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Academy LMS Review – eLearning Plugin For WordPress (2024)

Academy LMS is a new yet growing eLearning plugin for WordPress. The recent campaign and growth seem to have much potential for us. So, we wanted to explore Academy LMS’s ins and outs. In this Academy LMS review blog, we will share all the information we found during our study. Starting with features, we will talk about pricing, unique selling points, our analysis, and much more.

Building learning management systems has never been easy. It was a matter of high cost and lots of functionality. WordPress makes it easy to develop an eLearning website with an LMS plugin like Academy LMS. There are several WordPress LMS plugins and we have talked about most of them already. Today, we will walk through Academy LMS. In particular, they are saying, it’s next generation LMS plugin. Is this demand legitimate? Let’s examine it together!

Academy LMS Review – Introduction

Academy LMS, wptowp

Academy LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that comes with individual and eLearning marketplace features. It is the fastest LMS plugin on the market, and it is easy to use and configure. It offers a wide range of features that are needed to manage a learning management site. The plugin is backed by a team of experienced developers. It is an adaptable solution for selling high-quality lectures. If you are looking for a powerful LMS plugin, then Academy LMS would be your choice.

Best Features of Academy LMS Plugin

In this section, we will explore the features of the plugin. As the plugin has so many features, we picked only the important features. Listed under different modules and each list contains small explanations.

Regular Features: Regulare Academy LMS features are the core features that you will enjoy when you start using the plugin. It expresses the USPs and special features along with some other starter features.

SPA InterfaceInstallation WizardAnalytic/ReportFrontend Dashboard
Migration ToolTutor BookingTeacher RegistrationStudent Registration
CSV Bulk ImportQuiz Import/ExportTracking ProgressDifficulty Level
Course DurationCourse RequirementsContent SecurityCourse Wishlist
Quiz BuilderAdd Users ManuallyRevenue SharingPublic Profiles
Auto CompleteCSV Lessons ImportDuplicate CourseRTL Ready

Course Elements: For any LMS, the course is the main factor. Whether you build a profitable marketplace or person-free eLearning platform, the course is must must-have module. To design your future course, here’s the list of features.

Intuitive Course BuilderUnlimited coursesAdvanced Quiz BuilderQuestion And Answer
Video PlayerMultiple Video SourcesGlobal AnnouncementCourse Instructor
Course ReviewPublic CourseVideo Lessons.Video Poster

Quizess Functions: For any online exams and course evaluation, Quizzes play a vital role. At Academy LMS, you can enjoy multiple Quizzes features dedicatedly. Teachers can design the Quiz in their own ways and students can attempt based on the settings. Here’s the list of main Quiz features of the plugin.

Time ExpirationLimit Quiz AttemptsPassing GradesAutomated Results
Question TypeQuiz ReportQuiz FeedbackQuestion Layout
Fill The BlankImage AnsweringShort Answer

Advanced Functionality: Academy LMS brings some advanced features for the users. This function can bring extra sales from the eLearning website. Especially, if you operate an LMS marketplace, then the advanced features will help a lot.

Earning ManagementWithdrawal ManagementContent DripEmail Notification
Manual EnrollmentMultimedia AttachmentMulti InstructorsAuto Load Next Topic
AssignmentsFrontend Course BuilderExpire EnrolmentAuto Complete Topic
Course Prerequisites2-Step Email VerificationAdvanced AnalyticsWhite Label
Course BundleAcademy Starter TemplatesSCORMCertificates
Form BuilderAuto WC Product Creation

Academy LMS Pro Pricing

Academy LMS Pro comes with flexible pricing. You can get both a yearly subscription and an LTD license. There are 3 tiring systems for purchasing the plugin. Single site for single users, for small teams, freelancers, and developers, there are 10 site licenses. If you are an agency, check the 50-sites license.

