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The Events Calendar vs Eventin 2024 (Head-to-Head Wars)

So, you already know about the Events Calendar and Eventin event management plugin. And now you want to see the head-to-head wars on The Events Calendar vs Eventin 2023! You got it right. We are going to show you how they are doing the face-to-face comparison. The blog will have multiple tables to represent data. We will be honest as per our commitment, you will get an unbiased analysis. We will also add insightful information.

The Events Calendar is a complete solution for any kind of agency and big events. The price of this plugin is higher than others and the features are also. Idealy fits for agency and big companies.Eventin is a simple events management solution focusing on easy events management. Less pricing with basic features. Ideally fits with all the small agencies and freelancers.

We expect you to have a basic idea about both of the plugins. In case you don’t then check The Events Calendar review and Eventin events management plugin review before diving into this blog. The Events Calendar is a leading Eventin plugin where Eventin is comparatively new.

We are trying to show your head-to-head comparison so that you can decide which plugin is best fitted for your business. It’s worth mentioning that, both of the plugins have high quality and are backed by an experienced expert team.

  • Data Source 🔔🔔, Eventin landing page, ThemeWinter website, StellerWP site, The Events Calendar landing page, WPhive, youtube, and other public directories.

The Events Calendar Statistics vs Eventin Statistics

Let’s check the comparison of the statics of the plugin. This is where we will know about the current condition of both plugins. How many users are running the website with the plugins? We will also look at the ages of the events plugin and users’ acquisition rate.

BenchmarksEvents CalendarEventinChampion
Active Installation800k+9,000+Events Calendar
Total Download44,136k+153K+Events Calendar
Plugin Age13+ Years3+ YearsEvents Calendar
The last update date is 19th March 2023

The Events Calendar has the highest number of active users. They have the highest total download numbers and they are 10 years more than Eventin. Clearly, it’s champion in this comparison. But there’s something hidden. Let’s check the user acquisition rate of the plugin. Here the Events Calendar users’ acquisition rate is 1.81 (800K*100/44,136K) and the Eventin users’ acquisition rate is 5.88 (9K*100/153K)! So clearly, if the same ways both of the plugins grow the in next few years, Eventin will have more active users than the Events Calendar.

Winner 🧐🧐 The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar Features vs Eventin Features

Events management required a lot of cations. So every established event plugin has a lot of features. Likewise, the Events Calendar has a huge number of features. The numbers of features also reflect why they become the #1 Events Plugin in WordPress. To keep the comparison of the Events Calendar vs Eventin, we kept only the important features in the following table.

The Events CalendarThe Events CalendarEventin
Subscribe to Your CalendarTime Zone SupportMultivendor Event Marketplace
Multiple ViewsFeatured EventsUnique QR Code for Attendees
Recurring EventsAdditional ViewsMaintain Recurring Events
Premium Support AccessWeek ViewEvent Calendar View
Recurring Events and SeriesCustom TemplateSchedule Management
eCommerce IntegrationShortcodesShowcase Speakers/Organizers
Attendee Registration FormsMobile Ticketing AppUnlimited Single/Multiple Events
Ticket Stock CountdownCustom Ticket TiersMulti-tier Ticket Pricing
Ticket ManagementTicket InsightsUnique Attendee Management
Email ConfirmationOnline Event RegistrationDetailed Analytics Report
Display AttendeesAttendee-only ContentCustom Field for Attendee Form
Marketing AutomationTriggered MessagesWooCommerce Payment System
Dynamic ContentTimelineGroundhogg & FluentCRM Integration
Import From Multiple SourcesBulk imports and FiltersEvent Venue with Google Maps
Group and Individual ImportsImport CategoriesPurchased Event Details on Dashboard
Automatic and Manual ImportsPublishing ControlsWooCommerce Coupon
Add Filters to Your CalendarSmart syncStripe Payment System
Appended URLMigration Made Easy
Flexible LayoutCustom Filters
Responsive DesignDisplay ControlsThe Events Calendar
Virtual EventsIndicate Events as Virtual“Display link” Button
Create Zoom meetings from WP
Require Tickets or RSVPManage Events from WordPress
Highlight Virtual Events on CalendarIndicate Events as HybridEnhanced Google SEO
Schedule Live StreamsSchedule Video LinksLivestream embed
Event Submission Form
Standard Event FieldsPublishing Control
Registered User SettingsEditing ListingsCategories and Tags
Saved Venues and OrganizersSpam ProtectionEmail Notifications
User Ticketing Platform
Attendee ManagementSales Reports
No Admin Access RequiredCollect Ticket FeesSplit Payments
eCommerce IntegrationAutomated Payouts
Zapier Trigger SupportLead ManagementCommunication Outreach
Internal ProcessesData ManagementFilters and Paths

