features.

ShopEngine Selling Facts

Why should you purchase ShopEngine to build your next WordPress eCommerce site? Well, after analyzing the ShopEngine free vs pro, we found several reasons that lead us to recommend the plugin to you. Here’s the list.

  • Full Customization🏄🏼 While another eCommerce builder has limited customization options, ShopEngine free vs pro comes with Whole customization features. So you can change anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, there are some other plugins that offer addons for customizing multiple pages. But at ShopEngine, pay once and get the whole features.
  • Elegant Designs🏄🏼 Design is important for both administrative users and end users. A good design is easy to manage and motivates the admin to add more and more products while a better design at the front end reduces the bounce rate. As the ShopEntgine team has experience designing a lot of themes, so they bring quality design to ShopEngine too.
  • Effortless Shopping🏄🏼 With a clean and trendy design, and better user understanding, customers can get a better experience on your eCommerce website.
  • Continuous Update🏄🏼 In less than 2 years, the ShopEngine team brings 30+ updates to the free version. You can expect regular updates and issues fixed within the month of the issues raised. 
  • Lightweight & Fast🏄🏼 ShopEngine, compared to WooLentor, is a fast-loading and lightweight plugin that keep your website fast too. You can check the WooLentor vs ShopEngine technical comparison here.
  • Friendly Support🏄🏼 You can get live support, ticket base support, social media and community, documentation, and video. All are free for the users.

What do We Think About ShopEngine?

There’s no doubt that ShopEngine is the most potential WooCommerce builder for Elementor. And the pricing of the plugin is affordable. You do not need to purchase addons, you are not limited by features as well. The editorial team believes that ShopEngine will be leading and #1 Elemenor WooCommerve addons soon next year.

One of the best parts of the plugin is the lifetime deal. You can purchase now and use lifetime at a very affordable price. You can purchase at a regular price too.

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