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(New) WholesaleX Review – WordPress Wholesale Marketplace Plugin 2024

WholesaleX is a brand new B2B wholesale marketplace plugin made by WPXPO and we are excited to publish the WholesaleX review with you. If you are planning to start a wholesale marketplace, B2B marketplace, or B2C marketplace then WholsaleX will surely be in your good book after reading this blog.

Before the ultimate digging, our editorial tested WholesaleX free version already and the WholesaleX pro version is under our rudder!

So, what are we going to cover in this WholesaleX review blog? We will start with the major features, then move one by one through the unique selling points, roadmap discussion, WholesaleX review spotlight, targeted audience, WholesaleX pro pricing discussion, editorial prediction, and WholesaleX FAQs! The list is getting longer. We want to share all the information that can help you make your final decisions.

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WholesaleX Review – Introduction

WholesaleX plugin, wptowp

So far, you already know what WholesaleX is! But what you don’t know is that the Wptowp editorial team knew about the plugin even before its initial release. So, when we learn that WPXPO is releasing the new wholesale marketplace plugin, the editorial team starts preparing the content. Fast forward to November 10, 2022, and WholesaleX is released. [It’s today I mean day 1 while we are publishing the blog for you!]

What is WholesaleX?

WholesaleX is a WordPress B2B wholesale marketplace plugin made by WPXPO. The plugin can be use to create B2B and B2C hybride marketplace and wholesale WordPress marketplace. WholesaleX is  WooCommerce depended eCommerce marketplace plugin for WordPress.

If you are already using WooCommerce then you can start selling products at wholesale prices right away. Converting your WordPress eCommerce into a wholesale marketplace is now a no-code few clicks matter. You can now plan for a dedicated wholesale marketplace or hybrid marketplace fearlessly with WholesaleX.

Best Features of WholesaleX

WholesaleX review, wptowp

While you are checking the WholesaleX review and its features, please be aware that, WholesaleX just got its initial release. The plugin will add new features from time to time. Like we have seen on PostX and ProductX.

WholesaleX offers all the features that need to start a dedicated wholesale marketplace. You are getting wholesale pricing, dynamic discounts based on pre-set rules, multiple pricing tires, form builders, shipping methods, and many more. However, the following list is only the major features. You can check the full features list here.

📌 Wholesale Pricing – Wholesale means a lot of quantity, different pricing models, and discount models. It seems hard to get everything under a single rudder. But WholesaleX made it for you. You can set your logical pricing from the panel. You can add the given type of pricing 👇👇

  • Quantity-Based Discounts
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • User-Based Pricing
  • Payment Method Discounts
  • Quantity or Value-based Discounts
  • Category-Based Discounts

You will get the ultimate flexibility to set your pricing. Flat and percentage type pricing, on-product, on-sale, and person-specific pricing are possible. You can display and hide the tax from the pricing label.

📌 Registration Form Builder – “Selling management” and “better delivery” depend on how you collect purchasers’ and users’ information. At WholesaleX, you can create both the B2B and B2C registration forms, customize the form and keep important fields mandatory, automatically and manually approve the registration, and last, but not the least, you can use the registration form at any place via shortcode.

📌 Users Role Management – Like the pricing system, you can create unlimited user roles, and depending on the role, you can apply the pricing. You can also add wallet credit limit, payment methods, and shipping methods depending on user roles.

📌 Wallet Management – No more headaches with the balance details. You have the option to display payment details from the WooCommerce account page. Manual funds adding option, show and hide tax option is also there for you.

📌 Conversation System – Get the customer’s opinion with the quote options. You can also communicate with potential customers via a conversation system.

✌️ There are 10+ more features that are counting more now in the WholesaleX. Let’s just have a look at the additional WholesaleX features!

Multiple Payment MethodDynamic Discount RulesTax Exemptions
Custom Fields in FormTiered Pricing SystemPrice Range
All Frontend Text ChangeableBuy X Get Y Dynamic RuleFree Shipping
Minimum Purchase RulesMake Store PrivateAuto Role Migration Based
Redirect Specific URL SettingsMinimum Order QuantityRolewise Disable Coupons
Restrict Product Visibility Dynamic RuleUser Order Count Dynamic RulesreCAPTCHA
Maximum Order Dynamic RuleTotal Purchase Count Dynamic RulesEmail Notifications
Enabled WholesaleX Rule List on All ProductsFilter User Based on Account Status
Combine Login and Registration FormHide All Products For B2C and Guest Users
The last update date is 1st March 2023

The best part of WholesaleX is, you can maintain a hybrid marketplace. If you already have a regular eCommerce website, you can convert it into a dedicated wholesale marketplace or you can extend the website with wholesale features.

Get early bird access with 10% OFF on WholesaleX! Buy the pro for only $89; Grab the deal before it leaves town. We predict that you will rarely find such a large discount in the future.

What Makes WholesaleX Stand Out From the Competition?

WholesaleX is new, but we are still recommending this plugin for your next wholesale marketplace. Here in this section, we have added 7+ important points that make WholesaleX stand out from its competitors.

Quick Support 🤟 WPXPO always provides better support. We are confident because we have their backing. We are their affiliate partner, so several times we have connected with them. [We are their affiliate partner, but that doesn’t influence us while writing! We write what the data says and what the test results we found!]

All-In-One Solution 🤟 You are getting multiple solutions, like B2B marketplace and B2C marketplace options, under a single umbrella. No extra plugin, and no extra cost, either.

Manage Rules Globally 🤟 Another big option here at WholesaleX is to rules once and apply them to the whole marketplace. The global settings option will help you manage the settings efficiently.

Effective User Roles 🤟 You can create an unlimited number of user roles. And depending on the user role, you can assign different pricing and discounts. You can also control the user-role-based pricing and discounts.

