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Wholesale Suite Review – #1 Wholesale Plugin 2024

The Wholesale Suite plugin has 20,000+ active users which are 12k+ more than the second-best WordPress wholesale plugin. This is what leads us to write a details Wholesale Suite review 2023. This blog will dig out the Wholesale Suite plugin’s ins and outs. WooCommerce is a great solution for WordPress eCommerce but for wholesale features, you will need another plugin. This is where Wholesale Suite comes into action.

Wholesale Suite is a dedicated Wholesale marketplace plugin that you can utilize to start your wholesale business in 2023!

Our study found, there are 11+ wholesale marketplace plugins in WordPress. Among them, Wholesale Suite was born 8+ years back, which is the highest among the other similar plugin. The plugin also has the highest user base and highest ratings in the WordPress directory. If you are in a supper rush, then you can skip this blog and purchase the Wholesale Suite directory.

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This blog covers all the possible information that you need to make your decisions. As a result, the blog becomes longer than the usually expected reviews. You can save the blog for later reading. Maybe you can just scan the headings and highlights if you are in a rush!

Wholesale Suite Review – Introduction

Wholesale Suite, B2B Wholesale Marketplace Plugins, Wptowp

WooCommerce makes it easy to start an eCommerce site with WordPress! And Wholesale Suite makes it even easier to start a wholesale marketplace on WordPress. Wholesale Suite works on the basis of WooCommerce and allows users to create a full flag wholesale marketplace. To build a million-dollar marketplace, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on the developers. Use WhooCommerce and this plugin and build your own wholesale marketplace today.

What makes us confident about the plugin? Wptowp editorial analyze the plugin and noticed a lot of advantages. From the features to integration and support, this plugin is the leading one. If you are looking for the best solution to add wholesale features to your WooCommerce site, then get this plugin.

Best Features of Wholesale Suite Plugin

Wholesale Suite is a premium plugin published a long time ago. So, they must have a lot of features which they have actually. They come with complete solutions for your wholesale marketplace. To keep the blog readable and easily understandable, we have added the features list in the following table. In case, if you want to check the details, you can see the description on the Wholesale Suite landing page.

Unlimited Wholesale User RolesRestrict Product Visibility
“Wholesale Only” VariationsGlobal % Discount
Product Category % DiscountMinimum Order Subtotal
Minimum Quantity Per ProductOverride Global Settings Per User
Minimum Threshold NoticesHide “retail Only” Products
Cart Subtotal-based DiscountsShow Or Hide Content
Adjustable Pricing WordingMinimum Order Quantity
Tax ExemptionsOverride Price Suffix
Wholesale User RoleWholesale Price Input
Multi-currency SupportPrivate Store Option
Adjust Wholesale NamingBulk Edit Variations
Step QuantitiesWholesale Suite Api
EU Vat IntegrationWholesale Price Column
Quick Edit Wholesale PricesWholesale/trade Pricing
Product Bundles IntegrationDiscount % Basis
Free Shipping OverrideWholesale Order Type
Translation ReadyMultisite Compatible
Disable Coupon CodesRestrict Product Category Visibility
Disallow Coupons For WholesaleIntegrated With Table Rate Shipping Plugins
Percentage Based PricesWoocs Integration (Multi-currency)
Composite Product IntegrationAelia Currency Switcher Integration
Product Add-ons IntegrationInclusive/exclusive Tax Price Display
Custom Bulk ActionShow/hide Retail Prices For Wholesale
Uninstall Plugin OptionPayment Gateway To Wholesale Role Mapping
Wholesale Suite ApiCustom Stock Display Formats For Wholesale
Wholesale Report AvailableDisallow Ordering Until The Threshold Met
Allow Backorders For WholesaleAdditional Quantity-based Discounts
Custom Content For Wholesale RoleFlexible Wholesale Variable Range Display
Payment Gateway SurchargeShipping Method To Wholesale Role Mapping
Add A Custom Thank You Message

Wholesale Suite Pro Pricing

The Wholesale Suite plugin has two types of pricing models! The first one is a commutative package that includes 3 main plugins. They are Wholesale Prices plugin, Order Form plugin, and Lead Capture plugin. To run a smooth and large-scale wholesale marketplace, you will need all the 3 plugins. The price is affordable and you can see handsome discounts sometimes. Check the Wholesale Suite website before purchasing the plugin.

