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WordPress Plugin Ranking at WordPress Directory 2024 (Our Experience)

WordPress plugin ranking factors is one of the important matter to know for plugin publishers. Especially, the WordPress directory is a great source for growing new plugins. It’s a great source for premium conversion for freemium model WordPress plugins. In this blog, we will share our experience, research results, and most importantly, what not work tips for WordPress directory ranking.

We (the Wptowp team) have 6+ years of WordPress experience! Building themes, releasing plugins, improving existing products, from idea to releasing new plugins, working with zero installations, working with 1M+ installed plugins, and whatnot. All the experience comes from the team. Over time, we worked with leading plugins to keep growing and keep top positions. We also work with small plugins to grow and rank with beating toppers.

So, we studied the ranking factors, applied them, and checked the results. We also guess, apply, and check results. We applied our SEO knowledge, our developers checked how the WordPress directory ranking works, and so on. All the information given in this blog comes from our direct experience. This is not a blog about compiling the top 10 results of Google search. You will get different partners and information in this blog.

WordPress Plugin Ranking at WordPress Directory 2024

In earlier times, the WordPress directory was the main plugin marketing channel. However, at this time, it become competitive and many publishers are taking this as a marketing channel. Still, the WordPress directory is one of the key marketing channels for any plugins. There’s a lot of WordPress content but limited content on WordPress directory SEO. Anyway, let’s come to the point. We will start with how the ranking works and then we will share what to do. Every what will come with how to do explanations.

The full blog is focused on WordPress plugin ranking. However, we also added some of the experience for WordPress theme ranking. If you want to know more about theme ranking, contact us today.