2 person will get selected.

What Is the Wptowp Appreciation Fund?

Why Did We Start Appreciation Fund?

We started to give more. Initially, we started sponsoring events, WordCamp, and local meetups. We wanted to do more. Then the appreciation funds come. Also, appreciation funds will help us get more exposed on the web.

What is The Selection Process?

(01) Call for Nomination

(02) Primary Selection

(03) Process completion

Interview with Us Or Podcast

(04) Price handover

  • Prize
  • Certificate

What do We Consider?

WordPress Contributions

WordCamp Experience

Community Presents

Career Track Records

Mostly for seniors. But juniors with exceptional records may get the fund.


How Do You Select?

Based on the nomination. We share on social media, promote campaigns, and share with our subscribers.

Self Nomination Allowed?

Yes. The person himself knows better than anyone else. So, we allow self-nomination. However, a strong nomination helps more than self-nomination. We believe, that if you have greater track records which we also consider, then you must have some great connections too.

What Is the Prize?

A funds transfer of 200 USD and A certificate. Other than this, we have a hall of the frame, in which we added the winner, published a podcast, and shared it on social media. You can also join us next year as a guest judge. This will help you grow your networks.

Final Notes


This year’s appreciation fund call for nominations will be open in mid-July. Stay updated with signup with us.

Hall of Frame List

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