Wholesale Suite Pakage
Growth Bundle
Single Site License
Business Bundle
Unlimited Sites License

If you are stuck at only Wholesale Suite Pro at first purchase, you still have the option. In that case, your price will start from 99 bucks every year. For an unlimited website license, you will need 199 USD!

Wholesale Suite Pro
Single Website LicenseUnlimited Websites License

The price can change at any time so it’s better to check the final price on the Wholesale Suite website. The plugin does not offer any lifetime deal. So, only a yearly subscription is an option. Moreover, you can get a 14-day refund option if you are not happy with the product.

Wholesale Suite Plugin Integration

One of the best parts of Wholesale Suite is a lot of integration. We found a long list of Wholesale suite integration while analyzing the plugin. As the wholesale marketplace depends heavily on a lot of 3rd party services, it was important to have them. Here we have added the major integration list in the following table.

Advanced CouponsLets you run new types of coupons that help you market your store better. BOGO deals, Add products, auto apply, & more.
MetorikReport on your wholesale sales data alongside your regular retail store data. Amazing reports & insights for your store.
WC Product BundlesEasily make use of wholesale pricing on your product bundles in WooCommerce.
Aelia Currency SwitcherAelia’s Currency Switcher for WooCommerce allows you to display prices and accept payments in multiple currencies.
WPML Multi-LingualWPML is the leading multi-language switching solution for WordPress and as such is used in many international stores.
AdTribes Product Feed ProCreate product XML feeds for all the major ad networks. Compatible with Wholesale Suite and automatically filters wholesale products out.

Apart from the big integration, Wholesale Suite also has more integration. We have listed them and added them to the next table. To keep the blog lesser long and easily readable, we avoid adding descriptions.

AdTribes Product Feed ProAelia’s Currency Switcher for WooCommerceAelia WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant
Appmaker.xyz – Turn your store into a native mobile appFacetWP – Advanced Filtering & SearchFox Currency Switcher (formerly WooCommerce Currency Switcher)
Metorik – Powerful real-time reports for your storeWooCommerce Composite ProductsWooCommerce Min/Max Quantities
WooCommerce Germanized ProWooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips By Ewout FernhoutWooCommerce Product Addons
WooCommerce Product BundlesWooCommerce Product Import SuiteWooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists
WooCommerce Show Single VariationsWooCommerce Ship To Multiple AddressesWooCommerce Xero
WP All ImportWPML Multi-LanguageWPML Multi-Currency
User Switching By John Blackburn

Wholesale Suite Review Spotlight (USPs)

In this section, we will be talking about the Wholesale Suite’s unique selling point. These are the things users should consider while thinking about Wholesale Suite Pro. They make the plugin stand out from the competitors.

Wholesale Lead Capture

Not everyone purchases the products on their first visit. And for wholesale customers, business owners need to influence them. Lead collection and drip campaigns can be an ideal solution. In fact, it’s the most followed method in the digital arena. Wholesale Suite brings lead capture options for you.

Wholesale Marketplace Pricing

The pricing model of the wholesale marketplace is different from the regular marketplace. The pricing varies on order amounts, order units, total orders, and so on. In similar ways, the discounts also depend on different orders. Wholesale marketplace pricing is the most needed feature. The wholesale suite team provides the feature with ultimate flexibility.

Optimized Order Form

The next USP of this plugin is the better order form. It will help you get all the information that you actually need. This way, you can reduce the refunds on your store.

