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Essential Addons vs ElementsKit (Ultimate Millionaire Battle) 2024

There’s a popular Bangla proverb, “When two powerhouse makes battle, it is called the battle of the king!” But why we are digging the battle of king here? Because today we are going to help you to make your purchase decisions of two popular plugins Essential Addons vs ElementsKit! Both ElementsKit and Essential Addons have 1M+ users! So, Essential Addons vs ElementsKit blog will be the Ultimate Millionaire Battle!

Are you ready to dive into the Essential Addons vs ElementsKit ultimate millionaire battle? Tighten up the seat belt because the head-to-head comparison will give you multiple ups and downs today. The editorial brings the best piece of information to you.

Before heading up to the main comparison, let’s have some relevant statistics.

There are 43+ Elementor Addons that’s providing page builder support and extend the Elementor features. There are also 8+ Elementor eCommerce addons. You can use them to build your Elementor eCommerce website. Among all the Elementor Addons only 10 plugins have over 100k active installation. And only 3 of them have 1M+ active users on the WordPress directory. ElementsKit and Essential Addons are the two plugins with 1M+ active users!

  • The other Elementor plugin with 1M+ users is Elementor Header & Footer Builder!

We believe, you already know about both of the plugins but you need more data to make your final decision. And in this head-to-head comparison of ElementsKit vs Essential Addons blog, we will dig into them. We will add the data and analysis. We will also cover the information that’s not available inside the data.

Essential Addons Statistics vs ElementsKit Statistics

Starting the ElementsKit vs Essential Addons comparison with the statics. As it will bring a birds-eye view of the plugins. We have taken the data from the WordPress directory. Active installations and Total downloads are taken as key parameters while the active users ratio is based on the calculation.

CriteriaEssential AddonsElementsKitChampion
Active Installation1M+1M+**
Total Download47M+12M+Essential Addons
Active User’ Ratio2.13 (Round)8.33 (Round)ElementsKit
Plugin Age6+ Years4+ yearsEssential Addons

The last update date is 20th May 2023

From the table, you can conclude that Essential Addons is clearly ahead of the battle. It has more total downloads and the age is 2+ years. But look at the active user ratio. While Essential Addons has 1M+ users from 47M+ total downloads, the ElementsKit has the same active users from only 12M+ downloads. So, by the time of the same age, chances are high that, ElementsKit will have better active users.

Now, on the other note, ElementsKit reached 1M+ a few months back, and Essential Addons reached it way more months ago. So, it’s expected to have better active users at Essential Addons. Not to say, the data says, Essential Addons is now on the 30 ranking while ElemenstKit is in the 61 ranking.

Essential Addons is projected to get 2M+ within 1 week while ElementsKit projection is 5 weeks from now (May 20, 2023). We think, on the next update we will need to recalculate the above table again. With all the analysis, we can’t determine the ultimate winner of this section.

Winner 🧐🧐 Both

Essential Addons Features vs ElementsKit Features

Now let’s see the Essential Addons vs Elementor features comparison. Features are the key to making purchase decisions and we know it. In the following table, we have added the features-related data. But you can check the details features on the ElementsKit landing page and Essential Addons landing page. We have checked the latest features by installing them on our website.

CriteriaElementsKitEssential AddonsWinner
Widgets81+82+Essential Addons
Templates86+ Page, 760+ SectionsN/AElementsKit
NoYesEssential Addons
The last update date is 20th May 2023
  • While ElementsKit has its own pre-made template library, Essential Addons has a separate template library which is called Templately. As it is a different product with different pricing, so we have to exclude it from the Essential Addons template. Thus we display no template in the above table.

For the widgets of ElementsKit vs Essential Addons, they have almost equal numbers. For the module, they also have almost the same. Only 1 difference is not a bid for this case. But for the Templates, ElementsKit is ahead a lot. For the same price, you can enjoy all the features, modules,s and pre-made designs. But if you go to Essential Addons, you can not use the pre-made template directly.

With Essential Addons, you will need to use Templately which is a completely different plugin. The plugin comes with both free and pro versions. It has almost 4,000 pre-made designs. And the best part is, it has a cloud system too. But as it’s in another plugin, we have to declare ElementsKit as the winner for this section. As the data says!

Winner 🧐🧐 ElementsKit

Essential Addons Pricing vs ElementsKit Pricing

After the features, the next important factor is the pricing plan. So, in this section of ElementsKit vs Essential Addons, we will be looking at the pricing comparison of the plugin. In the table, we have added the common plan only to show you the Essential Addons vs ElementsKit comparison.

Both of the companies provide multiple other packages. Especially the agency plan comes with a bundle that can be better for anyone. Also, on the agency bundle, pricing is much lower than the independent license. You can check the Essential Addons agency bundle and ElementsKit agency bundle here for more details.

