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WPCafe vs Orderable 2024 (The Ultimate Battle)

WPCafe is a leading restaurant management plugin and Orderable is the newest edition in the food ordering plugin era. If you know both of them then you already know, after WPCafe, Orderable is another fast-growing plugin. WPCafe vs Orderable blog is all about their head-to-head comparison with analytics.

We hope, you already have a good idea about both of the plugins. If not, no worries. You can check the WPCafe review and Orderable review here before diving into this blog. Our motto is to show you front-facing honest comparison and analytics. So that you can know which is a better-fitted food business plugin for your business. Moreover, Analytics with the exclusive inside will help you make your purchase decisions.

WPCafe Statistics vs Orderable Statistics

WPCafe vs Orderable comparison will start with the current data. We will talk based on the numbers but don’t worry. We have presented the numbers in such a way, you can understand. We also added analysis with the exclusive information that’s missing in the data table.

Active installation is the number that indicates how the plugin is loved by the community. For the big niche, it’s big but for the small niche, it would be small numbers. In the food niche, the highest active installation is 10,000 at this moment.

Active Installation6,000+2,000+WPCafe
Total Download112k+24k+WPCafe
Plugin Age3+2+
The last update date is 29th March 2023

WPCafe has a lot more active users than Orderable. Total active installation and plugin age are also more at WPCafe. Let’s investigate the user acquisition rate now. WPCafe growing the active users to 5.3 rates (6k*100/112k). On the other hand, the Orderable new users grabbing rate is 8.3 at this moment (2k*100/24k)! Orderable is growing faster than WPCafe. But to the current data, WPCafe looks better than Orderable.

Winner 🧐🧐 WPCafe

WPCafe Features vs Orderable Features

What influenced you to purchase any plugin? That’s the core features that solve your problems. The solution that a plugin brings is the most important factor for the users. We have checked the features for both of the plugins between WPCafe vs Orderable. And here in this table, we added the main features only to keep WPCafe vs Orderable blog better readable.

Features of WPCafeFeatures of Orderable
Food Menu TemplatesZero Fees
Live Order NotificationMobile-First Design
Tipping Option for OrdersEasy Ordering
Location-based Food MenuProduct/Menu Layouts
Pickup/Delivery SystemProduct Labels
Single/Multi-Slot ReservationProduct Addons
Branch-wise ReservationOrder Bumps
Special Day ScheduleTime Slots
Reservation Seat CapacityHoliday Scheduling
Modify the Reservation FormFull Checkout Control
Multiple Product AddonOrder Management
Food Ordering with QR CodeTimed Products
Visual Table ReservationsCheckout Tipping
Restaurant Reservation SystemWhatsApp & SMS Notifications
RTL SupportTable Ordering
Customizable Ajax Mini cart
Gutenberg Block
Elementor Widget

According to the above table, WPCafe has better features that can help you to manage your restaurants. Apart from the table, both WPCafe vs Orderable have many more features. Compared to WPCafe vs Orderable, WPCafe has a lot more features. They brought you 3 solutions under one umbrella so it’s expected, they have way more features than Orderable.

WPCafe has two dedicated addons for Multivendor Restaurant management and Restaurant Addons for Oxygen Builder. With them, you can build your food marketplace. You can get a commission from each sale that comes on the marketplace. Moreover, Oxygen Builder WPCafe addons will allow you to get a native experience on the Oxygen editing panel.

Winner 🧐🧐 WPCafe

WPCafe Ratings vs Orderable Ratings

WPCafe vs Orderable, Wptowp

How about the user’s response on WPCafe vs Orderable based on post-sell service? Let’s check the ratings and feedback analysis in this section. We have excluded the Truthpilote ratings as non of them have any ratings there at this moment. As you know happy customers give better ratings while angry customers do the positive. So the better ratings indicated better sales support.

WordPress OrgWPCafeOrderableBetter
Total Ratings2822WPCafe
Total 5-star2318WPCafe
5-star Ratio82.14%81.81%WPCafe
Average Rating4.54.5~~
The last update date is 29th March 2023

WPCafe has more five-star ratings and rated users on the WordPress directory. Moreover, the plugin has a better five-star ratings ratio. It’s sliced more but still, the data says, WPCafe is better. Both of the plugins have the same average ratings at this moment. Other than the average ratings, WPCafe shows better digits on the given table.