Multiple User Roles

You can assign multiple users under different power levels with this plugin. So, keeping the store alive with multiple people and not harming the website’s security is possible now. And you can keep away sensitive data from the executive level employees with it.

Product Visibility

If you have stock limited then you don’t need to delete the product details from the site. You can keep them as hide and once the stock is back, you can again display the products on the site. That will save a lot of time for you.

Shipping & Tax

Wholesale comes with a lot of tax and shipping calculations. But guess what, Wholesale Suite will cut down the headache of difficult calculations. You can just set up your information and the plugin will do the rest for you. It has Shipping and Tax calculation features to speed up your store management.

What is on the Way to Wholesale Suite?

  • We did not find any public roadmap for the Wholesale Suite plugin. However, we have seen the release blog for the recent updates. So, you can follow the blog to get the latest features update.

When did Wholesale Suite Start Its Journey?

We did not see any release history of the Wholesale Suite plugin. However, we have checked different tools to give you some exceptional information. It has born 8+ years back in 2015 when there were no other Wholesale plugins available in the WordPress directory. They’re starting a blog was also in the same year 2015. From then till now (Aprile 2023), they have been adding new features, publishing a new blog, and leading the Wholesale WordPress market from the front side.

Who are Behind the #1 Wholesale Plugin for WordPress?

Rymera Web Co, Wptowp

Rymera Web Co is in the back of the Wholesale Suite plugin. They are a company based out of sunny Brisbane, Australia. Mostly they develop eCommerce-related products to help store owners. They try to support every eCommerce entrepreneur, no matter how their size. From small store owners to enterprise-level clients, they try to serve. WooCommerce advanced coupons are also their products. More than millions of users are using their products around the globe. Apart from this plugin, they also created the Advanced Coupons plugin and Inventoroo, a WooCommerce inventory management plugin.

Where Did Wholesale Suite Get Mentioned?

As the oldest WooCommerce wholesale plugin, we were expecting to see Wholesale Suite on many websites. And we have gotten so. Everyone mentioned the plugin from the top website like wpbeginner and isitwp to regular websites. Websites in which we have seen Wholesale suite are ignitewoo, avada.io, learnwoo, yaycommerce, wplift, wpxpo, wpmultiverse, wpastra, wisdmlabs, pluginrepublic, betterstudio, advancedcouponsplugin etc. We are sure, if you search like us, you will get some more website that talks about the #1 WordPress wholesale plugin.

Wholesale Suite has a well-established youtube channel with a lot of videos. Other than their own YouTube channel, we did not find any other popular video that talks about them. We know this seems shocking like we had. But it’s true. Really poor performance for the marketing team of Wholesale Suite.

Wholesale Suite Free vs Pro Comparison

Wholesale Suite is a freemium plugin whose free version is available in the WordPress directory. To get pro, you will need to purchase the bundle of individual licenses. But before making the purchase decision. let’s dig out the major features and comparison between the Wholesale Suite free version and the Wholesale Suite pro version.

Wholesale User RoleWholesale Price InputWholesale/trade Pricing
Multi-currency SupportPrivate Store OptionCatalog Mode Option
Adjust Wholesale NamingBulk Edit VariationsTranslation Ready
Disallow Coupons For WholesaleWholesale Suite ApiWholesale Price Column
Show/hide Retail Prices For WholesaleQuick Edit Wholesale Prices

The above list is the major free features. Now, in the following section, we will see the pro features. In the Wholesale Suite Pro, you will get advanced features like allowing discounts, adjusting pricing, hiding content, etc. Here’s the full list.