B2B + B2C Hybrid Store 🤟 You can keep the hybrid marketplace or develop a dedicated B2B marketplace. From the WholesaleX review, you can see all the features already.

Maintain Contact with Customers 🤟 You have the option to start a conversation, you can offer a potential price, and can take requests. It feels like the ultimate independence for managing a marketplace.

What is on the Way on WholesaleX?

You can be happy to see the upcoming features of the WholesaleX plugin. There are multiple big and actionable features are under development. Here are WholesaleX review, we are adding the list. You can see the live list here.

Request a QuoteBundle DiscountStock Management
Restrict Product VisibilitySub-Account ManagementBulk Order Widget
Gift [Dynamic Rules]Minimum Order [Dynamic Rules]Back Order Addon
Budget ManagementMaximum Order [Dynamic Rules]Dokan Marketplace Integration
Sub-Account ApprovalsWCFM Marketplace Integration
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
[Dynamic Rules]
Cart Total Bargaining
via Conversation
Buy X Get 1 Free
[Dynamic Rules]
The last update date is 11th November 2022 

WholesaleX Review Spotlight

WholesaleX review, wptowp

The Editorial wanted to focus on some key points that you can keep in mind while reading the WholesaleX review or planning to purchase WholesaleX.

Trendy Design 🤝 Here at WholesaleX, you can expect a trendy design. The plugin is new and has just been published. So, the design should also be the latest. Isn’t it?

Better Support 🤝 You can expect better support through live chat, tickets, and social channels. Moreover, they have video and written documentation too.

Company Reputation 🤝 WholesaleX is a plugin made by WPXPO. So far, the company has a better reputation. Their PostX and ProductX are already loved by 25,000+ people around the globe.

When Should You Use WholesaleX?

You can use WholesaleX in your projects at any time, depending on your business needs. However, we have identified some special groups of people to whom we strongly recommend WholesaleX.

Wholesale Marketplace Owner? 🐆 WholesaleX Pro

If you are currently operating a b2b wholesale marketplace, then you can start using WholesaleX as your new tool. You can purchase the plugin at an affordable price as an early purchaser and boost your marketplace performance.

Planning For Marketplace? 🐆 WholesaleX Pro

Planning for establishing a new WordPress wholesale marketplace? In that case, WholesaleX is your go-to plugin. Download the free version and get the pro version. Your half of the headache is gone now. In the entire WholesaleX review, you have seen all the amazing features and now it’s your time to use them on your marketplace.

Want to Extend eCommerce? 🐆 WholesaleX Pro

If you have an eCommerce site on the WordPress platform and have the plan to extend it into a wholesale area, then it’s time. Get a WholesaleX review and extends your eCommerce site. You have the option to keep a hybrid b2b and b2c marketplace so you worry to lose your current customers.

Freelancer and Developer? 🐆 WholesaleX Pro

If you are a freelancer or developer and reading the WholesaleX review, you can use WholesaleX for your clients. No more hard coding and complex structures. Just install the WholesaleX which gives instant-ready features for you. An update will come from the company so you can relax.

Agency Owners? 🐆 WholesaleX Pro

If you have a lot of clients, you can use WholesaleX for making their marketplace. WholesaleX uses WordPress and WooCommerce at the back end. It actually brings a lot of features in affordable solutions.

WholesaleX Pro Pricing

WholesaleX Pro offers an affordable price that you can pay either yearly or once in a lifetime. You will also have 14 days refund options.

WholesaleX Pro Pricing
Single5 SitesUnlimitedRefunds Policy
149$/year249$/year349$/year14 days
The last update date is 11th November 2022 

Apart from the table, they also have bundle pricing which starts 429$ for 2 plugins and 554$ for all 3 plugins. As a matter of fact, the agency bundle is for unlimited sites and for a lifetime. It’s a good deal!

Editorial Prediction for WholesaleX

Wptowp editorial tested both the free and pro versions of the plugin. Moreover, we have analyzed other wholesale plugins. You can see our best wholesale plugin listing blog. On the basis of the data we have, WholesaleX can be the top plugin for the wholesale marketplace within 1-2 years. If they can deliver their promised features and keep updating, it has a chance to grow dramatically.

Plugin like Dokan Multivendor bring a lot of SAAS customers to WordPress and we belive, WholesaleX can do the same in near future.

WholesaleX FAQs

If you have any questions for WholesaleX review, we have the answer too. Here in this section, let’s have a look at the latest FAQs. If we miss any, let us know through the contact us page.

Any Discount on WholesaleX?

Yes! A big discount going on WholesaleX! As an early bird purchaser, you can avail of up to 70% off all the packages. Moreover, there is a bundle package from WPXPO that saves more for you.

Can I Add WholesaleX to Existing Site?

Yes! You can add WholesaleX to your running site as well as a new site. The plugin is compatible with all the popular plugins so you don’t need to worry about it.

Can I Run a B2B and B2C Site Together?

WholesaleX supports a hybrid marketplace so you can operate both B2B and B2C marketplace from the same domain. No need to create a separate marketplace for double service. We have covered the hybrid features in the WholesaleX review.

Can I use WholesaleX without WooCommerce?

Unfortunately NO! WholesaleX review works based on WooCommerce. So in order to build your WordPress eCommerce wholesale marketplace, WooCommerce is a required plugin.

WholesaleX Review – Final Notes

Thanks for reading the full WholesaleX review. We hope you have enjoyed the WholesaleX review blog and got the information you were looking for. We have already shown our support for the plugin and hope, it will help you too. Let us know how your experience with WholesaleX has been. Would you like to share the blog on your favorite social channel? It won’t make our day, but it will make our week.

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