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5+ Tutor LMS Alternative 2024 (+Coupon Code)

Tutor LMS is the leading WordPress LMS plugin. This is one of the most powerful WordPress LMS plugins! But what about Tutor LMS alternative plugins? Are they good too? Before diving into the blog, why do you need a Tutor LMS alternative plugin? Tutor is already leading the LMS niche on the WordPress directory! Multiple questions at the start. Let’s solve them one by one.

Well, the leading Tutor LMS plugin recently announced a new pricing update. So now they will no longer sell Tutor LMS licenses on lifetime deals. You will be able to purchase the yearly package only. Apart from the updated pricing plan, the regular pricing also seems higher compared to other WordPress LMS plugins. This leads many of us to search what are the competitors and alternative plugins of Tutor LMS!

Not only pricing, but more factors are in the bag like updates, core features, support, etc. In this blog, we will share the best Tutor LMS alternative plugin with the key features. We also managed some LMS coupon codes for you.

5+ Tutor LMS Alternative WordPress Plugin 2024

Well, there are a lot of eLearning solutions available. Apart from a few WordPress LMS plugins, there are tons of SaaS and PaaS solutions. However, as we expected you to use WordPress, so we listed only WordPress alternatives. Ready to dive into the Tutor LMS plugin alternative? We have made a small but effective list for you. Among the plugins, we have added coupons for you too. Check the Tutor LMS alternative LMS and grab the updated plugin with coupons.

LearnPress WordPress LMS – Tutor Alternative

LearnPress, Tutor LMS Alternative, Top LMS Plugins for WordPress, wptowp

LearnPress is the top competitor and alternative of the Tutor LMS plugin. This plugin has more active users than Tutor LMS and it also started earlier than Tutor. LearnPress is a comprehensive WordPress LMS Plugin for WordPress. This is one of the best WordPress LMS Plugins that can be used to easily create & sell courses online. You can create a course curriculum with lessons & quizzes included which is managed with an easy-to-use interface for users.

LearnPress pro pricing starts from $$299/year.

Notable Features of LearnPress LMS

LearnPress major features come as dedicated addons. So, the following feature list is mostly addons. All the add-ons have separate pricing that you can also purchase as bundled modules.

WooCommerce add-on for LearnPressFrontend Editor add-on for LearnPress
Certificates add-on for LearnPressGradebook add-on for LearnPress
Paid Memberships Pro-add-on for LearnPressStripe add-on for LearnPress
2Checkout add-on for LearnPressAuthorize.Net add-on for LearnPress
Co-instructors add-on for LearnPressContent Drip add-on for LearnPress
Assignments Add-on for LearnPressCommission add-on for LearnPress
Random Quiz add-on for LearnPressLearnpress H5P
Sorting Choice add-on for LearnPressCollections add-on for LearnPress
Announcement add-on for LearnPressmyCRED add-on for LearnPress
Student List add-on for LearnPressComing Soon add-on for LearnPress
Upsell Add-on for LearnPressLive Course Add-on for LearnPress

MasterStudy LMS – Tutor LMS Alternative (*Coupon)

MasterStudy, Tutor LMS Alternative, best LMS WordPress plugin, wptowp

MasterStudy LMS WordPress eLearning plugin is our top recommended Tutor alternative plugin. MasterStudy LMS was built by an experienced team named StylemixThemes. The team is Envato 14th-level authors with 5M+ earnings. MasterStudy LMS is also one of the popular LMS themes with 20k+ sales. You can build a fully flagged digital school with this plugin. You can also build single-instructor LMS sites.

✔️ Check the complete review of the MasterStudy LMS plugin review for more details like pricing details, Unique selling points, and our own opinion.

Notable Features of MasterStuy LMS Plugin

We have included only the top features of MasterStudy LMS in the given table. You can check the details of the full feature on the official landing page.

Course Creation with Lessons, Quizzes, AssignmentsSCORM Compliant LMS
Users/Student ManagementMultiple eLearning pricing models
Encourage students with Drip contentWooCommerce LMS integration
Multiple LMS Payment processingFree WordPress LMS Theme
Email Template Editor & BrandingInteractive Live Lessons
Multilanguage and Translation IncludedOnline Certificate Builder
LMS App for Android & iOS

MasterStuy LMS pro pricing starts from $$89.99/year. However, we have managed a 20% OFF Masterstudy LMS Coupon Code for Wptowp users. Check the blog and available MasterStudy discount today!

MasterStudy LMS Coupon Code 2024

LifterLMS – Alternative of Tutor LMS (*Coupon)

LifterLMS, better WordPress LMS plugin, Wptowp

Planning to lift your online learning journey? Well, LifterLMS is one of the favorite alternatives of Tutor LMS. LifterLMS started its journey a long time earlier than similar eLearning plugins. This is also one of the mature and robust learning management plugins. The best part of this plugin is, that it also provides additional support and extensions, you can hire the Lifter experts, and get the regular update. Currently, this plugin helps 10k+ LMS businesses to lift the business.

LifterLMS pro pricing starts from $149.50/year. You can check our LifterLMS coupon code blog for 15% extra LifterLMS discounts.

Notable Features of the LifterLMS Plugin

LifterLMS features come from direct plugin features and also as an addon. However, the pricing model is simple, you can purchase the bundle to unlock the features and advanced features as an addon.