Unlimited Wholesale User RolesRestrict Product Visibility
“wholesale Only” VariationsGlobal % Discount
Restrict Product Category VisibilityMinimum Order Subtotal
Minimum Quantity Per ProductOverride Global Settings Per User
Minimum Threshold NoticesDisallow Ordering Until The Threshold Met
Cart Subtotal-based DiscountsShow Or Hide Content
Adjustable Pricing WordingFlexible Wholesale Variable Range Display
Tax ExemptionsOverride Price Suffix
Inclusive/exclusive Tax Price DisplayDiscount % Basis
Free Shipping OverrideShipping Method To Wholesale Role Mapping
Payment Gateway To Wholesale Role MappingPayment Gateway Surcharge
Disable Coupon CodesWholesale Report Available
Allow Backorders For WholesaleCustom Stock Display Formats For Wholesale
Aelia Currency Switcher IntegrationWoocs Integration (Multi-currency)
Composite Product IntegrationProduct Bundles Integration
Product Add-ons IntegrationEu Vat Integration
Custom Bulk ActionTranslation Ready
Uninstall Plugin OptionMultisite Compatible
Wholesale Suite ApiHide “retail Only” Products
Product Category % DiscountMinimum Order Quantity
Step QuantitiesAdditional Quantity-based Discounts
Custom Content For Wholesale RoleWholesale Order Type
Percentage Based PricesAdd A Custom Thank You Message
Integrated With Table Rate Shipping Plugins

Compare to the Wholesale Suite free and pro, the free version comes with 14+ major features whereas 47+ major features. So in the pro version, you will get way more flexibility. If you want a premium experience in your wholesale business then the pro version is recommended to you.

Editorial Prediction for Wholesale Suite

The plugin is already at the top of the list. They are holding 😌 20,000+ active users with the highest ratings and rated users on the WordPress directory. They came on the stage 8+ years back 😌 and till now keep supporting WordPress wholesale entrepreneurs. Do you still need the prediction of this plugin? 😜😜 Ok!

The plugin will keep leading and supporting more Wholesale websites in the upcoming days. It should be the #1 Wholesale marketplace plugin in the next 2 years. If they keep doing better marketing, they can grow 30,000+ by 2024! Wptowp editorial believes, there is very few WordPress wholesale plugin that can complete them.

Wholesale Suite Plugin FAQs

Wholesale Suite review, Wptowp

Got some questions about the Wholesale Suite plugin? We have got you too. In this section, we will go through the common questions about the plugin. Have we missed your question? No worry, contact us today and we will add it to the following list. From your question, the future reader will get helps.

What is Wholesale Suite?

It is a WordPress Wholesale Marketplace plugin. It allows the users to create Wholesale prices and sell the products on a large scale. The marketplace is an ideal suite for big-scale businesses. And the best part is, you can operate both B2B and B2C businesses with this plugin.

How do I add wholesale to WooCommerce?

To add wholesale pricing to your WooCommerce, you need to install the wholesale marketplace plugin first. There are multiple plugins for WooCommerce wholesale pricing. Pick among them and install them on your website. Then you will have the option to set Wholesale pricing on the site.

How do I create a wholesale page in WordPress?

In order to create a wholesale page in WordPress, you will require a wholesale marketplace plugin. You can choose Wholesale Suite, WholesaleX, or a similar marketplace plugin. Once you installed the plugin, you can create a shop page and set wholesale prices for the products.

What is the wholesale price?

Wholesale price is a unit-based conditional pricing model. Generally, it’s used to do business with other businesses. And the unity should be large-scale. The more unit users ask the better discounts they should get. Moreover, the wholesale prices also refer to the pre-production pricing quote for the products.

Wholesale Suite Review – Final Notes

No matter whether you have an established eCommerce business or the business is new, Wholesale Suite can be your ideal choice. More than 20,000 people have trusted this plugin. They are powering their eCommerce with the Wholesale Suite plugin. You can trust this plugin too in order to convert your website into WordPress wholesale marketplace.

We hope you have enjoyed the blog. Consider a moment to share this blog on your favorite social site so that your friends can know about this amazing plugin. Moreover, your social share will help us to grow, and motivate us to publish more review blogs. You can also read the WooCommcer wholesale plugin comparison before leaving this blog.

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