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(Honest Review) Extendify — Gutenberg Templates Library 2024

Who doesn’t like a beautiful website? Users, potential customers, developers, and even you also like great-looking websites. But the problem is that creating a modern website required a lot of time. We want to solve the problem with Extendify — Gutenberg Templates Library. Wait, do you know what is Extendify?

Before going into the deep discussion, let’s see what we are going to discuss in this blog. We will start with the Gutenberg basic discussion, benefits, and advantages. After that, we will start digging Extendify. If you are a person who wants to build a website, then this blog is for you.

If you are in the WordPress era for some time, chances are high that you have experienced different WordPress page builders. And also, you know the recent WordPress update. Have you heard the name “Gutenberg” yet?

What is Gutenberg Templates Library

WordPress is trying to introduce a whole new editor that’s name is Gutenberg.  It is expected that Gutenberg will radically change the way you add new posts, pages, products, and just about everything else on your site. Gutenberg arrived as part of WordPress 5.0, which was released on November 27, 2018. After the initial release, many days sun rises and dives down, a lot of water crosses your favorite river and it gets more mature.

In this blog, we are focused on the Gutenberg-based template library. However, we don’t keep you away from knowing the Gutenberg benefits. Also, you can see the Gutenberg plugin here for more details.

Benefits of Gutenberg

If you are already using other WordPress page builders still Gutenberg can be your choice. You can avail some of the exciting features and functionality in this builder.

  • Easy and Smoother Management 🐴 Gutenberg page builder is easy and smooth to manage. Gutenberg template library can make your life one step easier to build a new WordPress website.
  • Unlimited Fonts and Blocks 🐴 Gutenberg means unlimited fonts and blocks. What kind of font you are looking for? What is the pattern you need for the site? Anything and Everything can be found in Gutenberg page builder.

The Gutenberg mother plugin has a lot of negative reviews and it’s growing. However, the WordPress community is waiting to get the issue fixes and stable vesion. We believe that once we get Gutenberg’s stable version, it will be a big blast.

  • Reusable Blocks 🐴 You can use the blocks anywhere on the site. You can also reuse them according to your needs.
  • Content Focused Editor 🐴 See how the content will look on the live page. Gutenberg is an editor that focuses to minimise the gap between the front end and the back end. What you do in the editing panel, users will see exactly on the front end.
  • Mobile Friendly System 🐴 WordPress itself is mobile-friendly. And Gutenberg makes sure, the user’s experience becomes better on all devices and screen sizes.

Extendify — Gutenberg Templates Library

Extendify, Gutenberg Templates Library, wptowp

Extendify is a SaaS (software as a service) connector plugin that uses a custom API to fetch block patterns and page layouts from our servers. API requests are only made when a user clicks on the Library button.

Here are some of the templates that you can import and use on your WordPress site. Just import and update the content. Extendify has tons of Gutenberg block patterns for all sorts of site types. Whether you’re publishing a site for a yoga studio, restaurant, dentist, or lawyer, select your site type in the library and see a curated selection of Gutenberg block patterns and full-page layouts — with industry-specific images and copy.

Animal BoardingAppliance RepairBandBarBarber
Body shopBook StoreCafeDJCar Rental
Car WashCV/About meDefaultGymCatering
Car DealerClothing StoreDentistHotelConstruction
Dog GroomerCommunity CenterDoctorLawyerConsultant
Home CleaningFashion DesignerElectricianMassageEvent Venue
Mental HealthPhysical TherapyHospitalMechanicLandscaping
Online CourseWedding PlannerMobile AppMoversPet Store
Pool CleanerTravel AgencyPlumberMuseumPhotographer
Tattoo ParlorFinancial AdvisorFloristMusicianHairdresser
VeterinarianWedding PhotographyPortfolioRoofingReal Estate
Web DesignSporting GoodsRestaurantSpaYoga Studio

Extendify Pricing

There’s an interesting matter we noticed while checking Extendify pricing. No lifetime deal is available in this plugin at this moment. Not even multiple-year purchase features there. You have to choose from yearly pricing.

Extendify Pricing
500 sites,
2,000 Sites,
30 day
The last update date is 11st February 2023

Pricing is subject to a matter of change and Extendify may change it at any time. If you are checking this page, you are requested to check the latest pricing from their website pricing page.

How to Get Started with Extendify

Assuming, you already have the domain and hosting, installed the WordPress site and start working on your WordPress site. Install Extendify Gutenberg Templates Library and purchase the pro version if needed.

Extendify Gutenberg templates library, wptowp

Create a new page and click on the “Design Library”. It will open a pop-up. In the left-side menu bar, you will get all the options from Gutenberg templates library. Select the pattern or design and then select the design you want to use. It will be imported into your page instantly. Now, you need to update the content and publish the page.

Editorial Discussion for Extendify

Extendify is one of the fastest Gutenberg Templates Library reviews on this site. When we decide to publish a review about the plugin, we were actually exploring different plugins. We wanted to offer our visitors something that really helps them. It did not take a lot of time to make our decisions to dig deeper into this template library.

Extendify FAQs

Got some Extendify Frequently Asked Questions? No worries! We got them too! Let’s explore the regularly asked frequent questions about Extendify Gutenberg templates library. Just recalling, if we miss your question in the following section, please contact us. We will add the questions with the answer.

What is Extendify?

Extendify is a modern and well-designed Gutenberg Templates Library. It allows you to use pre-made templates to import and use in your WordPress site. You can save hundreds of hours using the Gutenberg Templates Library.

How to Install Extendify?

You can install the Free version of Extendify Gutenberg templates library from the WordPress org directory. Login to your website and click on ‘Plugins’ then ‘Add New’. Search with ‘Extendify’ or ‘Gutenberg templates library’ and you can see the plugins available there made by Extendify.

For the pro version, purchase Extendify Gutenberg templates library from their website first and install them with the same process.

Can I use Extendify with Elementor?

Yes! You can use Extendify Gutenberg templates library with Elementor. However, you can not use it parallel with Elementor. Only installing both at a time is allowed. After installing, it on every page, first, you need to decide whether you want to use the Extendify Gutenberg templates library or the Elementor.

Does Extendify Require Any Page Builder?

No! It does not. You can simply install it on your WordPress website and import your favorite design from the Extendify Gutenberg templates library.

What are the Extendify Supported Themes?

Extendify Gutenberg templates library to support all the popular themes such as GeneratePress, Neve, Genesis, Kadence, Storefront, Blocksy, Blockbase, Tove, Armando, Hansen, Ono, Bricksy and much more.

Make a beautiful WordPress website easier and faster than ever before with Extendify’s library of Gutenberg block patterns, templates, and page layouts for Gutenberg.

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