Winner 🧐🧐 WPCafe

WPCafe Pricing vs Orderable Pricing

What comes next after you are happy with the features, ratings, and reputation? Well, that’s plugin pricing. In some cases, we consider less functional plugins due to their price. And in some other cases, we have to purchase the plugin that has an LTD pricing plan. We already know the importance of pricing. So, we bring the comparison between Orderable vs WPCafe pricing in this section.

Pricing PackageOrderableWPCafeBetter
1 Site149$59$WPCafe
10 Sites399$149$WPCafe
25 Sites499$N/A
Refund Policy30 Days15 daysOrderable
The last update date is 27th March 2023

WPCafe has better pricing for any packages you are looking for! It also has better features than you have seen in the WPCafe vs Orderable features comparison section above. And the plugin comes with an affordable LTD pricing plan. Orderable has 25 sites license package which is far more than the WPCafe’s unlimited sites license. WPCafe has 15 days refund policy which is less than Orderable’s 30 days refund policy.

Winner 🧐🧐 WPCafe [Without any doubt]

Important Note 😌 Pricing is subject to a matter of change. The plugin owner can change it at any time without any notice. If you want to purchase any of them, you are requested to check the final price from the landing page of the official website.

Orderable vs WPCafe Developer

Your online website is the digital identity of your business. And stability is one of the main factors everyone cares about. So, we have dug out the background company of both of the plugins. If you want to know the WPCafe vs Orderable company, then this section will help you. Please be aware that, we have added the summary view of the company. You can always check details from the landing page.

NameEvents CalendarEventinChampion
Developer CompanyStellarWPArraytics
Total Products8+6+Events Calendar
Popular PluginEvents Calendar (800k+)Eventin (9k+)Events Calendar
The last update date is 22nd March 2023

From the table, you can see, StellerWP is far better than Arraytics. StellerWP is an older company having a very great portfolio. Strong team, professional output with successful products. Every product made by StellerWP has a great reputation. It’s a top company, no doubt about it. As StellerWP is the company behind Orderable, the plugin will be a winner in this section.

Arraytics is also growing and providing quality service. Even though they have fewer numbers of installations, the reputation of this company is great. Leading marketing communities like MarTech, AppSumo, etc. Eventin was AppSumo’s select product last year.

Winner 🧐🧐 Orderable

WPCafe Speciality vs Orderable Speciality

What are the exclusive matter available at WPCafe vs Orderable? Let’s see the editorial’s findings from each plugin. We made a list based on our experience and analysis. You can check them to understand them at a glance. For individual review, you can get them under the spotlight or USPs in some cases.

3 Solution in 1 PluginBetter UX
Better UX and SupportNot Features Creep
Light Weigh and Fast LoadingMade by Strong Team
Lot of IntegrationLight Weigh and Fast Loading
A lot of Integration
Multivendor Addons
Oxygen Addons

WPCafe is providing a wide range of features. As they are providing 3 solutions from one single plugin so they have more features. They also provide a lot of integration. The WPCafe integration will allow users to grow their food businesses easily. And the plugin also provides 2 addons for multivendor restaurant marketplace and Oxygen builder addons.

On the other hand, Orderable is a smart solution for local food businesses. No feature creep, no extra hassle. The plugin has a great UX and is made by a strong experienced team.

  • As the specialty and needs vary from user to user, we are not selecting any winner for this comparison section of the WPCafe vs Orderable food menu plugin.

WPCafe Integration vs Orderable Integration

While we were checking the integration list of the WPCafe vs Orderable WordPress food plugin, we noticed something surprising. WPCafe has a long list of integration with other apps. But Orderable does not have any list. Our editorial’s got shocked to see these results.

WPCafe Integration
WooCommerceShipDayPabbly and Zapier
Elementor Page BuilderFluentCRMBricks Builder
Visual Composer BuilderBeaver BuilderDIVI Page Builder
Dokan MultivendorElementsKit AddonGroundhagg CRM
WPBakery Page BuilderOxygen Page BuilderGutenberg
The last update date is 4th February 2023

Don’t be confused to see the above table. All that integration is in only WPCafe. We did not find any integration list for the Orderable WooCommerce food plugin. At WPCafe, we have seen the integration list contain multiple page builders, SMS, and Email getaways, CRM, and delivery man management apps integration. Everything you need to manage your restaurant, WPCafe has already for you.

