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Eventin Plugin 💥 Full Eventin Review 2024

Looking for an Eventin plugin or a full Eventin review? No worry! You are on the right blog!

Before moving to the next tab, please be aware that, we discovered Eventin from our listing blog and then published an Eventin holistic review, top reasons to use Eventin pro, how Eventin can be an LMS plugin’s alternative, etc. So, the content you are going to read about the Eventin plugin is verified.

Know about Eventin from the group of people who actually know about Eventin plugin!

Eventin recently hit 8,000+ active installations. It reflects their quality development and support, which are loved by people around the globe. You can check out the holistic Eventin plugin review blog. That blog includes every details like history, community response, how to get started etc.

Eventin Review – Introduction

Eventin plugin, wptowp

Eventin is an All-in-one solution to simplify creating and managing events & Selling tickets. You can manage the Event marketplace with the Eventin dokan module. Whether you’re organizing a virtual or in-person event, most of the WordPress solutions on the market fall short where it counts. This is where Eventin comes! Your best friends to manage the next events.

  • Eventin is a plugin that maintains 100% positive and fives star ratings in the WordPress directory still now [2.5+ years].

Eventin comes with exceptional value and makes the life of a WooCommerce events owner noticeably easier. It’s superb quality, as measured not only by user reviews but also by a long track record of delivering quality products from the ThemeWinter team.

Best Features of Eventin Plugin

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Eventin plugin is new but comes with some USPs that are better than its competitors. Eventin also has more features and functionality than the other well-known WordPress event management plugins. Eventin is famous for one more reason. Their support is first-class. If you check the Eventin ratings, many of the users mention the support. Here are the unique selling points of the plugin:

✌️ Multivendor Event Marketplace – You can convert your event management website into a multivendor event and ticket-selling marketplace by Eventin with Dokan.

✌️ Unique QR Code for Attendees – You can create unique QR codes for guests who buy tickets and scan these QR codes at the event entrance to easily manage guests. It can be single and multi-steps scanning.

✌️ Maintain Recurring Events – You can create repeated events for daily, weekly, monthly, and annually with additional options for each till the specified period.

✌️ Event Calendar View – You can display events with daily, weekly, monthly and annual views with Event Calendar to help attendees register for multiple events.

✌️ Simplified Schedule Management – Plan events by creating multiple custom schedules and repeat them for multiple events by adding them under one or multiple speakers.

✌️ Showcase Speakers/Organizers – Add and use dedicate a single page for speakers and organizers to share their names, short bio, social media links, company URLs, and more.

✌️ Unlimited Single/Multiple Events – You can create an event with a single starting and ending date or add multiple events with multiple starting and ending dates.

✌️ Multi-tier Ticket Pricing – You can create multiple types of tickets for events such as ‘Early Bird’, ‘Regular’, and ‘VIP’ and set different prices for different tickets.

✌️ Unique Attendee Management – Eventin give attendees unique ticket IDs and track their attendance for individual events by filtering their data from the admin dashboard.

✌️ Detailed Analytics Report – You can also track event guests with unique attendee tickets for each event attendee and view total ticket sales at a glance.

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✌️ Custom Field for Attendee Form – Get full control over the registration form by creating custom registration forms for attendees with unlimited extra fields.

✌️ WooCommerce Payment System – Allow users to pay through WooCommerce-supported payment gateways to purchase event tickets.

✌️ Groundhogg & FluentCRM Integration – Maintain customer relationships using Grounghogg and FluentCRM to automate your marketing campaigns that save time.

✌️ Event Venue with Google Maps – When creating an event, add and display your event venue on Google Maps. Make it easier for guests to find your event location.

✌️ Purchased Event Details on User’s Dashboard – Show event details with an overview of the user’s panel. All of the purchased event details are now available on the user’s dashboard.

✌️ WooCommerce Coupon for Events – You can create multiple types of coupons like percentage discounts, fixed cart discounts, or fixed product discounts that apply to your events.

✌️ Stripe Payment System – Eventin supports the Stripe payment system. So users can pay with Stripe to buy their event tickets.

Eventin Plugin Integration

Eventin is famous for its extensions and integrations. All the integrations will allow its users to not only manage but also do event marketing without facing any issues.

WooCommerce – Sell tickets and manage stocks with WooCommerce
Gutenberg – Create Event with Gutenberg blocks
Elementor – Use Elementor widgets to create and manage events
Stripe – Sell tickets with stripe payment getaways
Dokan – Create a multivendor event marketplace
ElementsKit – Extends your Elementor event websites
Zoom – Host online meetings and webinars as online events
Visual Composer – Use a visual composer to create and manage events site
FluentCRM – Do events marketing automatically with CRM
BeaverBuilder – Create an events site with beaver builder
Twilio – Provide SMS updates with Twilio SMS
Pabbly – Provide updates to the attendees with Pabbly
Oxygen – Use oxygen builder to create events site
Zapier – Use zapier to manage your leads and marketing
Bricks – Use bricks builder to create events site
DIVI – Use DIVI builder to create and manage events on DIVI theme
Groundhogg – Do marketing to your potential attendees and purchasers

As you can see, the list will continue to grow. as eventin continues to work and add more integrations You can never see much more integration in any other WordPress event management plugin on the planet. Interesting?

Eventin Plugin Addons

Eventin plugin offers two dedicated addons plugin for their users. They are DIVI Eventin addons for DIVI theme users. And Eventin Dokan integration for Multivendor Event Marketplace.