Multimedia LessonsCourse BuilderQuiz Builder
Question BanksCourse CohortsCourse Reviews
Drip ContentCourse TracksMulti Instructor

LMS by Masteriyo – Tutor LMS Alternative


Masteriyo WordPress LMS Plugin is an all-in-one solution for eLearning businesses. Whether you are an experienced educator or just starting, it provides everything you need to create and deliver engaging online courses. Masteriyo LMS has all the tools you will ever need to monetize your courses, training, and educational content. The plugin has more than 2 thousand active users.

Masteriyo LMS pro pricing starts from $74.5/year

Notable Features of Masteriyo LMS

Masteriyo has a small number of users. However, they have a long list of features already. You can see the full features list on their landing page. And here, we have added some of the key features of the plugin.

Easy Course BuilderSingle Page ApplicationDistraction Free Mode
Quiz BuilderCertificate BuilderInbuilt Order System
Payment GatewaysWooCommerce IntegrationOffer Download Material

Academy LMS – TutorLMS Alternative

Academy LMS, wptowp

Academy LMS is one of the new but promising learning management plugins. This is our last LMS recommendation for the Tutor LMS alternative plugin. This plugin is powering up 1,000+ active websites. They recently launched an AppSumo campaign which reflects they have some quality. The plugin has both yearly and lifetime pricing.

Academy LMS pro pricing starts from $119/year

Notable eLearning Features of Academy LMS

Like every eLearning plugin, Academy LMS also has tons of features. We have included only the main features in the given list. You can check the full feature list on the Academy LMS website.

Robust Course BuilderQnA SystemQuiz Builder
Certificate BuilderMulti InstructorsRevenue Sharing
Performance Analytics

Eventin – LMS Alternative Plugin (*Coupon)

Eventin WordPress Event Management Plugin, Wptowp

Surprised to see Eventin as a Tutor alternative plugin? Well, Eventin is an event management plugin. However, this can be your LMS alternative plugin too. In particular, if you are an individual teacher looking to digitalize your tuition, then Eventin would be the ideal choice. Eventin is a powered event plugin but its features like speaker profile, schedule page, and events page can be used as landing pages of any coaching center. It has Zoom and Google Meet integration to take classes. Moreover, recurring classes would be great solutions for any kind of scheduling.

✔️ We published a long blog explaining, how Eventin can be an LMS alternative plugin. Check the blog here to know details! You can also check the Eventin plugin full review for more details.

Eventin Top Features Related to LMS

Eventin has many features as it’s one of the popular WordPress events plugins. However, we are not including all the features here. We have talked about only LMS-related main features.

🟢 Speaker Profile: A teacher can display a full profile including achievements and so on on this page.
🟢 Speaker Schedule: The teacher can display the personal support session on the speaker schedule page.
🟢 Event Page: They can share full details of the institutions and academy here.

🟢 Recurring Events: They can create class schedules with a few clicks and repeat their plan.
🟢 Meet and Zoom: Take online classes and sessions with Google Meet and Zoom platform.
🟢 Certificate Builder: They can also provide certificates with Eventin certificate builder.

Eventin pricing starts from $69 only. However, we have managed a 30% OFF Eventin coupon code for Wptowp users. Check the blog and available Eventin discount today!

Eventin Coupon Code 2024 (30% Off Verified Discount Code)

Recommended Tutor LMS Alternative

  • MasterStudy: If you are looking for dedicated eLearning solutions, an LMS marketplace, and a big system, then our vote goes to the MasterStudy LMS plugin. The team is experienced and they have multiple other plugins to support your business. Specially, if you think from an agency owner’s perspective, this is an ideal solution. The company “StylemixThemes” is a 14th-level author at Envato marketplace making 5M+ revenue already.
  • Eventin: If you need the simplest solutions, just to enable your single teacher eLearning solutions, then check Eventin. This is one of the recommended alternatives to the Tutor LMS plugin.

Tutor LMS Plugin Alternative FAQs

Do you have any quick questions? No worry. We have added direct answers for all of you Tutor alternative-related FAQs in this section. If we missed any answer, contact us today. We will answer you and also update the blog for future readers.

Why Should You Choose TutorLMS Alternative Plugin?

As the pricing model is high, and the LTD pricing is no longer available, you may think about a Tutor alternative. Moreover, the support would be another component for changing the plugin. Specially, if you are a Tutor LMS free version user, you may face some difficulties with support.

Are the Tutor LMS Compitors Better?

Tutor LMS is a good and leading eLearning plugin. But the competitors are also good. You can see, that MasterStudy LMS is powering up 10k+ platform. LitfterLMS is also lifting the same number of sites. So, people are trusting them too.

Is MasterStudy LMS Better Than Tutor LMS?

MasterStudy LMS is one of the popular WordPress LMS plugins. The plugin is loved by 10,000+ people. Depending on your needs, you can use MastarStudy LMS as an alternative to Tutor. MasterStudy LMS is better in some cases like pricing package, pricing model, and theme integration.

Is Tutor LMS Free?

Tutor LMS is a freemium plugin. It has both free and premium versions. You can get the Tutor LMS free on the WordPress directory. You can also purchase the Tutor Pro version from the website. It will unlock advanced features like certificate builder.

Final Words for Tutor LMS Alternative

If you are already a Tutor LMS user and looking to switch then the above content may help you. If you are looking for a Tutor LMS alternative due to the high price and also want to see Tutor LMS competitors, then the blog will help you. You can read related eLearning tools on the LMS top list blog. We also publish an LMS comparison blog for you.

Have you enjoyed the blog? Well, you can now share this content on your favorite social media. This will help us to grow, and motivate us to publish more content. Also, let us know, which Tutor LMS alternative you are going to give a try for your next eLearning website project!

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