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11+ Best Elementor Contact Form Plugin 2024

Imagine you have a lot of visitors to your website. Some of them love your website and want to contact you. But you have a horrible contact form! They tried and bounced to the next options. Is this what you want? If not, a better Elementor contact form plugin can greatly help you. Elementor has its own contact form builder features. However, like other Elementor addons, there are a lot of Elementor contact form plugins. They are best in many cases. We listed them in this blog.

If you search on the WordPress directory by “Elementor contact form plugin”, you can see many plugins. Most of them are integration plugins. Some of them are extending features of Elementor. And also there are other dedicated WordPress form plugins. However, in this blog, we have focused only dedicated Elementor contact form plugin.

Better 5 Elementor Contact Form Plugin Statistics

Plugin NameStarting PriceActive InstalRatingsAge (Years)RefundsCoupon
Ninja Forms$99/year5M+4.9 (13k+)8+14 days🤦🏽
Fluent Forms$36/year500k+4.8 (1.6k+)6+30 days🤦🏽
Formidable Forms🤦🏽
Everest Forms🤦🏽

Dedicated Elementor Contact Form Plugin 2024

Elementor Form

Elementor Form, Elementor Contact Form Plugin, Wptowp
  • We are not discussing about it. If you are a single-site user with Elementor Pro, you may try Elementor Form Builder. However, recently they have improved dramatically. We still recommend exploring other contact form builder plugins for the developer.

WPForms (5M+)

WPForms, Elementor Contact Form Plugin, Wptowp

WPForms is a powerful and beginner-friendly WordPress plugin. It allows users of all skill levels to design and implement forms without writing a single line of code. It has over 1500 pre-built form templates, seamless integration with Elementor and Divi, and advanced features like conditional logic, payment gateways, and surveys. WPForms is the go-to solution for creating responsive, SEO-friendly forms that cater to any need.

This is the most popular form plugin and one of the top WordPress plugins. Even if the plugin is not a dedicated Elementor form plugin, we have to keep this plugin in this list. But don’t worry as an Elementor user. You can use the plugin smoothly on your Elementor-based website.

WPForms pro pricing starts 👉 $99/year

Notable Features of WPForms

Currently, WPForms is one of the oldest, most established, and most popular WordPress form plugins. This plugin has lots of features. We have added some of the major features in the following table.

Easy embedding with ElementorDrag & drop form builder1500+ Pre-built form templates
Mobile Ready and SEO FriendlySmart Conditional LogicPayment Integrations
Surveys & Polls AddonConversational FormsMulti-Page Forms
Progress BarsFile Uploads and Signatures

Ninja Forms (800k+)


Forminator, Elementor form plugin, Wptowp
  • We are using it on our WordPress newsletter site WPNews! However, it is not user-friendly. Especially, if you are an end user or non-technical WordPress user, we recommend exploring other form builder plugins.

Forminator pro pricing starts 👉 $36/year

Fluent Forms (400k)

MetForm (300k)

Formidable Forms (300k)

Contact Form 7 (100k)

Everest Forms (100k+)

RomethemeForm For Elementor (10k+)

WS Form (7k+)

Bit Form (5k+)

Tripetto Form (2k+)

Our Recommended Plugin

  • MetoForms – This is our top recommended Elementor form plugin. It’s one of the easy-to-use plugins. If you develop something with Elementor and need a plugin to add forms, then this the the plugin you should give it a try.
  • Fluent Forms – we are using this form in ur website. It is super fast, and easy to manage. The design is limited in the free version but enough to manage semi-professional form interaction. We love it and hope, you will love it too.

Which Plugin We Avoided?

In the above list, we haven’t included many form plugins. Most of them worked smoothly inside Elementor. However, we wanted to provide a better blog to our readers. Here’s why, we have avoided those plugins by category.

  • Elementor Integrated SaaS plugin: Many plugins are the integration version of the SaaS version. We avoid them in the above list. We were afraid, those integrated plugins may give a moderate experience for our users. We have listed the native Elementor form plugin only.
  • Elementor Compatibility Only: Elementor is the most popular page builder plugin. So it is expected that any new plugin that comes on the marketplace, would have Elementor compatibility. But in this blog, we wanted to explore the dedicated Elemetor form builder plugin only.
  • Pretty New Published Plugin: Normally we add all the new and established plugins in the last blog. However, form is a sensitive space for any website. Specially, the form contains payment and contact information. So, we have avoided new released Elementor-based form plugin.

Final Words for Elementor Form Plugin

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