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Wholesale Suite vs WholesaleX – Ultimate Showdown 2024

Wholesale Suite is the top wholesale WordPress plugin with the highest active installation. WholesaleX is a brand-new wholesale plugin. We were checking some of the comparisons. And got some interesting data about Wholesale Suite vs WholesaleX. This is how we got the idea for the blog. In this blog, we will go with the data-based comparison. And we will check how WholesaleX is performing against Wholesale Suite! You will also get an idea of why Wholesale Suite become the top wholesale plugin in 2023!

Before diving into the blog, please be aware that “Wholesale Suite” started its journey 8+ years ago. And WholesaleX is now 4+ months only. So this comparison will be in-between the topper and newbies! Having a few winnings should express the potentiality of WholesaleX. At the same time, you can know, how donating the Wholesale Suite plugin is at this moment.

Editorial Notes 🔔🔔 In a few cases, you can see a big gap between these two plugins. This is because of their age. Also, we manually update the statistics so few data may get outdated. The comparison will give you a brief idea of the plugins. Data Source – WordPress.org, plugin website, landing page, WPhive, youtube, and other public directories.

Wholesale Suite Statistics vs WholesaleX Statistics

Let’s talk about the current positions of Wholesale Suite vs WholesaleX. We will be looking at the active users, total downloads, plugin ages, and user acquisition rate. The data comes from the accessible version of the plugin. We use the WordPress directory to show you the whole statistics.

CriteriaWholesale SuiteWholesaleXChampion
Active Installation20,000+40+Wholesale Suite
Total Download647k+1k+Wholesale Suite
Active User’ Ratio3.1 (Round)4.0 (Round)WholesaleX
Plugin Age8+ Years4+ MonthsWholesale Suite

The last update date is 7th March 2023

Wholesale Suite is the winner in this head-to-head comparison. They have better downloads, older plugins, have more active users. Wholesale Suite is serving the wholesale industry for more than 8 years. But WholesaleX did better on user acquisitions. They have a better user ratio even though the age is less than 6 months. Other than the user ratio, Wholesale Suite did way better in statical comparison.

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite Features vs WholesaleX Features

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite Ratings vs WholesaleX Ratings

It’s time to see the user’s ratings. As you already know, users rated after experiencing the products. So better ratings always indicate better quality. Moreover, the after-sales support also matters for better ratings. The product age also matters for ratings. Usually, old plugins get more ratings.

WordPress OrgWholesale SuiteWholesaleXChampion
Total Ratings452+1+Wholesale Suite
5 Star and Ratio421+ (almost 93%)1+ (100%)WholesaleX
Average Rating4.8/55/5WholesaleX
The last update date is 7th March 2023

WholesaleX is leading the above table with the best ratings and a five-star rating ratio. But if you look closely at the table, Wholesale Suite has 450+ ratings and 420+ five-star ratings. So, statically WholesaleX won the comparison. But with time and getting some more ratings, the comparison will change. We expect it.

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite Pricing vs WholesaleX Pricing

After the features and ratings comparison, it’s time to check the pricing of the WholesaleX and Wholesale Suite plugins. As the pricing comes while purchasing the plugin, so we wanted to give you an idea, of how will they be for you. Pricing can be changed on multiple occasions. You are requested to check the final pricing before buying them.

NameWholesale S.WholesaleXBetter Price
1 site/yearly$297$149WholesaleX
5 Sites/yearly$279WholesaleX

1 site/Lifetime$597$349WholesaleX
5 Sites/Lifetime$449WholesaleX
Refund Policy14 days14 days

The last update date is 8th March 2023

WholesaleX has the organized pricing, that we must mention here. You can get the plugin for single-to-agency plans. Moreover, lifetime pricing is available on the agency plan too. And compare to WholesaleX vs Wholesale Suite, WholesaleX prices are low. It needs to note that Wholesale Suite is an older plugin having way more features. But at the same time, if you purchase WholesaleX today, then you can use it for the rest of your life at the same price.

Winner 🧐🧐 WholesaleX

Wholesale Suite Developer vs WholesaleX Developer

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite Speciality vs WholesaleX Speciality

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite Themes vs WholesaleX Themes

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite Support vs ShopEngine Support

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite Resource vs WholesaleX Resource

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite vs WholesaleX Technical Comparison

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite Awards vs WholesaleX Awards

Winner 🧐🧐 Wholesale Suite

Editorial Comparison of Wholesale Suite vs WholesaleX

Wholesale Suite vs WholesaleX: Over to You

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