NameEssential AddonsElementsKitBetter
1 site$39.98$49Essential Addons
Unlimited Site$79.98$179Essential Addons
Unlimited LTD$199.98$489Essential Addons
The last update date is 24th May 2023

The above data says Essential Addons comes with a better price in all pricing plans. And we should say, it’s better among Essential Addons vs ElementsKit. But there’s something that’s not available in the given table. Even after the explanation, we will say, Essential Addons has a better price, but let us explain first.

ElementsKit comes with both features and pre-build templates. If you use ElementsKit, then you do not need to use any other plugin to continue your site. But Essential Addons comes with only the features, no pre-build templates. You will need to install or purchase an external plugin for getting the templates. You will need to spend more on that too. But the update is, Templately has a free version and it comes for a few months free for all Essential Addons plan.

Winner 🧐🧐 Essential Addons

Essential Addons Ratings vs ElementsKit Ratings

Ratings and reviews are always important. Especially, when you want to compare ElementsKit vs Essential Addons, ratings come on the first line of comparison. Both of the plugin has a lot of ratings, are well-established, known worldwide. So, how the users are sharing their experience with them? We will find them in the following table.

WordPress OrgEssential AddonsElementsKitChampion
Total Ratings3,116+1,348+Essential Addons
5 Star and Ratio2,963+ (95%)1,260+ (93%)Essential Addons
Average Rating4.9/5.04.9/5.0
G2N/A4.4/5.0 (13)ElementsKit
AppSumoN/A4.9/5.0 (172)ElementsKit
The last update date is 20th May 2023

Essential Addons has more than double-rated users and a five-star rating than ElementsKit. But both of the plugins have 4.9 average ratings. Please keep in mind that, the ratings are rounded ratings so it shows the equality for both ElementsKit vs Essential Addons. But they have different average ratings in which Essential Addons has better marks.

None of them has any Trustpilot review. However, ElementsKit has both G2 and AppSumo ratings. Essential Addons does not have any ratings on those sites. Moreover, ElementsKit was one of the top successful products on AppSumo. For WordPress directory ratings, Essential Addons is clearly ahead then ElementsKit. But ElementsKit has 2 external website ratings. So, we can not announce a single winner for Essential Addons vs ElementsKit comparison blog.

Winner 🧐🧐 Both

Essential Addons Developer vs ElementsKit Developer

ElementsKit and Essential Addons both are digital products. You can not touch them or physically interact. So, let’s dig out the background company of each product. The developer comparison of ElementsKit vs Essential Addons is as below. You can also check the company profile at the best WordPress company in Bangladesh bolg.

NameEssential AddonsElementsKitChampion
Developer CompanyWPDeveloperXpeedStudio
Total Team Members87+75+Essential Addons
Total Products25+17+Essential Addons
Popular PluginEssential Addons (1M+)ElementsKit (1M+)
The last update date is 23rd May 2023

WPDeveloper is the company behind Essential Addons. They have almost 90 team members and 25+ products. It’s more than the XpeedStudio. However, XpeedStudio also has a good number of employees and products. Both ElementsKit vs Essential Addons is the best products for each company.

Winner 🧐🧐 Essential Addons

Essential Addons Speciality vs ElementsKit Speciality

ElementsKit vs Essential Addons, Wptowp

How did we find ElementsKit vs Essential Addons specialty? Our team check the plugin’s free version, cross-checked with the documentation, and discuss it in the meeting. In addition, we talk with the WPDeveloper team and they were supportive. Please be aware that, the main features in the list are in our preference. You can check the whole list of features for your consideration too.

ElementsKitEssential Addons
Header & Footer Builder❌❌
Conditional ContentConditional Content
Mega Menu Builder❌❌
Advanced StickyAdvanced Sticky
Widget Builder❌❌
Multi Widgets Area❌❌
Advanced ParallaxAdvanced Parallax
Cross Domain Copy PasteCross Domain Copy Paste
Advanced TableAdvanced Table
❌❌Sticky Video
❌❌Side menu
❌❌Table Of Content
❌❌Interactive Circle Infographic
❌❌Circle and Semi-Circle Progress Bar
❌❌SVG Animation
❌❌SVG Shape Library

While ElementsKit is builder focused plugin, Essential Addons is feature focused. You can see from the above table, ElementsKit has lack important features like SVG animation, a table of content blocks that is important for SEO, a progress bar, a side menu, a sticky video, and so on. But on the other hand, Essential Addons has lack header footer builder, widget builder, etc. But all above that, Both ElementsKit and Essential Addons can be your perfect combination if you use them with Elementor Pro.

  • We have selected the key features according to our experience. But it can be different for anyone like you. So, we are unable to announce any winner for this section.