Comparing the features in numbers, The Events Calendar (69) is far better than Eventin (17). In fact, the Events Calendar has 4 times more features than Eventin. So, statically the Events Calendar wins in this section. The Events Calendar has all the required features for creating events to sell them. But that also required a high price.

On the other hand, Eventin has lesser features at less price too. You can just get started with 69 bucks. But the events calendar will ask you for 699 bucks having no LTD packages. If you have the budget, go for the Events Calendar but if not, then Eventin is a better suit for you.

Winner 🧐🧐 The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar Ratings vs Eventin Ratings

Let’s see how the experience users’ reacted to the Events Calendar vs Eventin comparison. The ratings talk about the after-sales support, update, and service. As you know happy customers give better ratings while angry customers do the positive. So the better ratings indicated better sales support.

WordPress OrgEvents CalendarEventinChampion
Total Ratings2,032+40+Events Calendar
5 star1,524+39+ Events Calendar
Average Rating4.3/5.04.9/5.0Eventin
Trustpilot Ratings2.1/5.0
The last update date is 19th March 2023 | (–) indicates that we did not find the data

The Events Calendar has the highest-rated users and the highest five-star rating in the WordPress directory. So, we were expecting to see it as the champion. But the analytics brings different results. Eventin has a 92% five-star ratings ratio. Whereas, the Events Calendar has 75% only. On the other hand, the average rating of Eventin is 4.9 whereas the Evenst Calendar has 4.3! Even though the Events Calendar has a Trustpilot rating which is 2.1 only. Considering all the data of the Events Calendar vs Eventin, we have got the winner as the Eventin plugin.

Winner 🧐🧐 Eventin

Eventin vs The Events Calendar Developer

Your online website is the digital identity of your business. And stability is one of the main factors everyone cares about. So, we have dug out the background company of both of the plugins. If you want to know the Events Calendar vs Eventin company, then this section will help you. Please be aware that, we have added the summary view of the company. You can always check details from the landing page.

NameEvents CalendarEventinChampion
Developer CompanyStellarWPArraytics
Total Products8+6+Events Calendar
Popular PluginEvents Calendar (800k+)Eventin (9k+)Events Calendar
The last update date is 22nd March 2023

From the table, you can see, StellerWP is far better than Arraytics. StellerWP is an older company having a very great portfolio. Strong team, professional output with successful products. Each and every product made by StellerWP have a great reputation. It’s a top company, no doubt about it.

Arraytics is also growing and providing quality service. Even though they have fewer numbers of installations, the reputation of this company is great. Leading marketing communities like MarTech, AppSumo, etc. Eventin was AppSumo’s select product last year.

Winner 🧐🧐 The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar Pricing vs Eventin Pricing

After the features, pricing is the most important factor to be considered while purchasing any plugin. In some cases, we compromise with the features due to a better price model. We know that and we add the Events Calendar vs Eventin pricing comparison in this section.

