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11+ Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugin 2024 (FREE)

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and popular marketing methods. There are multiple WordPress email marketing plugins to power up your marketing activities. There are email senders, customizers, template builders, etc. In this blog, we added only the best WordPress email marketing plugin. We added both popular and newborn plugins to this list.

We will start with all the top WordPress email marketing plugins. Once the list is finished, we describe which some of the known tools are not in the given list before you leave the page. We also added a microscopic analysis to help you make your purchase decisions. We also added our recommendation. Let’s get started.

  • Even though we have added the word “Free” in the title, all the listed plugins are free. You can use them for free, but you will need to purchase the premium version to unlock danced features.

Top 5 Email Marketing Plugin Comparison

Before diving into the blog, let’s see a comparison of the top 5 WordPress email marketing plugins. This will help you make your buying decisions. We included 2 of our recommended plugins even though they are not in the top 5 plugin list.

Plugin NameStarting PriceActive InstallationRatingsAge (Years)
MailPoet$120/year700k+4.5 (1300+)7+
Newsletter $79/year300k+4.6 (1140+)15+
Hustle $36/year100k+4.4 (840+)13+
Icegram Express$129/year90k+4.6 (1080+)10+
FluentCRM $90/year40k+4.8 (120+)3+
Mail Mint$149.99/Year5k+4.5 (30+)1+
weMail $36/year10k+4.3 (20+)5+
The last update date is 22nd March 2024

MailPoet has the highest number of active users while Newsletter is the oldest plugin. Mail Mint cost is higher and it is the newest plugin too. FluentCRM seems the most balanced plugin for pricing, ratings, and age. There are more of that plugin which we have added in the individual description. We have also added our recommended marketing plugin list at the bottom of this blog.

Dedicated WordPress Email Marketing Plugin 2024

Let’s check all the dedicated and leading WordPress email marketing in this section. We will go through all the plugins with overview, pricing, and key features. At the end of this blog, we have added a small comparison, of our recommended plugin. We also added the list of plugins avoided in this list with why we ignored them.

MailPoet (01)

MailPoet, Email Marketing Plugin, Wptowp

MailPoet is a WordPress email marketing plugin trusted by 700k+ people. They started the journey in 2011 and have 1k free subscription management features. You can use MailPoet to create, send, manage, and grow your email marketing campaigns – all without leaving your WordPress dashboard. The newsletter builder integrates perfectly with WordPress so any website owner can create beautiful emails from scratch, or by using our responsive templates that display flawlessly across all devices.

MailPoet pro pricing starts at $10/month, billed monthly for 500 subscribers.

Notable Features of MailPoet

Create and add a newsletter subscriptionManage your subscribers and subscriber
Build and send newsletters with WordPressCreate automatic emails
Send new post notificationsSend automated welcome emails
Behavior and interest-based subscriber segmentationPre-built and customizable email templates
Customize WooCommerce transactional emailsWooCommerce emails

Newsletter (02)

Newsletter, WordPress Email Tool, Wptowp

Newsletter is another popular newsletter and email marketing tool for WordPress. It’s a nice tool for list building, you can easily create, send, and track e-mails, headache-free. It just works out of the box! The plugin is now helping 300k+ people around the globe. With the free version of the plugin, you can manage basic email marketing activity while the pro version will unlock a lot more advanced marketing features.

Newsletter pro pricing starts at $79/year.

Notable Features of Newsletter

Easy-to-use Drag and drop composerNewsletter templates management
Unlimited subscribers with statisticsUnlimited newsletters with tracking
Popup and “in-post” subscription formsOne-Click unsubscribe made
Subscription spam checkCustomizable subscription
WordPress user’s registration integrationSingle And Double Opt-In
Privacy checkbox for EU laws complianceSubscriber lists to fine-target your campaigns

Hustle (03)

Hustle, WordPress Email Marketing Plugin, Wptowp

Hustle is an email marketing plugin to create unlimited campaigns. You can convert your visitors to leads with easy-to-set smart triggers. You can also design email templates with a full set of designer templates. Moreover, the plugin integrates with all the major email apps.

Hustle pro pricing starts from $36/year

Notable Features of Hustle

Copy Create unlimited campaignsEasy to set smart triggers
Convert your visitors to leadsFull set of designer templates
Integrates with all email appsAutomate site management with The Hub
Automate site management with The HubBeautiful and responsive designer templates
Easy integration with your favorite email providersBypass ad blockers
Connect Google ReCAPTCHARange of social sharing modules
Built-in design editor for simple customizationColor match to your brand

Icegram Express (04)

Icegram Express, WordPress Marketing Plugim, Wptowp

Icegram Express is the simplest, pocket-friendly, most reliable WordPress email marketing plugin. The plugin is perfect for list building, list engagement, sending newsletters and targeted emails, and converting leads into customers. It’s a fully-featured, automated email marketing plugin with seamless integration with the most popular themes, plugins, and SMTP / email service providers.

