What We Offer In Our Content Writing Service for WordPress?

Quality content matters for any aspect of WordPress content writing service. As a matter of quality, we have experience and expertise in the following category. We also added the service starting cost for each category.

Technical Content for WordPress

Wptowp’s complete blog is based on WordPress technical content. Whether it’s a WordPress tutorial, explainer topics, glossary, or new update. You can get it in Wptowp. Our visitors love this blog as we write in pretty simple forms. All kinds of visitors find it easy to read while they search for technical content on the web.

If you need “Technical content for WordPress”, then Wptowp editorial can be the ideal choice for you. Before you get to hire a technical content writer for WordPress, check our blog.

You can check the Extendify review that’s about the Gutenberg block plugin. You can also check the WholesaleX review in which we talk about the Wholesale marketplace plugin. You can check on the blog/home page of this website.

Listing Blog for Plugins and Themes

We can do web research, prepare a list of WordPress themes and plugins, make a statistical analysis, and finally prepare a list. Based on the list, we can prepare a listing blog for you. We published multiple listing blogs. They have ranked on the Google search engine. Our users also love them.

Check the Elementor WooCommerce plugin list here. You can also check the Wholesale plugin list and Wptowp list blog here.

Complete Review for Individual Products

We can write a complete product review. Like other blogs, we have a holistic approach to writing product reviews. Normally we include some exclusive information that stands out. And we have a track record for ranking on master keywords and targeted keywords.

Check Eventin review, GuenKit review, and many more in this blog. Our reviews have gained popularity among the community. And many blogs are now following our patterns.

💥 Average length of each review – 3,000+ Words
✅ Cost of each full content – 300 USD only

How To Blog for WordPress

How to or tutorial blog convert better than any other WordPress content. And we can make it more optimized to grow your sales instantly. WordPress tutorial blogs have high competition and low traffic. But you can make it a source of conversion rate. We know, how can you do that. We are ready to write your how-to content for any WordPress topic.

As a reference of how to blog, you can check, how to make a personal blog and, how to install WordPress in your website.

Discount Coupon Blog

If you want us to write a dedicated discount coupon blog for you, then you got it right. We can prepare a complete discount coupon blog for your products. These blogs help increase conversion rates. Most of the content sites have dedicated coupon blogs. However, as with other content, we make it a little different. Check the LifterLMS coupon blog for an example.

Comparison Blog

Our comparison blog content is different. We write based on the statistics. We share head-to-head comparisons along with table analysis. It’s pretty straightforward. But our visitors like it. We have seen a great conversion rate (above 6% in some cases) from comparison blogs.

We can write the same blog for you. However, we will write based on the true data. So, we are unable to write biased comparisons. We published full unbiased content here at Wptowp. We will also write a fully unbiased and bhai-brother effect-free comparison blog for you.

Check out some of our popular comparison blogs. Started from Essential Addons vs ElementsKit, then you can check WPCafe vs Orderable, after that you can also read WooLentor Vs ShopEngine. You can check all the Wptowp comparison blogs here.

Guest Blog Writing for WordPress

Guest blogs can be any content under given above category. Only the difference would be, that we will publish the content at Wptowp.com. So, we will do the research, write the content, update based on your feedback, and publish it on our site.

We will provide you necessary anchor link from the blog. We offer multiple natural do-follow links. (Maybe only we allowed multiple).

Once we publish the blog, it will be considered as our property. We will update the blog during our regular update. We shall also keep the right to remove the content if needed.

Content Writing Service FAQs

We have listed some common questions, along with direct and quick answers for you. This section is FAQs. But if you have more questions, drop us on the live chat or partners@wptowp.com

Do You Offer Ghostwriting?

Yes! If you take any content writing service from Wptowp, then you can either provide the author’s details on the blog or not. This is totally up to you. We only care about the quality. We care about the sales and traffic for you. So, if ghostwriting writing performs better, we will be OK with it.

Do You Offer Design Service?

We only offer content-related design services. In our content writing service, we provide the necessary design. If you need some more design, we can do it for you.

If you need a different graphics design service, we recommend you check the gigs on Fiverr. Our design partners manage the gig. So you can get the quality service from there.

Can you charge based on Words Limite?

Sorry! We understand your concern about pricing. Many of the writers charge based on words. But here’s how we came to a fixed price.

When we charge based on words, writers have an urge to grow words on the article. This reduces the quality of the article dramatically. But we are committed to the top quality. So, we charge fixed for each article.

We give an estimated words. Regularly, we provide more than the mentioned words. We write for the audience so that AHAA moment creates on the first impression.

Why Should You Trust Us?

✅ Our Experience: 6+ years of WordPress industry experience. We have been here before the AI content writing era. We worked on a new domain having 1 month of age. We have also worked for established WordPress brands. Different domains demand different content. We can do exactly what your website needs.

✅ Writing Pattern: Wptowp’s content pattern differs from any other WordPress website. We made it scalable, creative, and informative. We come up with our patterns after investing many years in research and development. And now, our users love the content, trust it, and make a purchase based on our recommendations.

✅ Cost of Writing: We charge accurately based on your needs. This is not the lowest price but this is the best price. Our team will work on each content and experienced members will lead, so you can be sure about the quality. If you want to develop the same content in-house with your team, it might take 3x-5x extra cost for each content. Primarily it may seem higher price but compared to ROI, we offer the best price for WordPress content writing services.

✅ Quality of Content: Every content we publish, we make it stand out from the competitors. We can make it unique because a team worked behind each blog. Content writers, designers, technical reviewers, and finally the editor polish each article. So, it becomes a gold content that creates AHA moments for the readers.

Still not convinced? Drop your questions on the live chat or partners@wptowp.com.

Revise Policy

For every content, we start with the research, then we do outline, content writing, SEO optimizations, and finally image preparation. We are connected with all the ways of processing each content. So, Normally our clients asked fewer revisions. Maybe 1-2 minor corrections as we updated the whole content again and again during development.

Still, we consider a maximum of 5 revisions on the final update. During online development and research, you can ask us for unlimited revisions.

All the revisions must be logical and need to follow standard SOP. We may also reject the revisions if the content quality drops due to the unwanted revision request.

Refund Policy

Pay us only if you are happy with us!

Our content pattern is different and we appreciate you ordering content only if you like the pattern. Once you are interested, contact us and share details of your requirements.

After the initial confirmation, we will start doing content research and prepare an outline. We will share the outline with you and you can check, ask update, and then confirm.

If you are happy with the brief outline, you will need to pay the full cost of the content.

After you pay, we will start writing/preparing content. We will hand over the content, and update it if needed.

We refund you under the following conditions.

👉 If we fail to meet the promised deadline.

👉 If we deliver something different than the given outline

👉 If we fail to provide enough length that we promised.