PackageThe Events CalendarEventinChampion
1 Site$699$69Eventin
3 Sites$1199
10 Sites$1999$169Eventin
LTDNot Available$169 – $519
Refund14 days14 Days
The last update date is 25th March 2023

Expectedly, the Events Calendar pricing is far more than the Eventin event management plugin. The Events Calendar has a lot of modules, features, integration, mobile app, and what’s not. So the price is higher. The Events Calendar also doesn’t offer any LTD plan for the users. On the other hand, Eventin has LTD pricing and yearly pricing. Both of the pricing is divided into 3 parts and they are affordable.

Winner 🧐🧐 Eventin

Note 😌 Pricing is subject to a matter of change. The plugin owner can change it at any time without any notice. If you want to purchase any of them, you are requested to check the final price from the landing page of the official website.

The Events Calendar Speciality vs Eventin Speciality

Let’s explore some of the spotlights of both the Events Calendar vs Eventin plugin. There are the special factors Wptowp editorial listed for you. They will give you some ideas about how they become so popular. And how the after-sales service can be expected from the team.

The Events CalendarEventin
One Solution for AllBest Pricing Package
Highest IntegrationBest Customer Support
Highest User BaseEventin Awards
Extensive CustomizableOnline Reputation
Support and DocumentationBetter Ratings and Review

Comparatively, Bothe the Events Calendar vs Eventin have different types of specialties for future users. The Events Calendar focused on better solutions with the highest flexibility. On the other hand, Eventin focused on better pricing with simplicity. As the elements are different here so we are not advancing any winner in this section.

The Events Calendar Integration vs Eventin Integration

Events required a lot of actions to make them successful. That’s what you already know. But to make it easy and manageable, we will need to depend on multiple external apps and software other than the only events plugin. In this blog, the Events Calendar vs Eventin, we will look at the external apps integration in both of the plugins.

The Events CalendarThe Events CalendarEventin
Avada Website BuilderBasel ThemeWooCommerce
Divi ThemeEnfold ThemeGutenberg
Genesis FrameworkEvent SubmissionsGroundhogg 
Genesis FrameworkHello Elementor ThemeDIVI Builder
Kadence ThemeTribe CommerceBricks Builder
AutoptimizeBreeze CacheZapier
LiteSpeed CacheSiteGround OptimizerOxygen Builder
W3 Total CacheWP EnginePabbly
WP Fastest CacheWP-OptimizeTwilio
WP RocketWP Super CacheBeaver Builder
WPML TranslationsLoco TranslateFluentCRM
PayPalGiveWPVisual Composer
WooCommerceEasy Digital DownloadZoom
JetpackSocial Media FeatherElementsKit
WP FusionUncanny AutomatorStripe
BuddyBossSEO PressDokan
Yoast SEOMemberPressGoogle Meet
BuddyPressRestrict Content ProGoogle Calendar
WooCommerce MembershipsOxygen Page BuilderBuddyBoss
Avada Website BuilderElementor Page Builder
Slider RevolutionBeaver Builder & Themer
Essential Grid

There’s no doubt that the Events Calendar has far more integration and compatibility than Eventin. Whether you are looking for a page builder or payment getaways, the Events Calendar has multiple options. For stock management, search engine plugins, cache plugins and popular themes, the Events Calendar has a lot of options. You can choose from multiple alternative options. On the other hand, Eventin has a good number of integration. You can take all primary actions with them. Compare to Eventin vs the Events Calendar, Eventin has far fewer features.

Winner 🧐🧐 The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar Support vs Eventin Support

Support is really important for a better after-sales experience. In critical moments or the time you need a quick fix, support plays a vital experience. As we are talking about the Events Calendar vs Eventin so we have checked the support comparison.

Support CategoryThe Events CalendarEventin
Ticket Base Support✅✅✅✅
Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅
Live Chat❌❌✅✅
Release Notes✅✅✅✅
Developer Docs✅✅✅✅
Known Issues (Bug Report)✅✅❌❌

With regular support, the Events calendar provides bug report options. So, if you noticed an unwanted issue, you can do a quick look whether they are aware or not. If yes, they are working, if not, you can submit a bug report. But the Events Calendar does not have any live chat support. No matter whether you have a critical issue or pre-sell questions, you will need to create new support tickets or search by yourself.