Eventin Plugin DIVI Addons for DIVI Events

Enjoy the Eventin features and functionality with DIVI builders. Use Divi to create the perfect event management website. Eventin’s integration makes it easier for Divi users to manage events from their websites.

Eventin Dokan Integration for Event Marketplace

The multivendor event marketplace is an on-premises marketplace platform for events. It allows individuals or vendors to manage sales functionality in their very own micro event services with all the necessary business features. 

Eventin brings a multivendor event marketplace feature. The most unique features — the first of its kind! For this solution, Eventin integrated with Dokan multivendor at Eventin. It creates a win-win opportunity for both the event organizer and the marketplace owner by sharing profits and commissions.

Eventin Pro Pricing

Eventin WordPress event management plugin comes with flexible pricing. You can pay them either yearly or as LTD. The package started at $69 USD. They have a 14 day of the money-back guarantee, so you can use the plugin and test for this period of time. The price is lower compared to other WordPress event management plugins available in the market. Especially, Eventin plugin comes with a lot of advanced integrations and addons without extra cost.

Eventin Pricing
Standard, 1 SitePremium, 10 SitesAgency, UnlimitedRefunds Policy
69$/year169$/year289$/year14 days
The last update date is 17th November 2022 

The price can be ups and down at any time as ThemeWinter holds the right to change the pricing at any time. You are encouraged to check their websites for the most recent updates.

Eventin Review Spotlight

If you ask for a better and more affordable event management plugin, such as an alternative to the WordPress LMS plugin, we will recommend the Eventin plugin. This is not because we are their affiliate, but because of the quality, features, and support they have provided over time.

  • Best Pricing – Eventin plugin’s pricing started from 69$ only. With the starter package, you can avail all the premium features on the plugin. If you are happy, you can take their lifetime deals also. If you check other established Event management plugin, most of them does not have lifetime pricing. Some of them have sky-touching pricing. But Eventin, is an affordable plugin.
  • Best Support – Eventin’s support is another factor that will lead you to love this plugin. They provide free support through multiple support channels. Not only do free but also they respond very quickly. You can get answers from the WordPress directory too.
  • Eventin Awards – Eventin won the Monster awards 2021 already. It shows the love of the running customers for the plugin. As the users cast their votes for the plugin.
  • Online Reputation – Eventin and its company ThemeWinter have a great online reputation. They were in the MarTech community, and AppSumo campaign so far. The leading marketers praise them on a different thread.

What is on the Way on Eventin Plugin?

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Recently they released some of the flagship features like Multivendor marketplace integrations, DIVI integrations, PDF certifications for attendees, recurring events, and so on. We checked their upcoming list. At this moment, they are working with BuddyBoss integration, WebHook. They also have a plan for google meet integration, and mobile application development soon. You can submit your own ideas to their website to make this WordPress event management plugin better.

When Should You Use Eventin Plugin?

Eventin, Alternatives to LMS WordPress plugin, wptowp

Eventin is a WordPress event management plugin that can be used from a different perspective. Let’s explore the categories for more details.

🐆 Event Organizers – All-in-one WordPress event management plugin to create and manage events, sell tickets and do event marketing.

🐆 Online Tutors – Create sessions as specific events or recurring events and sell tickets to the students. Zoom is available for online tutoring.

🐆 Conference Organizers – Showcase conference details including speaker and sponsors details, schedule, etc on the dedicated page. Sell tickets too.

🐆 Meetup Host – Manage to gather people with free ticketing systems. You can manage stock with WooCommerce.

🐆 Fitness Trainer – Create sessions as events and sell tickets. Showcase the schedule and other information on the dedicated schedule page.

🐆 Agency Owner – Provide quick development service for the event’s website without any technical issues and extra cost.

🐆 Freelancer – Provide quality service within the deadline using Eventin, and WordPress event management plugin.

🐆 Digital Marketer – Sell your valuable time and schedule to the customers. An event can be considered as your consultancy time.

🐆 Theme Developer – Develop an event management theme with complete functionality. You have overriding options in the WordPress event management plugin Eventin.

🐆 Music Instructors – Sell your weekly schedule and training session through events. You can use one-time or recurring events to manage your schedule.

Editorial Prediction for Eventin Plugin

Eventin is growing. Within the last few months, it grows from 5,000 to 8,000+ and it will grow more. They will grow more due to the features they are providing. We have been observing their LTD campaign at MarTech and AppSumo. Whatever they promise, they are delivering. Giant marketers like them so do our editorial.

Our prediction is, Eventin will grow faster in the upcoming days. And within the next year, they have a high chance to grow up to 50,000+ active users in the WordPress directory. Surely they will grow up their positions at our WordPress event management plugin’s listing blog.

Eventin Plugin FAQs

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Have some question? Well, we have the answer too. Here in this section, let’s see the Eventin FAQs! If you have more question, drop us at the contact us option.

Any Discounts or Deal for Eventin Plugin?

Eventin comes with both yearly and lifetime deal. You can avail the pricing at Eventin pricing page. Moreoever, they often offer some discounts on different occasions, which can be found on their pricing page.

Can I use Eventin without WooCommerce?

Yes! You can use Eventin WordPress event management plugin without WooCoomerce. In that case, you will need to use stripe payment getaways in this WordPress event management plugin.

Eventin Review – Final Notes

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