Winner 🧐🧐 WPCafe [Without any doubt]

WPCafe Support vs Orderable Support

Let’s explore the support comparison of WPCafe vs Orderable now. You can get an idea about after-sales service from this comparison. For the agency and team, after-sales support is damn important. So, we kept this comparison of possible support options for each of the plugins.

Support CategoryWPCafeOrderable
Ticket Base Support✅✅✅✅
Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅
Live Chat✅✅❌❌
Release Notes✅✅✅✅
Developer Docs✅✅❌❌
Known Issues (Bug Report)❌❌✅✅
The last update date is 2nd April 2023

After-sales service is pretty same at the WPCafe vs Orderable food plugin. Both of them have ticket-based traditional support systems. They also provide documentation, video tutorial, and release notes. But WPCafe has a live chat system. It’s the faster support system for users. WPCafe also provides developer documentation that other developers can use to extend WPCafe’s features.

Compare to WPCafe vs Orderable, Orderable has a bug report feature that is only absent in WPCafe. And WPCafe has the fastest support reputation that reflects in the WordPress directory’s ratings and reviews.

Winner 🧐🧐 WPCafe

WPCafe Resource vs Orderable Resource

Now the resource comparison of WPCafe vs Orderable. If you do not want to talk about the support or you love to explore, then you will need resources. The Wptowp team dig out the resource of both of the plugins. The resource also shows how the team is trying to support its potential customers.

Resource NameWPCafeOrderable
Video Tutorial✅✅✅✅
Video Review✅✅✅✅
Submit Ideas✅✅❌❌
Change Log✅✅❌❌

Both WPCafe and Orderable have a video tutorial and a video review. Orderable has more video reviews. Multiple marketers and influencers made videos for this plugin. However, it does not have a public roadmap, submit ideas, or changelog options. You can see the private roadmap after login into your accounts. WPCafe has a public roadmap, and changelog, and submits ideas and options.

Winner 🧐🧐 WPCafe

WPCafe vs Orderable Technical Comparison

It’s time to check WPCafe vs Orderable technical comparison. Even if the data are technical in this section, still you should not worry. We will explain it in simple ways so that our valuable visitors like you can understand the technical comparison of WPCafe vs Orderable. We will check the memory uses and page speed of the plugin.

WPCafe vs Orderable, Memory Use Comparison, Wptowp

For memory uses, the lower is better. And from the WPHive analysis, you can see, WPCafe is taking +174.25KB of memory. On the other hand, Orderable is taking only -0.42KB of memory. This means Orderable will take fewer resources from your hosting to handle the plugin activity.

WPCafe vs Orderable, Page Speed Comparison, Wptowp

For page speed, the same factors work. The less time it takes, the better the plugin is. From the above image, you can see, WPCafe is asking for +.07 seconds while Orderable is asking for -.07 seconds. So, here Orderable is better.

In both technical parts, Orderable shows better results. So, Orderable will be the winner in this WPCafe vs Orderable technical comparison. But keep in mind that, WPCafe has a lot more features. So, it’s expected that WPCafe would take more memory and loading speed.

Winner 🧐🧐 Orderable

Editorial Comparison of WPCafe vs Orderable

Wptowp editorial believes WPCafe will keep growing and become 10k+ active installs within the next year. The features they are providing are really nice. complete solutions for the restaurant business. Recently the bring WPCafe mobile app for big restaurants. So, for the big restaurant aka agency developer, WPCafe is a perfect solution. Just go for WPCafe Pro unlimited license and build an unlimited restaurant site for your clients. If they keep giving better support like now they are providing, then WPCafe will be the #1 restaurant management plugin by 2025!

Orderable will also grow over time and we think, there are chances that it will have 5k+ active users by 2024! We are confident because the plugin is backed by StellerWP. They are highly experienced and big players in the WordPress industry. For WPCafe vs Orderable battle, WPCafe will keep winning in the next couple of years which we also believe.

WPCafe vs Orderable Final Words

Thanks for reading the full blog on WPCafe vs Orderable food plugin comparison. We hope you have liked the blog. You can also check WPCafe’s full review here and the top features of WPCafe! We also have an Orderable full review on our site. Now, would you like to enjoy 30% off on WPCafe? Check our WPCafe coupon code blog here. And last, of all, know about all the top WordPress food menu plugins 2023.

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