Icegram Express pro pricing starts from $129/year

Notable Features of Icegram Express

Collect leads via subscription formsSend blog post notifications
Send welcome & confirmation emailsDrag and drop blocks to build newsletters
Readymade email templatesCompose and send unlimited emails
Run cart recovery emailsAutomate email workflow with triggers
List cleanup and rule-based segmentationUnlimited contacts, forms, lists, and emails
Build email sequences and schedule campaignsSpam check, captcha, bounce handling

FluentCRM (05)

FluentCRM, Email Marketing Plugin, Wptowp

FluentCRM is one of the feature-rich Email Marketing solutions made by WPManageNinja. It is also the simplest and fastest email marketing plugin that you can use on WordPress. You can build your email lists, send email campaigns, build funnels, and increase your conversion rates. One of the best features of this plugin is automation.

FluentCRM pro pricing starts at $90/yr

Notable Features of FluentCRM

Creative Email BuilderMarketing AutomationAdvanced Reporting
Email Campaign ManagementEmail Sequencing40+ Free Integrations
Smart Contact SegmentationCreate Contacts ListAutomated Funnels
Sequenced Emails

Mail Mint (06)

Mail Mint, WordPress Email Plugin, Wptowp

Mail Mint is a new yet fast-growing email marketing plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. You can power up your marketing funnels on WordPress with email marketing automation. It helps you optimize your email marketing campaigns with Mail Mint. With the plugin, you can manage unlimited leads and subscribers, run targeted email campaigns, create newsletters, and get simplified email automation flows.

Mail Mint Pro pricing starts from $149.99/Year

Notable Features of Mail Mint

Advanced Email BuilderStrategic Email SequencesSimplified Automation Flows
Real-time AnalyticsDynamic SegmentationStunning Email Templates
WooCommerce IntegrationEDD IntegrationCustom Lead Form
Gravity Forms IntegrationWPFunnels Integration

💥 Mail Mint Full Review: We published a complete review of the Mail Mint plugin that contains all the features, USPs, pricing, analysis, and our editorial words.

weMail (07)

weMail, Emaial Marketing Solutions for WordPress, Wptowp

The weMail is a simplified email marketing solution for WordPress. It helps the users send newsletters, collect leads, automate emails, display subscription forms, auto-add subscribers to a list, and manage subscribers all inside the WordPress dashboard. weMail is helping over 10 thousand people to manage their email marketing solutions at this moment. With weMail, you can focus more on growing subscriber lists and email marketing.

weMail Pro pricing starts from $36/year

ConvertKit (08)

ConvertKit, Email Marketing Plugin, Wptowp

ConvertKit is another email marketing tool that makes creating, sending, and managing your email marketing campaigns easy. You can grow your email subscriber lists and send targeted email newsletters. The plugin helps you sell more products and build your membership site with this plugin. The first 1,000 subscribers management is free. Design email newsletter subscriptions, Build landing pages, and display them on a WordPress page to capture email subscribers.

ConvertKit Pro pricing starts from $25/month

Notable Features of ConvertKit

Email DesignerEmail MarketingDeliverability
Visual AutomationMultiple IntegrationsPaid Recommendations
Sponsor NetworkCreator NetworkLanding Pages
Newsletter AutomationContact Forms

Mailjet (09)

Mailjet, WordPress Email Marketing New Plugin, Wptowp

Mailjet is an ideal WordPress plugin to manage your email marketing-related tasks. You can manage your subscribers, design professional email templates, and send them to the customers. You can interact with comments users and WooCommerce purchasers with this plugin. The plugin has relatively low ratings on the WordPress directory. But the plugin is helping over 20k users around the globe.

Mailjet Pro pricing starts from $180/year

Notable Features of Mailjet

Easy Email ManagementContact Lists ManagementSign Up Form
Automated Contact SynchronizationCampaign Builder ToolData Compliance
Synchronize your WordPress users.World Class DeliverabilityInternational UI
Subscribe WooCommerce customersInsight and analytics

ShopMagic (10)

ShopMagic, Free WordPress Email Marketing Plugin, Wptowp

ShopMagic is an ideal WooCommerce email marketing plugin for growing your business. This WordPress marketing plugin is now helping more than 10k users around the globe. If you want to run strategic WooCommerce email marketing campaigns to increase your eCommerce sales and conversions, then try this plugin.