On the other hand, Eventin has a live chat support system and you can ask them for pre-sell questions. Even though, live chat is not available all the time, they at last have.

Winner 🧐🧐 Eventin

The Events Calendar Resource vs Eventin Resource

The resource is like support. You will need it from the time you start any products and to the end of uninstallation. If you don’t like to talk over support then the resource is the way to dig out the products. Here in this section of the Events Calendar vs Eventin blog, we will see the resource comparison of both of the plugins.

Resource NameThe Events CalendarEventin
Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅
Video Review✅✅✅✅
Submit Ideas✅✅✅✅
Change Log✅✅✅✅

From the comparison, you can see, Eventin has better resources for the users. But apart from the data, here’s something you need to know before moving on. The Events Calendar has a well-established resource pipeline. You can read their blogs, release update, video tutorials, and knowledge-based and developer documents. The Evenst Calendar’s knowledge base is one of the best documentation ever we have seen. Recently, they start working on video tutorials for the users.

Eventin also doing good, but compare to the Events Calendar, Eventin is just establishing itself. But according to the table, Eventin is the winner.

Winner 🧐🧐 Eventin

The Events Calendar vs Eventin Technical Comparison

Let’s explore the Events Calendar vs Eventin technical comparison. Don’t be afraid of technical issues. We will present it in a generic format so that you can understand it easily. First, we will talk about the Events Calendar vs Eventin page speed and then we will express the memory uses of the plugin.

The Events Calendar vs Eventin, Page Speed, Wptowp

Page speed defines how fast the plugin will load on the website. The faster speed is better. According to WPHive, both of the plugins have +0.13s. But the results show that Eventin speed is better!

The Events Calendar vs Eventin, Memory Uses, Wptowp

Memory uses to show how much resource/space has been taken by the plugin. The Events Calendar takes +2140.87KB which is far more than Eventin. Eventin takes only +547.91KB. So, here Eventin won the championship medal.

Now, for both page speed and memory, Eventin is the winner. One reason can be for this is the features numbers. The Events Calendar has a huge number of features so it takes extra memory and resource. But as the data says, Eventin wins in technical comparison of the Events Calendar vs Eventin.

Winner 🧐🧐 Eventin

The Events Calendar Awards vs Eventin Awards

It’s time to check the awards of the Events Calendar vs Eventin comparison. For the awards sections, we have considered WP Weekly’s awards and Monster’s awards. If there is any other WordPress contest and awards, please contact us. We will check and update the table.

Awards NameThe Events CalendarEventin
WP Awards 20221st2nd
WP Awards 20211st
Monster’s Award 20223rd
Monster’s Award 20212nd
The last update date is 25th March 2023

Eventin participated in most of the contests and secure top positions every time. Even though they are not the champion at any, but they are in the top 3 for all time. Now, the Events Calendar participate in 2 contest and become the champion always. This comparison shows that both of the plugins are loved by the users and community.

Editorial Comparison of Eventin vs The Events Calendar

By the time we developed Eventin review, we have seen a smart solution for events management. Even people can use it as an alternative to WordPress LMS plugins. Eventin has some limitations too. Especially the plugin has limited features. But the Events Calendar says that has a huge number of features. It can use to host any kind of event.

We strongly believe both of the plugins are good. Depending on the event type and budget, any plugin can be taken. With a limited budget, Eventin is better. But for the agency, the Events Calendar is better. Analyze your events and chose the plugin. If you are confused, contact us. We will assist you with our experience.

The Events Calendar vs Eventin Final Words

Thanks for reading the comparison blog between the Events Calendar vs Eventin. We are happy that you are still here. Hope you have linked the blog. Have you any confusion on Eventin vs the Events Calendar comparison? Contact us today and we will reply to you. At the same time, we will update the blog on the basis of your question.

Share the blog about Eventin vs the Events Calendar blog on your favorite social media. This way, your friends will know about the comparison and we will feel motivated to write more content for you.

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