Academy LMS Pro PricingIndividualBusinessAgency
Yearly$119/Site$239/10 Sites$549/50 Sites
LTD$357/Site$717/10 Sites$1647/50 Sites
The last update date is 3rd April 2024

Academy LMS pro pricing comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. And the company holds the right to update the price at any time. You can check the landing page for the latest price update.

Academy LMS Plugin Integration

Academy LMS brings a lot of integration as demands. You can get WooCommerce for selling courses as products, multiple notification-related integrations, page builder integration, and so on.

  • WooCommerce Integration: You can monetize your LMS site with WooCommerce.
  • Pabbly Connect: You can automate your workflows with “Pabbly” for countless apps, and streamline your processes.
  • Paid Memberships Pro: The plugin has the “Paid Memberships” plugin integration that sells memberships.
  • Bitapps: It allows you to automate and integrate your WordPress form builders.
  • Elementor: You can design your eLearning website with the most popular Elementor page builder.
  • Webhooks: Connect your LMS to other apps with Academy LMS webhooks.
  • Subscriptions: WooCommerce Subscriptions help you to sell online courses with subscription plans.
  • SureTriggers: Academy LMS and SureTriggers help you streamline your eLearning business processes.
  • YouTube API: Academy LMS seamlessly supports YouTube videos for eLearning courses.
  • You can host your video in and then you can use that video in Academy LMS.
  • Loco Translate: You can translate the Academy LMS-built website into your language with Loco Translate.
  • Divi: You can design your eLearning website with the popular Divi page builder in WordPress.
  • Zoom Integration: You can use the powerful collaboration tool Zoom for live online classrooms.
  • Google reCAPTCHA: Academy LMS seamlessly integrates with Google reCAPTCHA to protect your website from spam and abuse.

Academy LMS Plugin Addons

Like the integration, Academy LMS has a lot of addons. The addons are extending features and functionality. As the addons are similar to bundles, you can see multiple reparations in this section. For example, Academy LMS has Elementor integration. And this integration comes from Elementor addons. Here is the list of Academy LMS addons.

Elementor and DiviCertificates BuilderStarter TemplateMulti Instructor
QuizzesWC SubscriptionsAdvanced AnalyticsEmail
Manual EnrolmentContent DripZoom IntegrationAssignments
Tutor BookingPaid Memberships ProCourse PrerequisitesWhite Label
SCORMMigration ToolWebhooksCourse Bundle

Academy LMS Review Spotlight (USPs)

Let’s explore what are the unique features of the Academy LMS plugin. The following list has been made based on our experience. You may find different USPs on the official website.

  • Build by React.Js – Academy LMS used React JS to build many modules and functionality. This is a bit technical. React JS makes it possible to interact with the function without reloading the whole page.
  • Course Rating System – Students can rate the whole course experience. This would help future students too. Good ratings make a positive impression while negative ones discourage future students from taking that course.
  • Duplicate Course and Lesson – Creating a similar course is easy for duplicate course features. Admin can duplicate the whole course and update the information. They also have the option to duplicate sessions. For some other plugins, you will need an external plugin for these features.
  • Bulk Enrollment from CSV – A full batch of students can be imported into the course with bulk enrolment. So, managing large-scale coaching centers or schools can be possible with Acamdey LMS.
  • Global Announcement – You can share an update as global announcement features. Students, teachers, and other users can see it from their panel.

What is on the Way to Academy LMS?

Academy LMS Review, Academy LMS Roadmap, Wptowp

At this time [April 2024], Academy LMS 2.0 is under development. We are hoping to get the update very soon. This would be the biggest update coming on the plugin. In the up next, you can see, the wishlist, learn page, and restricted content features are coming soon. And the discussion features are mostly integration with other builders and plugins. Easy Digital Download integration is in discussion. If you need anything more, don’t forget to add to the ideas section of the plugin.

When did Academy LMS Start Its Journey?

  • No starter story was found in our research for the AcademyLMS eLearning plugin.

Who is Behind the eLearning Plugin For WordPress?