ShopMagic pro pricing starts from $69/year

Notable Features of ShopMagic

follow-up emailsEmail automation for orderCustom transactional emails 
Customized follow-up emailsEmails to employeesIntegration with Mailchimp
Customer lists and segmentationAdvanced guest handlingRecover abandoned Carts
SMS NotificationsCross-selling Related products

Getsitecontrol (11)

Getsitecontrol , Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress, Wptowp

Getsitecontrol is another very new yet effective WordPress email marketing tool. You can send email newsletters to promote products, announce special offers, drive traffic to your website, and boost sales—craft professional emails using a full-featured editor and a modern email template gallery. You can create newsletter popups, announcement bars, promo banners, coupon boxes, surveys, and contact forms that align with your website’s branding.

Getsitecontrol Pro pricing starts from $36 / year

Notable Features of Getsitecontrol

Apply field mapping for taggingMake announcementsCollect feedback
Manage contact databaseBenefit from built-in filtersPrevent abandonment
Add tags based on email interactionsReview interaction historyWelcome new subscribers
Recommend products or servicesCreate reusable sequencesRe-engage dormant customers

AcyMailing (12)

AcyMailing, WordPress Email Marketing Plugin, Wptowp

AcyMailing is another email marketing plugin to create attention-grabbing newsletters with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can automate your newsletter formation process using pre-saved zones. You can build personalized newsletters with user data such as name, email, or custom fields. It also allows you to implement social media share options for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to expand your reach.

AcyMailing Pro pricing starts from $28.4/year

Notable Features of AcyMailing

Create effective emailReal Dynamic Content​
Powerful Drag & Drop Editor​Awesome blocks & saved zone​

Which Plugin We Avoided?

Poplar WordPress email marketing plugins like MC4WP and InboxWP are not in the above list. As the list goes long, why we did not add these popular tools? Well, in the following section, we explain. We talked about the emailing category with details about why we avoid them in the above list.

  • All SaaS Email Marketing Plugins: There are tons of SaaS email marketing platforms like GetResponse, Aweber, Mailchimp, and so on. And some of them have WordPress plugins to integrate the SaaS into WordPress. If we add them, the list would be long. So, we have avoided them in the above list.
  • External Emailing Platform: Like SaaS, there are some other external email marketing platforms in which you can manage your activities. And some of them also have WordPress integration. We avoided them in the above list.
  • Email Template Customizer: An email template is one of the keys to success in email marketing. And there are multiple email template designer and customizer tools available. We did not include them in this list. However, the tools we have mentioned, most of them have email customizer options. And we also have different blogs for this.
  • SMTP Email Plugin: We did not include any SMTP email plugin in the above list.
  • Email Subscriber Form Plugin: These are some of the plugins that help WordPress users collect subscribers. We avoided them. Moreover, all the contact form plugins also have subscriber derivative options.
  • Marketing Tools like Funnel Builder: Most of the funnel builder plugins have email options. But we have avoided all the funnel builders in this list. You can check the top WordPress funnel builder list here. You can also check the WPFunnels WordPress funnel builder review here.
  • Unknown/Bran New Email Plugin: Some brand new email marketing tools have not been added to the above list. Especially, if the plugin has less than 1k+ active users, or if the plugin does not have a free version, we have avoided them. Moreover, if we see any immature presentation on the website or WordPress directory, we exclude them too.

Recommended Email Plugin

Are you confused, which email marketing tools should you try among the 11+ plugins? No worry, we make it a shorter list for you. Based on our experience, we have a simple recommendation. However, you can use other mentioned plugins too. We have added all better-quality plugins to our list.

  • MailPoet: One of the most popular plugins for the WordPress email marketing category. Nearly millions of people trust them and actively use them. We also recommend them for your next campaign.
  • Mail Mint: This is our number one choice. The plugin is new and has a user-friendly interface. So, it’s easy to use the plugin. The pricing is also affordable. We also have an affiliation with the plugin.
  • weMail: weMail is a product of weDevs. The weDevs is the team behind the Dokan Multivendor plugin. They are such an established brand that, we can’t but trust their plugin the weMail.
  • FluentCRM: Another email marketing plugin is suggested for you. Even though, the authors said they as CRM plugins. But to us, it’s a pretty good email marketing plugin.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the blog. I hope you have enjoyed the blog. So, which marketing plugin you will try? Let us know in the comment box. Also, let us know which WordPress Marketing plugin seems more promising on the above list. If you want to support us, share this blog on your favorite social media. Check other WooCommerce-related blogs and the top WordPress plugin list here.

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