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ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine Honest Battle 2024

ShopLentor (formally known as WooLentor), CoDesigner, and ShopEngine are the top 3 WooCommerce website builders for Elementor. But which is the best Elementor WooCommerce builder? If you got this question then we have come up with the answer. Here in this blog, we will talk about ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine! It will be a data-based comparison, all the analysis will be honest and the source will be given for future verification.

Spoiler Alert: ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine blog will be long. We will go through multiple data table and show you why one of them stands out from the top three.

In this blog, we will show you an important comparison. And you can decide on the best-fitted WooCommerce builder for your next project. We have better knowledge about all of the plugins because we worked with them. Starting with the WooCommerce builder listing blog, we published individual reviews and multiple comparisons.

  • Data Source –, ShopEngine landing page, wpmet website, HasThemes site, WooLentor landing page, WPhive,, CoDesigner landing page, youtube, and other public directories.
  • WooLentor is now ShopLentor! We will use both WooLentor and ShopLentor in this blog.

A lot of Words! We hope, you already have a basic idea about ShopEngine, WooLentor, and CoDesigner. If not, read our ShopEngine review, and WooLentor review here. We are diving into the wholistic top 3 comparisons for you.

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Statistics

Let’s have a look at the statical condition of the plugin. What is the user’s response to the free version in the WordPress directory? All of the plugins have premium versions which may be sold from different sources. However, we do not have access to premium data. We will look at the free versions’ data only.

Active Installation1,00,000+20,000+20,000+WooLentor
Total Download2,197k+301k+407k+WooLentor
Active User’ Ratio4.5 (Round)6.6 (Round)4.9 (Round)ShopEngine
Plugin Age4+ Years2+ Years2+ YearsWooLentor
The last update date is 16th February 2023

From the table, you can see, WooLentor has won most of the statical comparisons. But here’s what you need to understand! WooLentor took 4 years to achieve them. But it has the lowest active-user ratio. ShopEngine has the highest user acquisition ratio among them. And according to the statistics, we can predict, ShopEngine will have a better active installation in the upcoming days.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopEngine and WooLentor

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Features

Now let’s explore the feature comparison. This is one of the most important tables in this blog. No matter what the ratings are, what are the active installation number, or how people talk, the main matter features. If a new plugin comes with better features, that’s always recommended. We have collected the data manually by installing those plugins.

The last update date is 16th February 2023 | (–) indicates that we did not find the data

In the features race, WooLentor is the champion undoubtedly. They have the highest widgets, the highest template, and the extensions. ShopEngine has the highest module among them. Both ShopEngine and WooLentor have Gutenberg support while CoDesigner does not. WooLentor number 1, ShopEngine 2, and CoDesigner come last in this comparison.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopEngine and WooLentor

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Ratings

Do you know, when a user post ratings about the products? They post it when they are either he is angry or happy with it. But the matter is, every user post rating and reviews after they have some experience. This is why we have trust in user ratings. Let’s see the battle of ratings between ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine.

WordPress OrgCoDesignerShopEngineWooLentorChampion
Total Ratings128+88+149+WooLentor
5 star108+ 
(almost 85%)
(almost 82%)
(almost 77%)
Average Rating4.5/5.04.5/5.04.3/5.0
Trustpilot Ratings14+ (64% Excellent)WooLentor
WPHive Rating4.5/5.0ShopEngine
The last update date is 16th February 2023 | (–) indicates that we did not find the data

There is no single champion on the basis of users’ ratings. WooLentor has the highest-rated users and five-star ratings. They also have Trustpilot reviews. CoDesigner has the best five-star rating ratio and ShopEngine has WPHive special ratings. Well, both CoDesigner and ShopEngine maintained better ratings in the WordPress directory.

Winner 🧐🧐 N/A

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Pricing

Let’s have a look at the pricing. We have seen the features, ratings, user responses, and so on. Now time to check the pricing. And then you can do the ROI calculation, we guess.

NameCoDesignerShopEngineWooLentorLess Price
1 site/yearly50/r$59$78$CoDesigner
5 Sites/yearly100/r$149$158$CoDesigner
1 site/Lifetime150/r$149$69$WooLentor
5 Sites/Lifetime250/r$249$159$WooLentor
Theme DeveloperSpecial
Refund Policy14 days14 days14 days
The last update date is 16th February 2023

WooLentor comes with the cheapest pricing plan. For the unlimited sites and LTD plan, they will charge you the lowest. Moreover, they also have 100 sites and special plans that you can choose too. CoDesigner will charge you the lowest if you want to check the yearly plan for 1 site to 5 sites. ShopEngine will charge you more as you can see in ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine pricing comparison table.

Winner 🧐🧐 WooLentor

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Behind Team

After-sales customer support is important. Especially for the eCommerce site, it’s one of the required issues. So, we need to know the behind team of the plugin. The more reputed any team is, the chances are higher to get better after-sales support. The good news is, ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine all three plugins are made by a reputed WordPress company.

Developer CompanyCodexpertWPMetHasTech
Total Plugins10+07+42+HasTech
Popular PluginSGU Thumbnails (30k)ElementsKit (900K)HT Mega (100k)WPMet
The last update date is 16th February 2023

CoDesigner is made by Codexpert. They have over 10 plugins with the highest 30k+ active installation. ShopEngine is made by WPMet. They have ElementsKit with 900k+ active installations. HasTheme has the highest plugin, 42+ including WooLentor. Their highest active installation is 100k+.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopEngine and WooLentor

WooLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Unique Selling Points

We are publishing WooLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine comparison blog because all of them are top WooCommerce Elemenetor page builders. Now, they become stand out from the other competitor due to their unique selling points. Wptowp editorial tries to find all the USPs of that plugin.