Kodezen is the company behind the Academy LMS plugin. The company started its journey back in 2020 with the vision of building Easy-to-Use products that are community-focused with rapid improvement. Their main product is the Academy LMS plugin. However, they have multiple other solutions ways as WooCommerce and Gutenberg solutions.

Where did Academy LMS Get Mentioned?

There are very limited sites in which Academy LMS got noticed. In our search, we found WPManageNinja, a BrutalWP site that talks about the plugin. AppSumo enlisted them as LTD plugins. WordCamp Sylhet enlisted them as sponsors.

Academy LMS Free vs Pro Comparison

As Academy LMS is a freemium model plugin, the free version is expected to have limited features. In this section, we will check how limited this plugin’s free version is. Starting with a head-to-head comparison of Academy LMS free vs pro.

Basic (Free)Individual Starter ($119)
Limited AddonsAll Addons & Features
Limited Features1 Installation Service
Community SupportCommunity Support
Free Version UpdatesVersion Updates Each Year
Priority Email & Chat SupportPriority Email & Chat Support

If you look at the table, you can see the features, addons are limited and no installation service will be given. So, what you can do with free Academy LMS? You can explore the basic features and set up a complete eLearning website. However, to unlock advanced features, you will need to go with the starter of AcademyLMS.

Editorial Prediction for Academy LMS

Academy LMS’ recent growth seems potential. They have done an LTD campaign in AppSumo. We also saw some others on the popular LTD community. Academy LMS 2.0 UI improvement is another good move in our opinion. They also started sponsoring WordPress events. However, the number of active users is still low. Wptowp editorial believes the number of users will grow faster than last year.

Even though they are out of the top 5 LMS plugins, still they have chances to become next-generation LMS plugins. Specifically, they need to put a lot of effort into marketing, UI design, social engagement, and partnership with fellows.

Academy LMS Plugin FAQs

Whether users are curious about the plugin’s compatibility with various platforms, its customization options, or troubleshooting common issues, the FAQs are here with the direct answers.

What is Academy LMS?

Academy LMS is a Learning Management System for WordPress. It is designed to facilitate online education and training. The plugin provides a platform for creating, managing, and delivering educational content to learners. Academy LMS allows instructors to create courses, upload learning materials such as videos, presentations, quizzes, and assignments, and track learners’ progress.

It also offers features like discussion forums, and analytics to enhance the learning experience. Academy LMS is used by educational institutions, businesses, and organizations to deliver effective online learning solutions.

Who Created the Academy LMS Plugin?

Kodezen is the company that created the Academy LMS plugin. The company started its journey back in 2020 with the vision of building Easy-to-Use products that are community-focused with rapid improvement.

Is Academy LMS Open Source?

Academy LMS is a freemium model open-source product. You can download the free version from the WordPress directory. You can also unlock the advanced features with Academy LMS Pro. Once you get the code, you can check the source code and manipulate it as open source nature under GPL licensing.

How to Install Academy LMS Pro?

Installing Academy LMS Pro is the same as installing any other plugin. Download the Academy LMS Pro from your account dashboard. Upload the zip file on the plugin section of the site. Click on the install now and wait a while. After seeing the success message, you will get all the pro features on the admin panel.

How to Get Academy LMS Pro Null?

You can get Academy LMS pro null on different null websites. However, the Academy LMS pro null would have serious security threats. We recommend you purchase Academy LMS Pro to use the safe features.

How to Download Academy LMS Pro Free?

You can download Academy LMS Pro for free from multiple null websites. But we recommend you use the Academy LMS free version and the documentation for the details features. If you need the pro, you can purchase it from the website.

Academy LMS Review – Final Notes

Quick question – Are you going to give it a try? That’s it about the Academy LMS review. If you enjoy it, then share the blog on your favorite social media. Click on the following icon to share the blog. It will help us to grow fast and motivate us to write more. You can also check other WordPress LMS blogs here. We also publish several WooCommerce blogs for you.

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