Essential Addons Support vs ElementsKit Support

For any product, after-sales support is important. Especially if you are operating an agency then after-sales support is crucial. So, we dig out the available channels that you might use for future contact. And here’s what we have found for you.

Support CategoryElementsKitEssential Addons
Ticket Base Support✅✅✅✅
Documentation ✅✅✅✅
Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅
Live Chat✅✅✅✅
Release Notes❌❌❌❌
Developer Docs❌❌❌❌
Known Issues (Bug Report)❌❌❌❌
The last update date is 25th May 2023

Support is pretty much the same for ElementsKit vs Essential Addons. They have ticket base support, live chat, documentation, and video tutorial. As both of the plugins is established and released a lot already so no release notes are available. We did not find any developer documents. And we were expecting to have some option to report bugs but none comes with this idea too. As you can see in the above table, they both are winners in support comparison.

Winner 🧐🧐 Both

Essential Addons Resource vs ElementsKit Resource

If you don’t like to knock on the support center and want to continue work, then the resource is important. We have looked at the available resource for ElementsKit vs Essential Addons. As both of the plugins has long-time establishment so they have multiple resource channel for the users.

Resource NameElementsKit Essential Addons
Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅
Video Review✅✅✅✅
Submit Ideas✅✅❌❌
Change Log✅✅❌❌

Resource availability is pretty much the same for Essential Addons vs ElementsKit. ElementsKit has a slice better than Essential Addons. Both of them have videos, tutorials, blogs, roadmaps, and ideas sections. They have a community where you can ask for something like support. You can read their blogs for the latest tutorials and updates too.

Winner 🧐🧐 Both

Essential Addons vs ElementsKit Technical Comparison

Now it’s time to check ElementsKit vs Essential Addons technical comparison. But don’t worry if you are a non-techy person. We’ll make it easy for you too. To determine technical data, we have used the WPHive website. And we checked both the page speed and memory using a comparison of Essential Addons vs ElementsKit.

Page Speed, Essential Addons vs ElementsKit, Wptowp

Page speed defines how fast or slow it will load while using the plugin on the website. The smaller is the better for page speed. Clearly, it shows that ElementsKit will take less time than Essential Addons. ElementsKit will take -.05s while Essential Addons will take +.05s for loading the page.

Memory Uses, Essential Addons vs ElementsKit, Wptowp

Memory uses to define how many resources it will take from the hosting panel. The smaller is the better for memory use. Here you can see, ElementsKit will take -2.12KB while Essential Addons need +368.71KB. So, ElementsKit is better in this case.

Winner 🧐🧐 ElementsKit

Essential Addons Awards vs ElementsKit Awards

ElementsKit won the prestigious “Basis ICT Awards” back in 2021! During the time it won the price, Covid19 was saying us good-by and we were preparing for the new normal life. We did not have any other information about ElementsKit vs Essential Addons awards comparison.

Editorial Comparison of ElementsKit vs Essential Addons

To us, the Wptowp editorial team believes, Both ElementsKit and Essential Addons are top Elementor Addons. You can with any plugin to build your next WordPress Elementor Website. If you have a lower budget then go with Essential Addons as they come up with the lower cost. If you have the budget then ElementsKit is fine to go. On a special note, if you notice the above comparison, ElementsKit, and Essential Addons both won the same number of times.

Essential Addons vs ElementsKit FAQ

Got some questions for ElementsKit vs Essential Addons comparison 2023? We assume you have. We are adding some frequently asked questions here. If you do not find your answer, contact us. We will add the answer here soon in the future.

Which are the Best Elementor Addons?

It is not possible to declare the best Elementor Addons. Because depending on your needs and budget, your choice can be changed. So, we have provided a lot of data-based comparisons of ElementsKit vs Essential Addons. You can read the blog and make your own decisions.

Which is the cheapest Elementor Addons?

Statically, Essential Addons is cheaper than ElementsKit. But at Essential Addons, you will need to purchase a template library at extra cost which you can get together at ElementsKit.

Do Elementor Addons Free?

Most of the Elementor Addons come in a freemium model where you can see a free version with limited features and a pro version. ElementsKit and Essential Addons both have a free version available on the WordPress directory. You can access them and check the features. For the premium version, check the ElementsKit landing page and Essential Addons Landing page here.

Essential Addons vs ElementsKit Review Related Article

Thank you for reading the full article on the ElementsKit vs Essential Addons comparison. We have tried our level best to present an honest comparison. And we also tried to cover all the nectary information. You can also read ElementsKit’s details review if you are interested in ElementsKit. We also published a holistic list that contains all the nameable Elementor Addons. You can check the 43+ Elementor Addons list blog to know about all the Elementor Addons.

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