Ready LayoutsFull CustomizationCustomizes WC
WooLentor ExtentionElegant DesignsMobile Friendly
Premium ThemesEffortless ShoppingBlazing Fast
Dedicated ResourceContinuous Update
Better SupportLightweight & Fast
Friendly Support
The last update date is 17th February 2023

From the given table, you can see ShopEngine has the highest USPs among the other WooCommerce builder plugin. However, the list has been made based on our analysis. Whatever we have seen on the landing page and WordPress directory, we added to this table. So we can not determine the winner in this section.

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Themes

The wordPress theme does not provide a lot of value for any of the given plugins. They come with tons of customization options and pre-made templates. But still, the theme is one of the roots of any WordPress website. So, we dig out the themes comparison of ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine.

Dedicated ThemeYesYes
Free Theme05WooLentor
The last update date is 17th February 2023

WooLentor offers you 5 free theme that has a value equal to 200 USD. It has a dedicated theme too. ShopEngine has a dedicated theme too. In fact, ShopEngine’s parent company XpeedStudio is one of the power elite authors at Envato marketplace. The popular Baajar theme is based on ShopEnagine.

Winner 🧐🧐 WooLentor

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Support

Support is one of the key factors for any eCommerce website admin. In this section, we added all the support channels that the plugin provides.

Ticket Base Support✅✅✅✅✅✅
Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅✅✅
Live Chat❌❌✅✅✅✅
Facebook Chat✅✅✅✅✅✅
Over Call❌❌❌❌✅✅
The last update date is 17th February 2023

From the above table, you can see, WooLentor provides support through the highest channel. They have regular support as well as phone call support. ShopEngine and CoDesigner also provide quality support for their users.

Winner 🧐🧐 WooLentor

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Resource

Apart from the support, we also check the resource of that plugin. The resource is important for those people who like to do everything by themselves. Some people do not want to talk to the support, so the resource is important to factor too.

Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅✅✅
Online Course❌❌❌❌✅✅
Video Review❌❌✅✅✅✅
Submit Ideas✅✅✅✅✅✅
Change Log✅✅✅✅✅✅
The last update date is 17th February 2023

Look at the table and ShopLentor’s check mark. ShopLentor comes with every possible resource that you might need. No matter what kind of supporting resource you need, ShopLentor has that. ShopLentor seems well a mature plugin so their roadmap is missing. At the same time, ShopEngine also has a good resource for users.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopLentor

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Technical

The technical comparison comes with memory usage and page speed. The lower memory usage is better while the lowest loading speed is better. We have used WPHive to get the following data.

Test MethodShopEngineCoDesignerShopLentorChampion
Memory Usage+6.4KB+726.62KB+364.29KBShopEngine
Page Speed-0.02s-0.03s-0.01sCoDesigner
The last update date is 17th February 2023

So far WooLentor did a great performance. But technically WooLentor loses the game. ShopEngine will take the lowest memory from you. And CoDesigner will load at the fastest speed.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopEngine and CoDesigner

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Awards

Awards come from the international audience in most cases. We searched the awards and get them for you. Here in this section, we included news about WP Weekly and Monster Awards.

Monster’s Award 2022❌❌Champion❌❌
Monster’s Award 2021❌❌✅✅❌❌
WP Weekly Awards❌❌✅✅❌❌
The last update date is 17th February 2023

In the awards section, ShopEngine is the ultimate champion. The other two have not won any awards yet. Even though ShopEngine is younger among ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine. But the plugin has 3 awards already.

Winner 🧐🧐 ShopEngine

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Editorial

So, we have to cover up a lot. Now, let’s rise our editorial voice. But we will be honest. We have tried to say different patterns that fit different plugins better. Depending on your business, choose one from them.

  • ShopEngine 👉 It has a great reputation for design and features. If you are technically sharp and like to add a trendy design then go for ShopEngine.
  • CoDesigner 👉 If you have a budget issue, then go for CoDesigner.
  • WooLentor 👉 If you want a free theme, and support over a phone call, then WooLentor should be your choice.

We have tried to add all the information including the source. So that you can check and choose the eCommerce builder that helps in your business. We know, you are smart 🐆 too!

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: FAQs

Got some questions for ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine blog? Ok! Check the section below and you might get the answers. If it’s missing from the FAQs then contact us. We will update the section as soon as possible.

Which is the Best Elementor WooCommerce Builder?

It’s really hard to say, which is the best Elementor WooCommerce builder in a single sentence. Depending on the business, budget, and plan, anyone from ShopEngine, WooLentor, and CoDesigner can be the best plugin for you. Check the above blog for in-depth details.

Which is the Cheapest eCommerce Builder?

Considering the price of the single and five-site plans, CoDesigner is the cheapest WooCommerce Elemetor builder. But if you are looking for an LTD plan or unlimited sites plan, then WooLentor is the cheapest one.

Which Elementor eCommerce Builder is Free?

All of the above plugins are freemium. Meaning they all have both free and pro versions available. You can just go to the WordPress directory and check the free version. If you are convinced, then go for the pro version.

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine: Closing

We have started with the blog about WooCommerce builder based on Elementor. Then we published the ShopEngine review blog and the WooLentor review blog. We also compare ShopEnginve vs WooLentor and ShopEngine vs CoDesigner. Now here in this blog, we have done with ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine comparison. We tried to present multiple data tables so that you can understand better.

ShopLentor vs CoDesigner vs ShopEngine, Wptowp

We hope, you have enjoyed the blog. Can you do us a favor? Just click on the following icon and share the blog on your favorite social media. It will make our month!

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